My Children’s 6 Word Memoirs to Me at My Funeral.

He was a spirit lifter father.


He taught me the good deeds.


He never let you down ever.


He was there when needed most.


Through the ups and downs times.


His name was Ty Jacob Erisman.


The best father for four children.


He changed all of our lives greatly.


Goodbye old man who loved us.


We will love and miss you.


Forever and ever and ever eternity.


From the Erisman kids.

~Ty Erisman

Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,

I love you.

Playing and coloring at your house

I loved being with you, dad didn’t

The fighting I heard

Didn’t change my love for you

The things mom said about you

Didn’t change my love for you.


Seeing the smile on your face

While taking pictures with us opening gifts

The smile you had

In the pictures with us

Then you weren’t in them

No beautiful smile to brighten my day

Going into the hospital

For the last time

Didn’t realize this heart attack

Would be the last

I will love you forever

I will always remember your smile

And everything you did for me

I’ll see you again someday.




Ballad about 9/11


This is a story about the day

That the world would suddenly change

The event that made the people say

New York will never be the same


It was a normal afternoon

Not a thing seemed strange

But they don’t know what’s coming soon

The day that New York would change


A plane just passing by

Seemed awfully low

They’re screaming “Oh my”

Soon everything would blow


Crashing in with fire and rage

The tower went up in big red flames

The lives of people of many age

Would soon never be the same


Soon enough another one comes too

And crashes right into the second tower

After a long fight the first tower blew

And all the debris became a shower


Life after life just wasting away

Firefighters trying their best to save

No one has a word to say

As the fiery fury onward raves


As the second tower starts to tumble

People are frantically running about

Inside the ground you can feel a rumble

Sadly enough, time has run out


People are silent as the sirens blare

No one is quite sure what to do

Everyone has just stopped and stared

As the last of the two towers blew


As the dust and debris settles

And the crowds start to swarm

People are gathered around to meddle

To see how this disaster formed


Theory after theory

Lie after lie

People start to feel weary

As the tears dry from their eyes


Broken families and broken hearts

Their loved ones in the remains

As their mind and their heart parts

Their lives will never be the same


Body after body pulled from what’s left

Many people still screaming

Lifting the debris with all their heft

The tears from their eyes still streaming


Day after day

night after night

Many people still say

That everyday is a new fight


Long after the falling

People still mourn

Their loved ones no longer calling

A generation of fighters was born



it’s seeping

into my pores

and i hate the way

people stick to my


i almost compared

the hair i pulled out

in the shower,

to what my mother

found on her pillow,

but she lost more of

herself than i have

i’m picking at my nails,

it’s the only way

i’ll forget about all the

people that forgot

to stay,

or i’ll dream about

telling him that

fire extinguishers

won’t burn down the

world and that he wakes

up the next morning,

but instead only

the people he left do

and i keep on trying

to drown my memories

of ghosts that still


its seeping

into my pores

and my hair is

tangled with broken


my teeth are

falling out

in time with

the songs i use

to fill the space

silence leaves

smoke fills my lungs

and i still haven’t learned

how not to cough up

pieces of the past

that get stuck in

the drain i tried

to clean with vodka,

that night he tried

to put out flames,

and be the hero,

when he was the only one


Picture Heaven


They were watching

Waiting for a miracle

Time was slipping by

breaths become shorter and raspier

She takes her last glance at her mom’s beautiful blue eyes

Her eyes of innocence stare

Eyes start to water

hands start to shake like an earthquake

Her heart stopped as she took her last breath

Pictured Heaven

Maddy Groff

Could I Be Next

Could I be next to be put down to rest 

Could I be next six shots to my chest

Could I be next my arms in the air

Could I be next to be murdered unfair

Could I be next a cop on my back

Could I be next because I am black

Could I be next to be stereotyped

Could I be next shot down by night

Could I be next to run out of breathe

Could I be next to be put down to rest


I could be next and that’s what I dread that someone will leave me lifeless and dead.

