She is trying not to drown

in the deep sea of depression

She tries to do things

but nothing makes her happy


She tries to calm down

but her anxiety is getting the best of her

She’s going to try to swim to the top

but like always sharks try to rip her apart


Nobody knows she’s like this

because she hides all her pain

She just wants to be normal

so she tries to act like it


This is causing more pain than help

but she can’t fix it now

She has hit rock bottom again

Only it’s worse than someone could ever imagine.

—By: Brielle Bitts


Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 11: The Eyeball

“Did that figure just take the eagle’s eyeball?” Jason asked.

Everybody stood in shock. Brent nodded. “I think it did…” Brent said. “But… why would anyone need an eyeball, especially from an eagle?”ll

Jason answered. “I don’t know… but we’re about to find out.”

“Jason… I don’t think this is a smart idea,” Issac said.

“Oh, but attacking a Raydien is?” Jason asked, already knowing the answer. Continue reading

Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 10: The Eagle Strikes Again

“Are you sure? You were almost eaten by the Raydien remember?” Xavier asked Jason.

Jason nodded. “I’m positive.” He turned to look at Penny’s face. She nodded. “I know it sounds odd. Why would two adults such as Penny and myself want to travel with three teenagers to destroy a video game console? Well, simply put, I’ve reached my breaking point. And that was a few moments ago.”

“So… where are you boys going to now?” Penny asked quietly.

Continue reading

Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 9: New Recruits

Jason let out another scream. “Help me!” Jason yelled. The creature growled in Jason’s face. Its breath smelled like rotten eggs, gasoline and fire. Jason gagged. “Somebody get me down from here.”

“We’d better hurry,” Xavier said. He sprinted off towards the creature.

“Wait… Xavier,” Issac called. It was too late. Xavier was already running full speed to the creature. Issac shook his head. “Let’s go after both of them… I guess.”

Xavier cautiously approached the creature. “Hey! Let him down you over-sized, dinosaur, fire-breathing monster… thing….” he yelled. Continue reading

Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 7: The Golden Fruit

The boys continued to run. They ran and ran and ran as fast as they could towards the shimmering light. They were only yards away. Yards….

Brent thought to himself, “yards… football… high school….” It was then that Brent remembered more about who he was. He played football for his high school team, the Weitan Warriors.

They continued to run through the woods. They were now only inches away. Then they saw it….

“That’s it. The Graphics Shard,” Xavier said.

“How can you tell?” Issac asked.

Xavier shrugged his shoulders. “I just know. I have a feeling.”

Brent reached his hands forward. He touched the shard for a second before it gave him a shock that ran up his arms. “Ow!” Brent yelled.

Then a voice spoke to the boys. “If you wish to obtain this shard, you must pass the trial.”

“A trial? What trial?” Issac asked the voice.

“A trial that will show that the one whom can pass has the right to obtain the shard,” the voice said.

“Alright, bring it on!” Issac said impatiently.

“Very well,” the voice said. “The one whom can obtain this shard must climb the tallest tree in the woods and collect the golden fruit.”

“Golden fruit? Do you mean, like, yellow apples? Those are delicious,” Xavier said.

“Not quite,” the voice said. “Golden fruit as in gold fruit. There are three types of fruit in the tree: the golden apple, the golden cherries, and the golden grapes.”

How long do we have to find these golden fruits?” Brent asked.

The voice answered, “one hour.” There was a brief moment of silence.

“Okay, when do we start?” Issac asked.

“Now,” the voice answered immediately.

The boys took off through the woods in search for the tallest tree. It took them about twenty minutes to look for the tree, mostly because they had to repeatedly leave the woods and come back, but they had finally found it. “Alright, here it is, guys,” Xavier said.

The boys stared up the trunk of the tree into the branches and the limbs. “So, how are we going to get the fruit?” Issac asked.

“Easy, just climb,” Brent said starting to climb the tree.

“Climb?” Issac asked.

“Yeah, it’s what the voice said,” Xavier said.

Issac looked up the tree again. “I can’t climb trees. I’ll stay down here and catch the fruit for you two. Is that okay?” Issac said.

Brent looked at Xavier. “It’s fine with me,” Brent said.

“Me, too,” Xavier agreed.

“Okay, go on up and throw down that fruit!” Issac said.

Brent and Xavier started to climb the tree very slowly. Five minutes passed until they had both reached the top. Brent and Xavier gazed at the golden fruit sparkling on the top of the tree. Brent carefully picked up the golden apple and held it cautiously in his hands. Surprisingly, the fruit wasn’t heavy at all. Brent looked down to Issac.

“Issac, heads up!” Brent shouted.

Issac looked up and watched the golden apple fall from the tree towards the ground. Issac reached out his hands and grabbed the fruit and clutching it against his chest.

“Alright, Xavier. Send one down,” Issac yelled.

Xavier plucked the golden cherries off of the tree and dropped them. Issac easily caught the cherries and held the two fruits in his left arm. “Drop the last one, Brent,” Issac said.

Brent picked up the golden grapes and dropped them to the ground. Issac carefully watched the grapes continue to fall through the air toward him. He caught the grapes in his right hand. “I’ve got them all! You guys can come back down now,” Issac said.

Brent and Xavier carefully descended down the tree and each took a piece of fruit from Issac. Brent took the apple and Xavier took the cherries. “How much time do we have left?” Brent asked.

“Ten minutes,” the voice said echoing through the woods.

