Growing Up In a CIty

I am from horns and sirens in city streets.

I am from Tyreed and Ty-rude stealing my toys,

And from the police at the neighbors

I am from walking past the jail on the way to the park,

From playing in an old basement.

I am from playing with plastic food in an old fridge.

I am from dancing around to the show high five,

From screaming HI UBYDUBBY!

I am from being called Peepers,

And Rutabaga.

I am from playing in my grandmother’s barn.

I am from the smell of gas.

I am from moving out of the city to Penn Manor.

From The Bottom

I am from a broken home.

From where it was just my two brothers, my mom, and I.

I am from times where we wouldn’t see our mom two through three days at a time.

From watching her work double shift after double shift after double shift.


I am from run down apartments.

From where basketball courts have either bent rims or ripped nets.

I am from where most people didn’t go to school.

From where I had to take two public buses to get to school.


I am from where people always say it will get better but it only worsens.

From a big city but it seemed like everybody knew everybody.

I am from where the good dies young.

From where it’s common for the parent to bury their child due to violence.
I am from the bottom but that does not determine where I’m headed!