Michael Brown


You sat there motionless. I was watching you with all interest, wishing I knew what you were thinking. I thought about you, about how soft your lips would be as we kissed just once more. You were pale, but you lacked no perfection. I though about the first time we met, and how I stared at you in utter shock of your beauty. Now, Miss, I know things are going to be different, but I suppose I’ll have to keep going, right? I held your hand one more time and softly kisses your cheek as they closed the lid to the coffin and lowered you into the ground.

She Had Said

Life is fun, she had said,

A smile kissing her lips with innocence

Blind to the reality of greater war

Giggles and energy frees from her


Life is scary, she had said,

Millions of new faces crowded around

Expectations had to be met, or else

But Daddy was always there for her


Life is stupid, she had said,

Rumors spread like flu, just as crippling

Nights were spent up, days were spent drearily

Maybe, just maybe, rest would lay ahead

Life is unjust, she had said,

Tears fell, darkness dressed her for the dreadful night

Sickly faces crowded, peering at the still man ahead

With evil on the spree, blood boiled within her


Life is joyous, she had said,

Hats thrown; Freedom peeked around the corner

Celebration commenced; He sat on the mantel

This time was for joy, not sorrow

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Introduction: Kingdom Hearts: Isabella Lefever

Two six year old twins with big blue eyes and long, wavy blondish-brown hair sit up in their beds. One is a boy while the other is a girl. They slept in an average-sized room that they shared.


           Outside, the moon and the stars shined brightly down on the small world of Twilight Town. It was the twins’ bedtime but they were defiant. They would not go to bed until their mother told them a story. Their mother, a petite woman in her twenties that had the same blue eyes and long curly blondish-brown hair as her adorable children, sat in between their beds. She was wearing a turquoise nightgown that came down just below her knees. Her children stare at her with large pleading eyes and pouting lips.


     “Please, mom! Please tell us the story again!” the twins begged. Their mother chuckles at their childish behavior. She puts one finger up to her lips.


 “Sh. Alright, alright. Calm down. You don’t want to wake your father now,” she hushes them. The twins throw their hands up in the air in victory.


“Yay!” they exclaim. Their mother chuckles again. The twins settle back down into their beds as their mother clears her throat.


       “Alright. Now where do we start off at?” she ponders while lightly tapping the bottom of her chin with her pointer finger. She then puts her finger up in the air like she had an idea.


       “Ah! I remember now! A long, long time ago there was a gargantuan heart-shaped moon known as Kingdom Hearts. People had thought Kingdom Hearts was the heart of all worlds. Many people thought that it contained light. Others thought it contained darkness. These two sides quarreled over what was inside the all mighty Kingdom Hearts. The two sides found out about the X-blade (A/N: Pronounced  the“Key or Kyeblade.” It is easily confused with a regular Keyblade.) the key to unlocking the door to Kingdom Hearts, and how to forge it. The two sides created weapons called “Keyblades” which were mere shams of the real X-blade.


     “They gathered on a world where the ground was barren and cracked and dark clouds loomed over the world like a thick blanket. This was the world where Keyblade bearers would be tested to see who is worthy of being the chosen wielder of the X-blade. Today, this desolate world was given the title of the Keyblade Graveyard. It was called this because of the powerless, rusted keys that littered the place. If they could talk they’d probably be crying out to their fallen masters and mourning their deaths.

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What If

what if

death was brought new life

from under the depths

of the ground’s despair?


would the faces of

those torn and puzzled souls

carry on their passion

among the flesh and blood?


what if

every wounding word

was tackled down with a

refreshing compliment?

would the menacing beast

whom roamed the serpentine paths

finally be tamed

into a small kitten?


what if

the split from the quake

that had rumbled on and on

had stopped to piece together?


would it last?
would the tears drown both

down into a river

of forgive and forget?

Past memories

And aching thoughts

Stymie those who just

Think and hope


letting go of those

wishful dreams

is even harder than

living among the truth. 

— MacKenzie Lewis 

Conflicting Emotions

I groaned and bent over as my emotions fought inside. As they tore out of my chest, I screamed in agony. Three creatures whipped around me, screeching, howling and whispering their names.