“We’d better hurry,” Issac said. The boys took off through the woods with the golden fruit in their hands. They ran… and ran… and ran… as fast as they could to get back to where the shard of the Technology Triforce was. Brent was in the lead followed by Xavier who was followed by Issac.

“We’re so close,” Xavier said. The shard was in their sights. It was a few yards away….

“Ow!” Issac exclaimed. Brent and Xavier turned to the sound of their friend. Issac had fallen over a large log that was laying on the path. “I dropped the grapes! Get them! I’ll catch up with you!”

“Five minutes,” the voice said urgently.

“Go!” Issac yelled.

Brent and Xavier followed the golden grapes down the path. They heard a screech and looked up. A bird was coming…. There bird was majestic. Its feathers were perfect, its beak was shiny. It was….

“An Eagle!” Xavier yelled pointing toward the bird.

Brent quickly glanced down at the grapes, that had finally stopped bobbling down the path, then back to the eagle. They both had the same thought: get the grapes! Brent sprinted towards the fruit and ducked. The screeching grew louder.Brent dove for the fruit and so did the eagle. Brent landed roughly over the grapes and covered them up. The eagle reached its claws forward and swooped down to Brent. Its claws scraped against Brent’s back leaving three slash marks through his shirt and on his back. The eagle swooped up and flew away screeching in anger.

Xavier jogged up to Brent who was still on the ground. “Are you alright?” Xavier asked. He noticed the slashes on Brent’s back. “Oh my gosh! Are you sure you’re okay?”

Brent got up slowly. “Yeah,” Brent said brushing off his pants. “The marks… they just sting. They’re just like being scrathed by a person.”

Issac ran up to Brent and Xavier. “Are you both alright?”

“Yeah,” they both said in unison.

Issac also noticed the marks on Brent’s back. “Brent… what happened?”

“An eagle. Don’t worry about it, I’ll explain it later. Let’s just get these fruits back to where we found the shard,” Brent said. He handed Issac the golden grapes. “Come on.”

“One minute!” the voice yelled. The boys ran… faster. They heaved and gasped for breath as they ran. They were only a few feet away now. “Thirty seconds!” the voice yelled. The boys continued to run.

Brent managed to let out, “we’re almost there. Just a few more feet!”

“Ten seconds!” the voice yelled.

“Let’s go!” Brent screamed.

They ran harder… they ran faster….

“Five…” the voice said.

They ran….


They kept running….


They were only one foot away….


Brent looked behind him. Xavier and Issac were still with him.


Brent dove forward….


Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 6: The Shocking Snake

“Run!” Issac yelled.

Issac and Xavier sped off and ran around the GameStop parking lot. Brent’s eyes, still flashing, were still red. Brent obviously wasn’t acting like himself. Xavier turned his head around while he and Issac were still running as fast as they could.

“Issac, does he look possessed to you?” Xavier asked.

“A little bit… why?” Issac said.

“It’s really strange. It can’t be from the PlayStation because the whole time we were in the store he was completely fine. Once we touched the parking lot his eyes changed,” Xavier explained.

“So, what could it be?” Issac asked.

“Don’t ask me. I don’t have the foggiest idea,” Xavier responded.

Brent continued to chase after Issac and Xavier, his eyes still flashing a fiery red. The voice spoke again, “bow down to my master.”

“His master?” Xavier said aloud.

Brent charged faster towards the two boys. He eventually caught up to them when Issac and Xavier were exhausted. Brent jumped and landed on Xavier’s back, having Xavier and himself tumble to the ground. Brent’s fiery red eyes glared into Xavier’s. Xavier quickly closed his eyes in case it happened to be one of those possessions that he had seen in horror movies where the possessor would gaze into their victims eyes.

“Get off of me, Brent!” Xavier yelled. Xavier moved around, but couldn’t get away.

Brent stared at him and hissed.

“Well… that’s new,” Issac said from a few feet away.

“Issac, come get Brent off of me!” Xavier said.

Issac ran over to Brent and pulled him off and pushed him in the chest. “What are you doing, man?” Then, something fell out of Brent’s shirt. It was gray, it looked robotic, and it didn’t looke friendly. It was also really small.

Brent shook his head. “Ow… why’d you push me?” he said. He looked up at Issac. His eyes were slowly returning to their normal color. Then Brent gazed down at his feet and saw the the gray object.

“That fell out of your shirt after I pushed you,” Issac said.

“You were possessed, Brent,” Xavier told him as he was getting to his feet.

“I was possessed?” Brent said in disbelief. “By this?” He pointed the gray object on the ground.

“That’s my Shocking Snake,” a voice spoke. The boys turned to see the PlayStation walk onto the parking lot. “It’s one of many of my minions.”

“Why do you need minions?” Issac asked.

“Mostly to find all of the pieces of the Technology Triforce. Then, when I have obtained all three shards, I will rule this world along with all the humans,” the PlayStation said.

“What makes you think that you’ll find all the shards?” Xavier asked.

“Obviously my mind is more superior to all of yours,” the PlayStation responded. “Anyway… Brent, the Shocking Snake did possess you. It can do much more to a human than just possessing them. It can also kill a human with one… little… bite.”

Brent held his hand over his heart. “Is that why my chest hurts so much?” he asked.

“Barely,” the PlayStation said. “The possession bite has a pain that feels like a never ending needle being stuck into skin while the kill bite has a pain that feels like… well, nothing. You’ll probably be dead before the pain even hits.”

