It is a cold and snowy night

Little kids not going to sleep

Arguing with their parents, putting up a fight

Waking up early, going downstairs to creep

Jumping on their parents bed

Poking them, slapping them on the head

Its time! its time! Come down!

Little kids have big frowns

Mommy and daddy must have slept through

Oh boo hoo

—Sean Borden

Aging of Fear

A little kid

The dark

Monsters under the bed

Scary noises outside the bedroom window

Creatures in the closet


A teenager

High school

Beginning to drive

Who you will sit with at lunch

Losing your supposed friends

What kind of person you will be categorised as

Not graduating on time


Love life


An adult

Job lose

Financial problems


Retirement homes


Failure throughout life

Loss of family members


I am from Flower Gardens

I am from moving around to different houses and different schools. I am from seven different houses and five different schools.

I am from flower gardens in the back yard to waffles and chicken gravy every week.

I am from going outside everyday with my brothers and playing survival.

I am from playing Tarzan and playing cheetah with my siblings.

I am from a family with four parents and five siblings, two boys and four girls.

I am from “yay! pancakes again!”and “ice-cream for dinner!”

I am from blueberry bushes in the back yard and playing deserted in the woods.

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Can You Figure Me Out?

I’m from the mountains of Ponce, Puerto Rico to the city lights of Brooklyn, New York.

I am from rice and beans everyday with Marc Anthony blasting in the kitchen.

I’m from a young grandmother, but she’s almost 70…

I’m from the city streets and falling to sleep to “fireworks” at night.

I’m from having a twin even though she’s my mother.

I’m from a father that is one of the strongest people I know.

I am from a Carebear Wonderland.

I’m from 12345678.

I’m from Sunday morning softball games with the entire Rivera family.

I’m from the college that my mother had the time of her life in.

I’m from the small quiet neighborhood that no one knows the name of.

I am from Gestures at 3 o’clock in the morning.

I am from “Shhhh, don’t tell mom”.

I’m from a gray Malibu that’s slowly dying.

I’m from big hair and lots of makeup just to be on the mat for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

I am from midnight drives with my dad singing to “We Are Young”.

I am from friends that literally become family.

I am from “C’mon we need to hit 300 this month!”

I am from a family that can never be broken.


“See You Later, Alligator”

I am from farms, creeks, and Pequea.

I am from Turkey Hill, Mussers, and Mount Nebo.

I am from running around the yard barefoot to skipping rocks in the creek.

I am from “See you later alligator” to ‘See you in a while crocodile”.

I am from Shellene and Charles and grow up by Cody and Mary.

I am from the smell of freshly cut hay and freshly baked pie.

I am from going to the mountains and dancing at the Sports Farm.

I am from eating watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and other fruits while growing up while picking them at the farm.

I am from singing “You Are My Sunshine” to my mother to talking about childhood memories with my siblings.

I am from listening to country music everyday and rocking out to ACDC.

I am from riding my horse Lady to taking care of my Aunt’s horse Callie.

I am from reading about Magic Tree House to Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich.

I am from Scooby Doo, Boy Meets World, Dukes of Hazzard, and many more.

I am from saying goodbye to my Pop-Pop in 2009 and saying hi to my nephew Owen in 2014.

I am from hanging with Kathy and Hunter to hanging with Cheyanne and Shayla.

I am from deer hunting and turkey hunting to fishing in the stream.

I am from a family of hunters, fishers, and farmers that no matter what are always by each others sides.

I am from playing baseball in the backyard and playing ghost in the graveyard at night.

I am from a family that loves me for who I am and that teaches me to live life to the fullest and to care for others.

I am from being called Tinky, Storybook, and Tortoise by family and fr

I Hear

I hear the constant and steady beat of the heart monitor.  The screeching wheels of a wheelchair in the hallway.  The plunk, plunk of the sink faucet outside my door where doctors just washed their hands with steaming water. I can hear children laughing but mostly I hear them crying.  They’re crying because they just woke up for the first time after their operations and they realize they cannot move because of all the wires and IV’s coming out of their small bodies.  All of these different sounds remind me of a Children’s Hospital and my room there.  Though I have not been back there for 10 years now, I still hear all these sounds in my mind.