A fiery phoenix screeched the loudest, proclaiming, “I am passion, anger, desires! I whip the others with my flaming tongue!”

A demonized shadow creature hissed at me, “I am fear, darkness and hostility, you cannot escape from my clutches.” I flinched away, not wanting to be near the disgusting thing.

A watery fish began to suffocate me, blubbing, “I am sadness, depression, anxiety…” I shoved it away, gasping for breath.

Finally, after all hope seemed to vanish, after I had fallen to my knees, I felt a gentle warm hand rest on my shoulder. I slowly looked up, blinking away tears.

A warm gentle glow emitted from a human like figure, and it spoke in soft voice. “I am hope, love, compassion. Don’t fear, I am stronger than the others. I will always be there for you, in multiple shapes, sizes and forms. Look around, there will always be hope, love and compassion.” I smiled and nodded, as the creatures that had caused me distress,  now become insignificant, entered back in. The golden figure was the last to enter, sealing my chest and warming my heart.

I no longer felt the other three creatures, only hope warmed my heart. 

— Abby Burrows 




What a load of bullcrap.


It’s just false security.


All our paths are able to change.


None of our lives are written in stone.


These were the thoughts running through my head as I stood before my mother’s gravestone. The loss of her death reminded me of the destruction of our home and the despair that followed. We were just lucky to have been away at market. My heart was surrounded by darkness.


But you need darkness to see the light. Total light is blinding, but so is total darkness. So, in other words, neither is good. We have to learn to balance the two.


Just like secrecy and honesty.


Her betrayal, once again, sends a stab of pain through me. We have to find the balance in everything. Without balance, all is lost.


Just like me.


I thought of the refugee possibility, but I was then reminded of the countries closing their borders to us.


Yes, this was the best way.


I took the military-grade shotgun I found, placing its barrel to my head as the tears flowed freely.


There was no fate, no higher power, or I wouldn’t be pushed this far. There wouldn’t be wars like this, and there would be no reason to flee our home.


My family would not have had to be buried by me scraping the dirt with my hands.


They would have a headstone, some mark of where they were laid to rest.


No, all hope left this place long ago.


Then I pulled the trigger.
And it was all gone. 

— Carmen Atkins 


Don’t kill me

but if you did, how would I know?

my heads been elevated upwards into the sky

my eyes have sunk into my sockets

and my mouth has been sewed shut

with a tiny piece of thread made of human remains

i can’t seem to find the right words

the voices in my head don’t speak without consent

silence can speak louder than a hyena with an ongoing laugh

don’t you dare say i’m wrong

nobody is perfect

except the ones who believe a happy soul is not lying

when in reality, their happiness is radiated off someone else’s.

you’re so oblivious so a person with no brain could understand

that oblivion is not inevitable

and stars have no faults

don’t blame all your mistakes

on someone with a heart of gold

while yours stays silver

my heart will continue to swell as long as that gun is held to your head

telling me “i’ll do it”

but i left before that bullet did.

because my eyes weren’t on your finger

they were on you. 

— S.L 

Where I’m From

I am from the crazy city of New York, to the quiet and calm of Lancaster, PA.

I am from camping with the family any chance we get.

I am from the family being in the newspaper many times and on the news for our house being terrifying with the decorations on Halloween.

I am from almost falling on the floor in the delivery room when I was a baby and the nurse barely catching me.

I am from a large family of my mom, dad, older brother, older sister,two younger sisters and a two year old niece.

I am from me and my dad loving the smell of gunpowder and the intensity of focus it takes when we aim down our rifles at the little targets when we are at the shooting range.

I am from watching the science channel since I was in first grade and gaining a strong love to science and technology today and planning a science based career

I am from getting my books taken away by teachers till the end of class for reading during the class, even literature classes.

I am from helping my family cook every year on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, cooking from early morning, till dinner.

I am from the family who lost our Nan who meant so much to all of us, so all of the adults and I got a tattoo in remembrance of her.

I am from Until I see you again.