“So, it’s kind of like the saying ‘silent, but deadly’ right?” Xavier asked.

“I guess the humans can use that analogy to describe it… it’s close enough,” the PlayStation said.

“So, why didn’t it kill me when it had the chance?” Brent asked.

“I didn’t command it to. When I don’t command it to do anything it will occasionally slip away and possess someone. I guess that’s just the way I programmed it,” the PlayStation said. “Only when I command it to kill someone will it obey the order. It won’t do it on its own. It’s like a parent talking to a baby.”

“Well… thanks for not killing me I guess,” Brent said.

“Please… I would’ve let it kill in a second,” the PlayStation said.

“Then do it. Order it to kill me now!” Brent said persuading the PlayStation.

The PlayStation hesitated. “No… at least not here. Not now….”

Brent smiled. “You won’t do it, will you? You’re to scared to do it, aren’t you?”

“No, I just don’t feel like killing you right now. That’s why,” the PlayStation explained poorly.

Brent sighed. “Well, if you don’t want to kill me, you don’t have to kill me,” he said.

“You’re right… I don’t have to if I don’t want to,” the PlayStation agreed. “Now, if you all will excuse me, I have some triforce shards to find.” Then, the PlayStation disappeared.

Xavier spoke. “Should we leave for Lumber Woods?”

“I guess so,” Issac said. “Are you ready, Brent?”

Brent turned to Xavier. “Lead the way.”

The boys walked for a little while until they reached the entrance to Lumber Woods. The woods were covered with trees, bushes, plants, logs, and grass. All of the trees held their leaves, all the bushes had blossoming flowers on them and the grass was perfectly trimmed as if someone had just mowed it. The boys stared at the woods, standing in awe at the beauty of it.

“Do you really think the first shard is in here?” Issac asked Xavier.

“Do I think it’s here? Yes. Do I know it’s here? No,” Xavier said. “I just said this would be a good place to look first.”

“Well, I think it may be here,” Brent said.

“What makes you say that?” Issac asked.

“Well, I see something shining down there,” Brent said pointing in the woods. “What else could there be in the woods that would shine besides a piece of the Technology Triforce?”

Brent turned to Issac and Xavier. They both responded in a shrug of their shoulders.

“Brent’s got a point,” Xavier agreed.

“I suppose he does,” Issac said. “Let’s go!”

Without hesitation, the boys ran full speed through the woods towards the shining light.


Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 5: The Technology Triforce

Brent, Issac, and Xavier stood still in the front of the store and stared towards the PlayStation. Xavier broke the silence. “So, this is Issac’s PlayStation, huh?”

Brent and Issac both nodded, confirming Xavier’s question.

“Brent… Issac… it’s very pleasant to see you both again, but…” the PlayStation gazed at Xavier. “Hello, I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Issac’s PlayStation, but for the sake of ease you can all just address me by… PlayStation.”

Xavier nodded uneasily. “Good to know.”

The PlayStation returned its attention to all three of the boys. “So, by now, I expect that all of you know about my objective to rule over the world, right?” All of the boys nodded. “Good. So, that brings me to explain the most crucial component towards achieving this objective…. Do either of you know of the Technology Triforce?”

Brent shook his head. “No, we haven’t. If it’s important… I wonder why the Xbox didn’t obtain it.”

The PlayStation chuckled. “The Xbox couldn’t have obtained the Technology Triforce… at least not all of it.”

“What do you mean by that?” Brent asked.

“The Technology Triforce is in three equally separated pieces. The first being the Graphics Shard, which the Xbox was in search for before it was defeated by you. The second being the Game Shard, the one in which I am searching for. The third being the Generation Shard. I’ve no idea of the whereabouts of the Guidance Shard as of now, but I will obtain it for myself. All three shards will be mine,” the PlayStation said.

“So, what exactly happens when all of the shards are obtained by one person… or thing?” Issac asked.

“When all three shards are obtained by one… the power will be so strong that nothing can stop it. With the shards, the world will be ruled by one… domination of a new era will rise and change the world as we know it. When the war is won… only one will survive it. That is what the Prophecy of the Era states,” the PlayStation said.

Xavier became worried. “Only one will survive?”

The PlayStation answered. “… only one survive it. That is the end of the prophecy.”

“So… all three shards are still out there?” Issac asked.

“Yes,” the PlayStation answered. The fate of the world relies on the holder of shards.”

“Since when is there a prophecy?” Brent asked.

“There has been prophecies for ages, Brent… especially this one in particular,” the PlayStation said.

“Wait, prophecies… you mean there’s more than one?” Issac asked.

“Precisely, Issac,” the PlayStation said.

“How many prophecies are there exactly?” Brent asked curiously.

“If you all must know how many prophecies there are… there are three in total,” the PlayStation said. “If what Brent said about him and his friends destroying his Xbox was true, then Brent has fulfilled the Prophecy of the Circuit. The others are the Prophecy of Shock and the Prophecy of the Era, the final prophecy to fulfill.”

“Okay, so, what does the Prophecy of Shock say?” Xavier asked.

“It says that the journey to find the three shards has begun and that one lies in the woods. Another lies in the past and the third shard lies in another world…” the PlayStation stated.

“So, let me get this straight… one shard is in the woods, one shard is in the past and one shard is in another world. That’s not really explanatory,” Issac said.