By Olivia Vassot

Where I’m From by Chantel Santora

I’m from memories many miles south.

I’m from the taste of cotton candy popsicles melting in my mouth.

I’m from a long car ride, and dried up tears.

I’m from a pleasant place where I have lived for years.

I’m from a place where I always smiled.

I’m from times where I thought my life was mild.

I’m from a unforgettable childhood, that still taunts me with terror.

I’m from confusing times where I always thought there was some kind of error.

I’m from the help of kind and generous friends.

I’m from letters that I used to never have to send.

I’m from a tough heart and never giving up.

I’m from rewarding items, like my first little pup.

I’m from a warm loving family who means so much to me.


The origin of my name, Abby, is Hebrew which means “a father’s joy or rejoiced”. My mother and father did not know what gender I would be until the moment I was born. My parents discussed the topic of names, both male and female. If I were a boy my name would be Trevor Jack “TJ” for short and for a girl my dad preferred Laura. After I was born my dad let my mom name me because of all the pain and struggle she went through just to give me life. So my mom named me Abby, and not Abigail.

Growing up I was always asked and am still asked “ is it just Abby or is it Abigail?” I wanted for the longest time my name to be Abigail, Abby was just too boring for me. I wanted my name to be spelled Abbey, or Abbie anything was better than just plain boring Abby. I even asked my parents a couple times if I could change the spelling of my name, but they of course said no. Over the years I have learned to like my name. I could not completely hate something that was was a part of me. Even though it is not the most unique name and there are a lot of Abby’s in this world, I have really learned to like my name as it is.

My middle name, Elizabeth, was inherited by me from my great grandmother. When I asked my parents why they chose Elizabeth as my middle name, they said it was no question that my middle name would be Elizabeth. The origin of the name Elizabeth is greek. It means “From the Hebrew name Elisheba, meaning either oath of God or God is satisfaction.” I am very honored and blessed to have Elizabeth as my middle name. I feel like I will always have a part of my great grandmother with me. I always loved my middle name. I never thought it was too boring or plain,it was just right for me.

“Are you related to JFK?” The question I am always asked because my last name is Kennedy. As of what I know, I do not think I am related to the retired president. In my families living room sits a big picture of what and where Kennedy means and comes from. Kennedy is more of a popular last name than it is a first name. However, it is a first name. I feel proud of having Kennedy as my last name. Kennedy is a popular last name, but I have not met anyone with the same last name as I have.

Therefore, my name means a lot to me. I feel very honored having given the name that I have been giving by my parents. I have gone through liking my name, to hating it, to wanting it to be longer, to wanting it to be spelled different, and now to loving and accepting it.

Hazle Eyes and Colored Pencils

I am from colored pencils, from sketchbooks, and a number two pencil.

I am from rotted porch posts, dead grass, and lonely playtimes.

I am from strong smells of black mold and dew.

From spooky Halloweens, from late night movies.

I am from snapdragons, the cold mountain’s mist.

I am from gatherings and hazel eyes, from Miller to Hamby and Good.

I am from popularity to being my own self.

I am from frustration and anger and silence.

I am from long walks and traveling summers.

From cheer up and don’t tell her anything.

I am from Ireland, lamb and potatoes.

From the funny stories from my 70 year old grandfather, the birthdays we share, and the nicknames.

I am from Leola, trailer parks, new family, and a difficult life.

I am from hope and faith.

From believing and walking one step at a time.


Andi Good


Where I’m From

I’m from the small town of Millersville right outside of Lancaster City..

I’m from eggs, sausage, bacon, and potatoes on Sunday mornings.

I’m from country music to rock n’ roll to old punk music.

I’m from “Ian you’re annoying” to “Ian I love you” being the most frequent things my sister says.

I’m from “Family is the most important, and without them we wouldn’t be where we are now”

I’m from hour long hikes and throwing frisbee in the back yard.

I’m from a “I cry when you cry, fight when you fight” kind of house.

I’m from the little peaceful house on the corner of the street that isn’t so peaceful on the inside.

