The metaphysical moon crouches in the murky obsidian of space.  A celestial orb surrounded by lurking darkness.  The pale and somber sphere lives in an eternal monotonous and mournful macrocosm.  Her realm has her roped like a hostage to an inexorable earth.  She’s pulled like a dog in a never ceasing, never changing rotation. Bruised and battered by craters, she hides behind the Earth’s shadow most nights. Precarious, fluctuating through phases.  With a cryptic dark side not shown, but romanticized by tiny beings with flesh and bones.

And It’s All Okay

“Life is what you make it.”


”Tunes keep’ a playing in mind.”


“My heart weeps for those drifted.”


“Keep smiling, think nothing of it.”


“My insecurities will eat me alive.”


“Day dreaming about dreams, still dreaming.”


“Please understand, music saves my soul.”


“Love, love, love is the answer.”  


“I think about running, or hiding.”


“Changes are scary, so is life.”


“Don’t worry, it will be beautiful.”


“Deeply fantasizing about warm pumpkin pies.”
“Can’t remember what it felt like.” 

— Lacy Ferguson


In times of change keep your mind open

It is hard to experiment with a narrow mind

but ones views will change over time

Do not let the walls be built around your head

Or listen to what ones said

For then the walls may become thicker

Thicker than you can crack.