“It’s explanatory enough for us to start somewhere,” Brent said.

Xavier looked down, then raised his head. “The woods… it could possibly be Lumber Woods….”

“It may be. We should start there,” Issac said.

“You’re going to abandon me? Well, alright…” the PlayStation said.

The boys were leaving the store when the PlayStation spoke. Issac turned around. “You’re weird,” he said to the PlayStation.

“That’s a matter of opinion my friend,” the PlayStation responded. “Well, if you must go then you may… good-bye for now.”

Brent spoke to Xavier and Issac. “The Xbox wasn’t this weird. If anything the Xbox was- what’s the word- persistent. It was persistent to kill me and my friends.”

Friends. Kris, Brooke, and the friend whose name Brent still could not remember…. Brent hoped he would remember him soon. He felt like he should know what his name is….

“Brent? Brent… are you okay?” Issac asked.

Brent turned to Isaac. “What? Yeah, why?”

“You seem out of focus. Are you sure you’re okay?” Xavier asked.

“Yeah, never better,” Brent said.

Issac and Brent looked at Brent quizzically. They both shrugged their shoulders and walked out of the store with Brent following behind them. The boys stared up to the sky and noticed a difference in its color. Instead of it being blue, it was a reddish purple. Brent was the one to break their moment of silence. “Oh, no. That’s not good.”

“What?” Xavier asked. He gazed into Brent’s eyes and noticed a spark of another color, but this color wasn’t a normal eye color. “Uh… Brent, your eyes are….”

“Are what?” Brent asked.

“They’re red…” Xavier finished.

Brent looked at Xavier in disbelief. “What?!” he said.

Issac and Xavier slowly backed away from Brent not knowing what was going to happen. Brent looked down at his hands. He looked over the tops and palms of bothe hands. They were normal…. He looked all around his body… it was all normal. He thought to himself, what’s happening? Was this the PlayStation’s doing? Was it a side effect from going through the Vortex? Brent didn’t know.hi

Brent’s eyes grew a darker shade of red. Xavier and Issac backed away some more…. Brent gazed down again to makake sure nothing else has changed besides his eyes. Everything else was still normal.

“Brent?” Issac asked cautiously.

Brent’s head quickly shot up towards Issac and Xavier. Brent spoke, but it wasn’t his voice doing the speaking. The voice hissed, “you….” Wasting no time at all, Brent sprinted towards Issac and Xavier as his eyes started to flash a fiery red.

Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 4: Xavier

“So… how long have you known, uh…” Brent asked. He and Issac had walked about three blocks and Brent had already forgotten Issac’s friend’s name.

“Xavier?” Issac finished.

Brent nodded. “Yeah, Xavier.”

“Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve only been here for six weeks. Xavier was the only one in our school that would actually talk to me,” Issac said.

“Oh,” Brent said. Brent felt as if Issac was uncomfortable about talking about the topic, so he changed it to video games. “Have you ever played any other video game systems?”

Issac answered. “A little. I play the Xbox with Xavier sometimes. I’ll admit that it’s a good system, but I’m just not that much of a fan.”

Brent nodded. “I can understand that.”

After several minutes of walking and talking, Issac and Brent had arrived at Xavier’s house. Issac walked up to the door with Brent right behind him and knocked on the door. They waited a few seconds and then the door opened.

“Issac?” a voice asked, groggily.

“Hi, Xavier. Uh… I have something to ask you,” Issac asked.

“Sure, but… who’s this?” Xavier said, pointing to Brent.

“I’m Brent,” Brent said, introducing himself.

“… my cousin,” Issac added.

Xavier said, “uh-huh. So, what did you want to ask me?”

“Right. Um… it might sound really weird, but my PlayStation came to life,” Issac said.

“Really?” Xavier asked. “So, what do you want me to do?”

Brent spoke, “we want you to help us destroy Issac’s PlayStation.”

Xavier thought to himself for a moment. “Alright, destroying a PlayStation… I’m in. Sure, it sounds weird, but asking me if I want to destroy a PlayStation… I won’t reject it. I hate PlayStation. I’m more of an Xbox guy myself.”

Issac gave Brent a look and whispered to him, “I told you.”

Brent spoke to Xavier, “do you know where any nearby video game stores are around here?”

“Yeah, there’s a GameStop a block away from here,” Xavier said, pointing behind Brent and Issac.

“Why are you asking about that?” Issac asked Brent.

“Where else would a video game system go to find some help?” Brent said.

“He has a point,” Xavier said. “Let’s go!”

“Do you want to go now? I mean, we don’t have to…” Brent said. He turned to Issac. “What time is it?”

Issac gazed down at his wristwatch. “4:00 p.m. Xavier… will your parents mind if Brent and I stay for dinner?”

“Of course not. Come on in,” Xavier said, inviting Brent and Issac into his house.

Brent turned to Issac. “shouldn’t you call your parents?”

Issac was already on his phone. “I’m already on it,” he said. Issac dialed his parents’ home number and asked if he and Brent could stay at Xavier’s place to have dinner. After a few minutes, Issac turned off his phone. “Let’s eat.”

Brent and Issac entered Xavier’s home and find their way to the dining room. They sat themselves down and waited for the dinner to be served. Xavier walked into the dining room a few moments later and sat himself down next to Brent. “So, Xavier, what are we having?” Brent asked Xavier.