A Fight for Friendship

Hidden in towering weeds

her chocolate eyes only feeds

the unveiling of something new

that only occurred to a few


Vanilla against the earthy mud

a blossom of a flowering bud

farm fresh fields forever found

in her heart to everyone bound


Energy sprouts from her

in large bushels of creamy fur

the moon, stars and sun

are her only eyes on fun


Three had come and passed

two large hearts had massed

lively spirit and all

only seems to fall


Not in her but me

heartache it seems to be

for years are falling

and death is calling


She puts up a fight

hyper despite

cancerous shadows emerge

and health wants to surge

My friend, family, love

harmless as a dove

stands on her fours

with her fighting roars

— MacKenzie Lewis

Lightning Memories

As a woman sat alone in her rocking chair,
She glanced out the window while twirling her hair.
She saw how the lightning lit the sky,
As seconds and minutes passed on by.

The woman did not always enjoy thunderstorms,
Until one day she watched one from her college dorm.
Now she sits and thinks of going outside,
But cringes from the memory of the day she cried,

When her parents were struck by lightning and died.


Time is ticking, time is turning,

Just like embers, burning to a crisp,

Your life will end, descending like the mist.

Into the depths, your body will loom,

as your soul turns to full bloom.

Lighter than a feather, your spirit will rise,

as the ashes of the fire, rain down to compromise.

the deed that has been done, the fin of your time.

Unleashed from the body, the spirit shall spread,

in first phases of the new, as the dawning is to the dead.

You’re free from the ground, and you now can truly be,

like a humans thought, with their mind at sea.


Where Did She Go?

Where did she go?

Silence was all through the house

When she came home I was ready to yell at her for not following my rules

But really I was scared

Sirens grew louder around our house

I could only think of the worst

Tears trickled down my cheek

I heard the “knock knock knock” on my door


The only thing I remember the police officer telling me

I lost her just like that

My daughter, my life, my entire world came to a complete hault

How will I tell people what happen?

The thought of her makes me cry


Things will never be the same

I love her so much and now I can not tell her

She will never come home

She will never be at another family meal

She will never come home


I loved her when she was here

I love her now that shes gone

That is the only thing that will not change


Second Ascent

Bound in Ice, With howling winds

The slaughter of our beloved begins

Our sanity is broken, our love purged

We were approached and urged,

By the lords of this land,

To quietly listen

As they approached the throngs,

the Human seas.

They brokered us a message, to give to those we love

“We wish to inform you that tomorrow,

We will be killed with our families”

Our home it is Ice bound,

So without our consent,

After rising up this mountain,

We shall die in the cold

Up to Heaven, Our second Ascent.

Memories of Emily

Lucy remembered the smell of Lysol, the soothing voices and smiles on teachers’ faces. The skid marks on the floor, and her mom whispering behind her. Most of all she remembered Emily’s frail little body with a mask on her face. Lucy looked a lot like Emily, she had a mask on as well. But all Lucy could see were Emily’s tired eyes. Lucy knew something was wrong. After Lucy’s operation, her second grade teacher Miss Austin let her and Emily come after school to be tutored. The reason Emily and Lucy had masks on was because their 6 year old bodies could not be around germs. Lucy was getting better after her operation, but Emily was not. Emily had Cancer.


So they were tutored after school when all the students were gone. That’s why Lucy smelled Lysol, because Miss Austin cleaned the classroom so there were no germs. Lucy remembered walking upstairs with her mask on because germs were everywhere. When Lucy and Emily got to Miss Austin’s classroom, the first thing they did was wash their hands. After that they were allowed to take their masks off. Lucy remembered the plastic blue couch Miss Austin had in her room.  Miss Austin cleaned it for the girls so they could sit down. At the same time this was going on, Lucy could still hear her mom and Emily’s mom whispering in the hallway about all the doctors and hospitals both of their daughters had to go to. Lucy saw their faces filled with sadness when tutoring was over. Lucy knew for sure now that something was terribly wrong with Emily. Lucy wondered why was she getting better when Emily was getting worse.


Lucy remembers that day like it was yesterday. Whenever Lucy pictures Emily, she sees her in her mask with only her small blue eyes showing. Emily was Lucy’s first and last true friend.


By Olivia Vassot