I’m from a barbecue in the backyard with friend and family, filled with laughter and happiness.

I’m from bonfires in the backyard burning marshmallows and sleeping in a tent in the backyard.

I’m from turning the downstairs into a fort with blankets and chairs just to throw everybody off.

I’m from a love, hate relationship house, but the love was greater than the hate.

I’m from “Go do the dishes” to “Go clean your room”

I’m from fighting for ten minutes, but making up and getting along for hours.

I’m from looking up to my sister and everyone around me.

I’m from the perfect home for me that I wouldn’t change a thing for.

I’m from that house that makes me feel at home every time I step in the door and never wanting to leave it.

— Pablo Martinez.


where Zeb is from

I’m from Pequea, Lancaster County in the middle of nowhere.

I’m from the Pfeiffer house, overkill, but quaint like a baby elephant.

I’m from Gee’s heavenly salad, the greatest food creation ever made.

I’m from watching college gameday every Saturday, and blonde hair blue eyes, from Rick and Ang, and Pap and Gee.

I’m from the Jed teasers and the steak eaters.

I’m from “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all”

and “follow your dreams ”.

I’m from Christian faith, going to church every sunday then brunch afterwards.

I’m from Lancaster General, but ancestors from Germany, from smoked brisket and sausage.

I’m from the huge pine trees in my front yard.

I’m from the giant deck off the backside of my house,the long summer nights sitting and listening to stories.

I’m from a loving family, but still has a lot of feuds.

I’m from finally getting a pool, but never having anytime to swim in it.

I’m from cuddling up by the warm fire watching movies all winter.

I’m from the go getters and goal setters.

I’m from the huge container of photos packed away in the family office representing the endless memories.


Where Alex is From

I am from lacrosse sticks, Brine, and Nike Mids.

I am from the United States of America, and true patriots.

I am from the snow, the cold, and sitting in the woods.

I am from hunting pheasants, and good shots.

I am from you are not actually batman, and do not jump off the roof in your cape.

I am from a pineapple under the sea.

I am from Astons, and Rouses.

I am from Good old Lancaster, PA, and John Deere.

I am from Xbox, and Playstation.

I am from running through fields hunting with my dog.

I am from a long line of Green Bay Packers fans.

I am from Hershey Park every summer.

I am from Coach Kenny, Dan, and Dutchy coaching lacrosse.

I am from jazz hands at the end of singing happy birthday.

Where I AM From

I am from parties whose tradition was to whack at pinatas with baseball bats and juggle soccer balls.

I am from a mediocre home with a fresh smell of baked beans and crema in the morning.

I am from a home whose backyard is planted with various rose bushes and a tree with a pleasant smell

I am from a family whose tradition was to eat banes rellenos during Christmas.

My family has the tendency to go to church and extol the almighty one.

I am from a family who told me repeatedly to “suck it up”, “get over it” or  “don’t worry about it”.

I am from a family whose religion is Christianity and to extol God.

I was born in Lancaster, Pa. I am from Lancaster Pa., from the family who is known for the Spanish food, such as crema and pabusa.

I am from from the family who is most notorious for large parties in the yard, from family get togethers.

From a family who is also notorious for rarely getting into trouble.

I am from a family whose uncles have had a copious amount of children

I am from a loving family, from a loving father, from a loving mother.

I am from a family who know not to act querulous.

I am from the colon family.

How far I have come

I am from Conestoga, from the hillside, from fields of corn and wheat.

I am from the sweet smell of fresh cut grass.

I am from the big oak tree, from the honeysuckle vines and tall rose bushes.

I am from please and thank you and sit-down dinners.

I am from church on Sunday mornings and Pizza Hut after.

I am from toy tractors and trains, from trucks and trailers.

I am from horses and riding, from barns and hay.

I am from private school and long bus rides.

I am from no TV and no video games.

I am from older siblings and being inferior, now older and switching roles.

I am from “You didn’t talk until you were four, we thought you were mute.”

I am from watching my dad, learning and working hard.

I am from  fixing anything and learning the trade.

I am from earning all my money and learning responsibility.

I am from rifles and pistols and shotguns, from hunting and shooting.