“My mom is making pork chops with barbecue sauce on top,” Xavier explained. “Oh, and, don’t worry about my mom making more. She always cooks extra pork chops just in case one of us in still in a hungry mood.”

Issac nodded. “So, we’re all leaving after dinner, right?”

Xavier answered. “Yes.”

Five minutes passed until Xavier, Brent, and Issac all smelled the pork chops’ aroma fill the dining room. “Mmm, they smell really good,” Issac said.

“Well, thank you, Issac,” a feminine voice said. Xavier’s mom entered the dining room with a tray holding ten pork chops. Xavier’s dad was on her heels walking into the dining room. Xavier’s mom placed the tray onto the table and took off her oven mitts. She turned to Brent and said, “hello, I’m Sally, Xavier’s mother.”

Xavier’s dad approached Brent and held out his hand. “I’m Robert, Xavier’s father.”

Brent shook his hand and looked at Sally quizzically.

“You boys can dig in if you want,” Sally said, motioning towards the tray of pork chops.

“Thanks,” Issac said, picking up a pork chop. He cut through the meat and took a bite. Issac’s expression changed. “Brent, you’ve got to try this. It’s really good.”

Brent immediately grabbed a pork chop and cut off a small piece and ate it. “Wow, that’s really good!” he said.

The boys and Xavier’s parents all ate the pork chops within forty-five minutes. Xavier then asked his parents about him going to GameStop with Brent and Issac. “Mom… dad… can I go to GameStop with Brent and Issac?”

“What for?” Robert asked Issac.

“Oh, I just wanted to buy him a game for his Xbox. Just because his birthday is in two days and I’m going to be really busy with my… cousin during the weekend,” Issac explained.

“Well… I think that’s very nice of you Issac,” Sally said.

“Very well,” Robert said. “It is your birthday soon anyway.”

“Thanks,” Xavier said. He got up and hugged his parents and left with Brent and Issac.

Brent spoke to Xavier. “Just for a heads up, I don’t know exactly know what to expect. Last time I’ve dealt with this kind of issue, my friends and I ended up battling a minion.”

“Expect the unexpected. That’s what I always say,” Xavier said.

They walked a few blocks and stood at the door of GameStop. Brent walked up to the door and grabbed the handle. The boys walked into darkness. There was only silence until a voice spoke one single word.


Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 3: Power Outage

Brent and Issac had played for what seemed like hours to them. Brent had never played PlayStation before, but he tried to play like he had. He felt that Issac may have known, but Issac’s eyes were glued to the t.v. screen. Brent felt uneasy. He remembered what had happened what he thought was a week ago. One week ago, his Xbox had come to life and tried to take over the world. Luckily, Brent, Kris, Brooke and his other friend he still couldn’t remember the name of, destroyed it before it could.

He had a feeling something terrible was about to happen, but wasn’t sure if he was going insane or if it was actually true. He had been playing for awhile until his stomach growled. He couldn’t remember the last time he had eaten. He asked Issac, “do you mind if I go grab a quick snack from the kitchen?”

Issac responded. “Not at all. Help yourself to anything you want down there.”

Brent dropped his controller and walked downstairs to the kitchen. He looked in a couple cupboards until he found a box chocolate chip cookies. His stomach growled louder. His mouth started to water from the scent of the cookies. He opened the box and shoveled the cookies into his mouth. He couldn’t think of a time he had tasted something so good.

As Brent continued to eat a few more cookies, the lights in the kitchen started to flicker. “oh, no,” Brent said, with a mouth full of cookies. Then, the thing Brent didn’t want to happen occured. The power went out. He heard Issac from his bedroom.

“Brent!” Issac yelled out to him. “Come up here!”

Brent didn’t like the sound of that. He went back upstairs, carrying the box of cookies with him. “What?” Brent asked.

Issac pointed to the t.v. with a shaking finger. “Look!” he said, terrified.

Brent turned to where Issac was pointing. It was the PlayStation. “Not again…” Brent mumbled to himself. He watched as the PlayStation fell from the table it had sat on. Then it started talking, which wasn’t a shock to Brent but to Issac, it was a totally new and weird experience.

Issac turned pale. Brent watched Issac’s face lose its color as he fell to the floor. “Great. He passed out,” Brent said to himself. He returned his attention to the PlayStation. “So… you’re going to try to take over the world, too?”

The PlayStation told Brent, “correct. I will be unstoppable!”

Brent’s face was blank. “That’s what the Xbox said” he said.

“Really… the Xbox? Please, the Xbox is a worthless piece of technology if you ask me. Plus, it has that stupid Xbox Live… what’s the point in that anyway?” the PlayStation said, coldly.

“It’s really fun,” Brent said.

“Quiet!” the PlayStation screamed.

Brent became quiet.

“So… you stopped the Xbox?” the PlayStation asked.

“Well, it wasn’t just me… my friends helped,” Brent said.

“Either way, you’ve proven that the Xbox was weak, but I am much wiser than the Xbox,” the PlayStation said.

“I highly doubt it,” Brent said, matter-of-factly.

“We shall wait and see…” the PlayStation trailed off. The PlayStation vanished immediately. The lights returned along with the T.V. screen showing a black picture. The same picture Brent’s T.V. screen had shown when his Xbox left.

Brent returned his attention to Issac. “Issac, get up. Wake up, Issac!”

Issac started to regain consciousness. “Huh… what? What happened?” Issac asked, groggily.

“Just calm down and don’t freak out when I tell you this, but your PlayStation came to life and is planning to take over the world,” Brent told Issac.

“Really?” Issac was silent for a few seconds. Then he exclaimed, “awesome!”

Brent thought to himself, “here we go again….”

“I guess this means we can’t play video games anymore,” Issac said, disappointedly.

“For now.. but the only thing we can do now is destroy your PlayStation,” Brent said.

“What?! No, that’s the only system I’ve played ever since I was six years old!” Issac screamed. “What’s wrong with you?”

Brent thought to himself again. “Well, there’s a lot of things wrong with me, but this isn’t something I take lightly anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Issac asked. Brent realized he hadn’t said anything about the Xbox to Issac. “What do you mean you don’t take this lightly?”

Brent hesitated. “Uh… I…” he trailed off. “I haven’t been completely honest with you. This has happened to me before, except it was with my Xbox. Now it’s happening again, but with your PlayStation.”

Issac seemed confused. “Okay? I don’t really understand this so…”

Brent explained. “When my Xbox came to life, it planned to rule the world like your PlayStation is now. The only way me and my friends could stop it was by destroying it and its minions.”

“Minions?” Issac asked.

“Oh, yeah. There may be some minions that your PlayStation might create just so that it ensures itself about ruling the world. It didn’t work so well with the Xbox,” Brent said.

“Alright, I’m almost there…” Issac said.

“So… the only way for your PlayStation to not rule the world is if we can destroy it,” Brent said. “Can you do this… please?” Brent held out his hand.

Issac grabbed Brent’s hand and shook it. “Sure, I can try,” Issac said, uneasily.

“Thanks, Issac, but honestly I don’t think we can do this on our own. Do you happen to know someone who may be able to help us?” Brent asked.

Issac nodded. “Yeah, my friend Xavier. He’s not a big fan when it comes to PlayStation, he’s more of an Xbox guy himself. I’m sure he’ll be excited about destroying a PlayStation!” Issac said.

“Great, do you think we could get him now?” Brent asked.

“Of course,” Issac said. “Let’s go!”

Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 2: Temporary Guest

Issac stepped back. He wondered if he should see if this person was okay. He cautiously stepped towards the body. “Um… hello? Are you alright?” Issac asked the body.

The body was not responding. Issac started to walk away. “W-w-wait. Who… are… you?” the body mumbled.

Issac turned around. “Excuse me?” he asked.

The body repeated, “who are you?”

Issac responded, “My name’s Issac.” He hesitated before continuing. “What’s yours?” The body struggled to stand up. Issac hurried over to help. “Can you stand okay?”

The body nodded. “Yeah.” The body put his hand against his head. “By the way… I’m Brent. Nice to meet you.”

“Hi, Brent,” Issac greeted. He gazed towards the red shape. “By any chance, do you know what this is?” he asked Brent, pointing towards the red shape.

Brent nodded. “Yeah, I do. Sadly. It’s a vortex. It brought me here… I think.”

Issac became concerned. “You don’t remember?”

“Not really. I just know who I am. And my friends… Kris, Brooke, and… what’s his name?” Brent said, pondering the forgotten name of his third friend.

“Well, you look pretty banged up. Let me take you to my place. I’m sure my parents won’t mind having you until you remember where you came from,” Issac said.

“Are you sure? I don’t won’t to be a bother…” Brent said, unsurely.

“Of course!” Issac said. “Come on.” He draped one of Brent’s arms over one of his shoulders. “It’s not far. It’s only a few yards away.” Issac and Brent eventually arrived to Issac’s house. Issac pulled out the key and unlocked the door. He helped Brent into the living room and layed him on the couch. He walked over to the kitchen and closed the front door. Issac glanced upwards to the clock. “It’s 6:00 a.m. now. My parents are probably up now. I’ll tell them what happened.”

Issac climbed the staircase and returned to the living room in a few minutes with what Brent guessed were Issac’s parents. “Brent, these are my parents,” Issac said, motioning his parents.

“Hi,” Brent said, politely.

“Hello. I’m Melissa… Issac’s mother,” Melissa said. She shook Brent’s hand.

Issac’s father stepped forward. “Hi. I’m Randy… Issac’s father.” He shook Brent’s hand as well.

Melissa noticed Brent’s right arm. “Oh, my! You’re bleeding. I’ll get you a wet paper towel to clean that up.”

Brent tried to object but figured it was rude considering that he was their guest.

Melissa returned moments later and handed Brent a wet paper towel. “Here you go, Brent,” she said.

“Thank you,” Brent said. He lightly dabbed the paper towel on the blood that was running down his arm. Every now and then he grimaced from the pain of the paper towel and his blood making contact.

“Brent…” Randy was speaking now. “Just know that you’re welcome to stay as long as you want. If you need anything, we’ll get it for you. It’s no problem.”

Brent nodded his thanks. Issac’s parents smiled and returned upstairs. Issac sat down next to Brent on the couch. “Hey, would you like to play video games?”

Something clicked in Brent’s mind. Video games… He thought hard to himself. He had remembered something. An Xbox flashed through his mind. “You don’t have an Xbox, do you?” he asked.

Issac shook his head. “No, I have a PlayStation. Why?” Issac asked, curiously.

“Oh… I just don’t like playing Xbox, that’s all,” Brent lied.