I am now…

Luke Knisely


That Day

I will never forget the time when my parents got divorced at such a young age, all I know is that I was in a rage. You know things aren’t right and thats why me and my family are so tight. I was so mad that day I didn’t have anything to say we all took it hard but there is nothing you can do but just sit there and say to yourself that this isn’t fair. My one sister took it harder than all of us but we all still have a lot of trust, nothing will be the same with my mom and dad that day was just so sad, we were all mad but everything is okay now since we’re older but that feeling when my parents got divorced will never be smoldered.


A Personal Memoir (anonymous)

It all started when I was 6 years old in the summer before kindergarten. My sister, Rachel and I took the safety rails off my top bunk. “Lets play barbie!” Rachel screamed. We went on a journey through our closet, tearing boxes out. Looking for the box marked “Barbies.” After about 15 minutes of moving boxes we finally reached it. We tore the box out and moved to a clear space. Rachel broke off the lid and searched for her favorite one. “ I call this one!” She called loudly as she climbed up the wooden steps that came with our bunk bed. I searched for mine and bounded up the ladder to the top bunk. I plopped on the bed and shifted my pillows. Tucking my pooh bear in, I turned to face my sister.

“What are we playing?” I asked curiously.
“ How about what we played last time?” Rachel responded, excitement in her voice. I nodded and We let our vivid imaginations run free. At one point, Rachel’s doll kills mine, but I didn’t want the game to end.
“Aha” I laughed, waving the doll in her face. “ I’m not dead”
Rachel’s face turned red. A simple game of barbie turned into a competition. “Yes you are!” Rachel Screamed as she took the doll out of my hand and threw it off the bed. I stormed down the ladder and tore angrily through the clutter. I found it! I climbed back up the steps in an angry rage.
“I am not” I retorted
“Yes you are!” She argued back. We argued back and forth for five minutes.
That’s when it happened. She pushed and I started my four foot fall to the ground. I clawed the air for support as the purple walls spiraled around me. I saw the ground getting closer and closer. I closed my eyes and braced for the pain. I felt a drift of wind pick up my blond hair from my neck. Suddenly, I felt the Impact as I landed on my side. I sat up and lifted my arm to inspect the damage. The two bones popping out of my wrist led to a flood of tears running down my face and repeated screams to “mommy”.  I sat on the blue rug and looked up to see my sisters framed by her blond hair, her small face, tilted down in astonishment.
“Mom!” I screamed one last time as more and more tears flowed down my face. I heard rushed steps up the basement steps, followed by a  slamming door. “What’s wrong?” My mom said out of breath.

I stood up and pointed to my arm. My mom rushed and got ice then, followed many calls to people. First, My mom called her cousin, who was a nurse. She picked up the phone once again, dialing a new number, she talked for a few minutes, saying “ Thank you”, and hanging up. I gently lifted the ice pack, revealing purple bruises. I felt disgusted and quickly released the ice pack before my mom saw. Before I knew it, she grabbed the ice pack off my arm.

“ Come on, we’re going to the doctor’s!” Mom said lifting me off the couch.
Finally, we arrived at the doctors and I was rushed into a room in the back. We waited for the doctor to come and take x-rays of my arm. As soon as he arrived he took us to the x-ray room and put a heavy piece of cloth to protect me from radiation. About twenty minutes later he arrived with weird cast making material. “Hold out your arm like this.” He instructed me. He told me to pick out  a color. I looked at the two colors carefully, “Pink or blue?” I asked myself. I sat up excited and picked the blue. He then started to make the cast, first the cloth then, the blue casting material. After a while, I noticed the cast was getting harder. When, I discovered I couldn’t move my arm, another steady stream of tears started down my cheeks. The following six weeks were full of experiences and realizations.

Where Samuel Jude Cauler’s From

I am from the beautiful country,
American made industries and classic cars.
I am from rebuilt equipment,
repairable products and serviceable machinery.
I am from a very unusual family,
in a very unusual town and the American dream
I am from Millersville, PA,
a wonderful little town, which I was born and raised.
I am from small engines,
bicycles, and adult sized tricycles.
I am from 33 1/2 rpm vinyl records,
stereo FM and AM radio
I am from (Sony) Walkmans,
cassette tapes and 96.1 WSOX. (radio station)
I am from 200 watt fisher studio standard sterio systems,
16 inch speakers and wood grain cabinets.

by Sam Cauler

Where Brent’s From

I’m from Conestoga where I was born and raised. I’m from Conestoga Elementary.

I’m from the Conestoga pool. I’m from Millersville pool.

From Steelers games on tv with my dad and Pine View Dairy chocolate milk. I’m from whoopie pies from Granny’s.

From visiting my cousins from York. I’m from going to Ocean City, Maryland with my cousins every year.

I’m from an uncle playing santa every year and me believing it.

From a 1995 Caprice Classic shaggin waggon with a 350. From a 1996 Buick Roadmaster with a 350.

I’m from having two Christmas’s and one Thanksgiving dinner.

I’m from creating a man cave in my basement and having bonfires all night on the weekends.

From “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it”. From “You look just like your brother”.

I’m from Junior Comets football on a dirt field. I’m from high school football on a college turf field.

I’m from playing fantasy football on I’m from playing football on

I’m from watching Sunday and Monday night football.

I’m from both of my parents!

–Brent Neely

Where Morgan’s From

I am from the smells of pot pie, green beans and the taste of cookies and country style cooking.

I am from “You look like your mom” and “I want sommies!”.

I am from Turkey Hill, fields, and highways.

From photo albums, scrapbooks, and cards.

From Lynn and Todd.

From Buster, Blaze, Elk, and Jingles.

From my crazy Meme who makes me loud and crazy.

I’m from my younger brother Nathan driving me insane!

From dumb inside jokes and stupid gag gifts.

I’m from visits to Virginia and North Carolina to visit family.

From swimming pools and family picnics.

I’m from beach trips with family and friends.

From my Meme saying “LLOOORRDD” every time something funny happens.

I’m from my grandparents, uncles and aunts calling me Bunky.

From my aunt calling me Macaroni and my friend, Cheese.

I am from sitting in my dad’s car with my mom and brother, when he’s at a firecall.

From watching Sesame Street, Dragon Tales, Zoom, and Out of the Box.

From Polly Pockets and Barbies.

I’m from bread shaped like a rabbit at Easter.

From ceramic crafts at holidays and a scrapbook for my birthday.

I am from 131 Carriage House Drive.

–Morgan Topper

Where I’m From

I am from the garden of my grandma, the roses, tulips and sunflowers.
I am from having family dinners every night.
I am from rice and beans with flan if we eat it all.
I am from El Salvador and Lancaster Pennsylvania.
I am from my mother and father, but i also am from the most important person, my grandma.
I am from playing late night games of man hunt.
I am from playing airsoft in the forts in the park next to my house.
I am from thanksgiving dinner with the table full of food.
I am from having two of every holiday.
I am from saying Padre Nuestro every night before i go to bed.
I am from seeing my family all the time and never going a day without them.
I am from eating ham salad and playing games every Thursday.
I am from going to Ocean City Maryland with my mom every summer.
I am from going to Puerto Rico for my dads wedding to have the best memories of all.
I am from writing “where i’m from” poems in class and making the best one there is.


Where Nick is From

I am from fields of green grass, and deep country roads.

I am from the smell of homemade food always being made

like baked beans and crab cakes, and cookies for dessert.

I am from the sounds of NFL Football on Sunday, and MLB Baseball every other day.

I was from Holtwood riding bikes with friends all day

But now from Pequea where inside is where I stay.

I am from my dad Matt, and my mom Traci.

I am from annual vacations to New Jersey, and Cedar Point, Ohio.

I am from sayings of “ Work To Achieve” and “Take Responsibility”.

I am from saving family memories in one big scrapbook.

I am from 2 households of pets mainly dogs and a turtle.

I am from going out to eat, because my dad can’t cook.

I am from Red Lobster, and the fancy Fogo De Chao.

I am from playing football, baseball, and now cross country.

I am from Pennsylvania.

–Nick Hagelgans