“Oh, okay. Let’s go. The PlayStation is in my room,” Issac said, getting off of the couch. Brent got up carefully from the couch and walked over to the kitchen and threw the wet paper towel, now colored lightly with blood, into the trash can.

“Lead the way,” Brent said. He followed Issac up the stairs and enterd his bedroom.

“Um… what would you like to play?” Issac asked.

Brent shrugged. “Play whatever you like.”

Issac looked at two games and moments later placed one back in a box filled with various games. “I hope you’re good. My friend has never beaten me yet.”

Brent thought to himself again. Friend. He wished he could remember what his one friend’s name was. He set the thought aside and grabbed a controller from a table sitting beside Issac’s bed.

“So, Brent… about the, uh, vortex… what’s the story behind that?” Issac asked.

Brent turned to Issac and said, “it’s a long story.” He then thought of something that he never thought would happen that involved him and Issac. He decided not to tell Issac just yet. He figured he would tell him when the time was right.

Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 1: The Body

Issac awoke from his sleep and turned to his alarm clock. It was 4:00 a.m. Issac got out of his bed and put on his Adidas sneakers. He walked downstairs and picked up the key on the counter and unlocked the front door. He shoved the key in his pocket and left the house.

Issac walked through the thick fog as it rolled over his development. There was a light wind coursing through his hair. He swept his hand through his blond hair then shoved his hands into his pockets. Issac looked around as he walked. Things in the city were very different from when he used to live in the countyside of the town. Issac and his family had moved six weeks ago. His parents had said something about starting out fresh… why? Issac didn’t need a fresh start. He wanted to move back to his old home in the countryside.

Issac wasn’t popular. He was an A+ student his whole life and the jocks obviously didn’t care about that. Back at his old school his friends didn’t care about grades, they liked Issac for himself. He spoke to himself. “It doesn’t matter what they think.” At his new school Issac only had one friend. His name was Xavier. Ever since his first day at his new school, Lonsion High School, Xavier had been the only kid in school who hadn’t teased him or pushed him around.

Issac continued to walk around. He squinted through the fog. He saw a blurry, red shape that was hard to make out from the fog. He walked towards it. He gazed up to the red shape and felt pressure of wind to start blowing around him. “What is this?” Issac asked himself. With not wanting to find out, Issac ran back to his house. He opened the door and pulled the key out of his pocket. He locked the door and ran up the staircase and covered his body with blankets. He stared at his alarm clock. “It’s only been five minutes?” he asked himself, surprisingly. He drifted off into his sleep again. In was silent. His eyes closed closer… and closer… and closer….

Issac woke up startled. It was only a dream, and a strange one at that. He rubbed his eyes and put on his sneakers like he had in his dream. He walked downstairs and grabbed the keys off of the counter. No one was awake. He glanced at the clock in the kitchen. It showed that it was 5:30 a.m. He quickly unlocked the door and left. He shut the door and locked then shoved the key in his pocket. He walked slowly for a few feet until he became bored. He retrieved the keys from his pocket and started to swing them around.

He arrived at the red shape that was in his dream. “What’s going on?” he asked himself.

He approached the red shape and gazed up at it. The wind started to blow. He let his hair blow around furiously. He continued to stare at the red shape. He became calm until he heard something.

A maniacal laugh came from the red shape. Issac jumped and dropped the keys and ran to his house. He pulled at the door handle. It was locked. He reached into his pocket for the key, but his pocket was empty. “Darn it!” Issac said. He quickly ran back to where the red shape was. He searched for the key, but he had no luck. He was locked out of his own house and there was nothing he could do about it.

The red shape surged with electricity. Issac took a few steps back. A strong wind was released from the red shape and threw Issac into the air. He landed roughly on the cement and looked at his leg. A piercing pain ran through his leg as a little bit of blood trickled out. “Ow,” Issac grumbled to himself. He picked himself up from the ground and wiped off his pants. He looked around for the key again. He noticed something shimmer on the ground. It was the key.

He walked over to it and picked up the key then noticed something laying next to the key along with it. He glanced up to it and saw something laying motionless on the cement. It was a body….

Darkness in the Game: Short Circuit (chapter 13: Party Crashers)

“Derek, hold on. I don’t understand. Go over the plan one more time,” Brent said.

“Alright. You said that you’re team is eating at the House of Pizza, right?”Derek asked.

Brent nodded.

“Okay, you two go in like you’re actually there for the party so don’t sugarcoat it. Then you two talk to him like normal students, then try to get into the topic about last night. Like I said, if anything goes wrong, I’ll be outside and I’ll be in there in a second. Just don’t get into trouble. The last thing we all need is to get arrested for crashing a party.”

“We’re going to get arrested for talking to a teacher?” Kris asked.

Derek shook his head. “Oh, no. We’re going to put the crash in party crashers.”

“I’m still not sure about this, Derek,” Brent said.

“Quit worrying, Brent,” Derek said. “We have to do this.”

“Why?! Why do we have to do this. I don’t really see a good reason to do this,” Brent said, loudly.

Kris looked up at Brent. “We’re doing this for Brooke, Brent. And whether you like the idea or not this means a lot to me. Seeing Brooke laying in that hospital bed, makes me feel helpless because while she’s beaten and in bed, I’m stuck in this chair for at least two more months.”

Brent sighed. “I know. I’m sorry. I’m just really frustrated.”

“The Xbox?” Derek guessed.

Brent nodded. “Yeah. Now I’m not saying this in a mean way, but while we’re wasting all of our time planning this out we’re giving the Xbox more time to take over the world.”

“Don’t worry, Brent. As soon as we’re done with this we’re going to stop the Xbox. I promise,” Kris said.

Brent nodded. “Okay. So, are we leaving right now?”

Derek walked over to his counter and grabbed his car keys. “Yeah,” Derek said, spinning the keys around one of his fingers.

The three boys got into Derek’s car and drove off down the road towards the House of Pizza. Several minutes later when the boys arrived, they all gazed through the windows of the restaurant. They spotted Coach Guiles sitting with the rest of the football team eating pizza and drinking soda.

“Okay, guys. You two go in. I’ll keep watch and when it’s time, I’ll come in we will crash that party,” Derek said.

Brent and Kris got out of the car and entered the restaurant. Coach Guiles saw them and waved them over. Brent and Kris walked towards the tables their team was at and sat down. They received high fives from each member of the team. Then they started to talk to Coach Guiles.

“Glad you two could make it,” Coach Guiles said in a deep voice. “Now that you’re here, dig in and eat as much as you want. If the pizzas are all finished, I’ll order some more. This my money we’re talking about and I’ll do what I want with it. And besides, this team is worth it.”

“Thanks, Coach,” Kris said, acting like actually cared.

“No problem. Anyway, you two took this team above and beyond. I thank both of you for

that. I’ve been coaching here for ten years and this is the first team to win the championship.”

Kris couldn’t take the wait any longer. “So, uh… just out of curiosity Coach, what did you do last night? Did you watch t.v. or walk around the neighborhood? What did you do exactly?”

Meanwhile, Derek was slouching in the driver’s seat of his car watching as Brent and Kris continued to talk to Coach Guiles. He reached down into the glove department and pulled out a mini-sized bag of Cheetos. Derek sat for several minutes just watching the boys and crunching on Cheetos until he noticed Kris stand up suddenly and point his finger towards Coach Guiles. Derek had noticed that Kris had said something, too. He made out the “liar” and sat straight up in his seat. “Oh, man. He unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car immediately. He slammed the car door shut and ran into the restaurant. He grabbed Kris’s arm and told him to calm down.

Kris eventually calmed down and sat back in his chair. “Sorry.”

Derek knelt next to Kris and whispered to him. “You’re not sorry enough. You’re jeopardizing what we’re trying to do. Don’t go insane. Remember what you said earlier. You said that we were doing this for Brooke.”

“Right. You’re right, I did say that didn’t I?” Kris said, disappointedly.

Derek patted Kris’s shoulder. “Yes. Yes, you did.”

“Alright,” Kris said. “Well, you’re already here Derek so you might as well stay.”

“Whatever. Just as long as I have my Cheetos,” Derek said, raising the half eaten bag. He sat down. “So, anyway, Coach… where were you last night around 10:00 p.m.?”

Coach Guiles leaned back in his chair. “What kind of question is that? Is this some kind of interrogation?”

“Maybe,” Derek said. “Then again, maybe not.” He grabbed a Cheeto inside the bag and ate it.

Then, all of a sudden, three big, strong men wearing ski masks barged into the restaurant. They went straight towards the counter and the register. Then one of them turned around and yelled out, “alright, listen up everybody! Put your hands in the air and keep them there. If anyone does anything funny, things are going to get really ugly. So, I suggest that you all listen!”

Everybody in the restaurant raised their arms, including Brent, Kris, and Derek. The second robber looked straight at Coach Guiles and waved his gun towards the door, motioning for Coach Guiles to leave.

With a smirk, Coach Guiles calmly left the restaurant with innocent lives being held. Kris turned his head to watch Coach Guiles leave when the second robber walked up to him. “Hey! Turn yourself back around, Wheels.”

Kris became angry. He looked down at the wheels of his wheelchair and clenched his fists.

Several long minutes later, the robbers got the amount of cash that they wanted and ran to the door. Two of them left while one stopped and said, “If anyone talks to anyone about this, we’ll find out. Then, we’ll hunt you down.” With that the third robber left and let the door slam shut.

“Coach Guiles got away! Dang it!” Kris yelled.

“Calm down, we’ll get him soon enough,” Brent said, calmly.

“Yeah, but what if soon enough is too late?” Kris asked.

“What do you mean?” Derek asked.

“He could find Brooke and maybe go after her again. I don’t know why exactly, but he could,” Kris said.

Derek looked Kris right in his eyes. “Kris. I promise on my grave that we’ll find him. We’ll stop him. We’ll do everything we can to get him.”

Kris nodded. “Okay.”

Brent spoke up. “Let’s go. We all know that Coach Guiles won’t be at Weitan High during the weekdays. He knows we’re after him now. I bet that he’s with those goons, too.”

“He is,” Kris said, abruptly. “One of the robbers waved their gun towards the door. Then he left. He was smirking, too.”

“Well, lucky for you two, I know where he’ll be. While I was investigating, I’ve noticed that Coach Guiles goes to the gym every day,” Derek said.

“Great, we’ll head there tomorrow,” Brent said.

The three boys started to leave. They walked through the parking lot towards the spot where Derek had parked. Derek said, “okay, so I’ll pick you both up by…” He trailed off. “Where’s my car?”

Brent and Kris looked around the parking lot with Derek, yet there was no sign of Derek’s car. “No!” Derek screamed. “My car’s missing!”