Lift Off


Walking in with a huge grin

It’s gonna begin


Getting strapped up

Excitement fills your cup


You think about your friend

The support he lends never ends


Your family watches on T.V.

They can’t belive


The engines start up all systems ready

You’re aware that if they fail there is no remedy


The noises growing louder and louder

All you can smell is gunpowder


The noise is now deafening and all you can hear

Is the sound of 1000 bees buzzing in your ear


Now the whole room starts to shake

It seems comparable to a 9.8 earthquake


You can’t believe you’re about in a space shuttle

This multiplies exciting things you’ve done by quintuple


Your know that within minutes you will be in the sky

Flying high clouds passing by


You glance over at the rest of your team

And then wake up…It was all just a dream


Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 1: The Body

Issac awoke from his sleep and turned to his alarm clock. It was 4:00 a.m. Issac got out of his bed and put on his Adidas sneakers. He walked downstairs and picked up the key on the counter and unlocked the front door. He shoved the key in his pocket and left the house.

Issac walked through the thick fog as it rolled over his development. There was a light wind coursing through his hair. He swept his hand through his blond hair then shoved his hands into his pockets. Issac looked around as he walked. Things in the city were very different from when he used to live in the countyside of the town. Issac and his family had moved six weeks ago. His parents had said something about starting out fresh… why? Issac didn’t need a fresh start. He wanted to move back to his old home in the countryside.

Issac wasn’t popular. He was an A+ student his whole life and the jocks obviously didn’t care about that. Back at his old school his friends didn’t care about grades, they liked Issac for himself. He spoke to himself. “It doesn’t matter what they think.” At his new school Issac only had one friend. His name was Xavier. Ever since his first day at his new school, Lonsion High School, Xavier had been the only kid in school who hadn’t teased him or pushed him around.

Issac continued to walk around. He squinted through the fog. He saw a blurry, red shape that was hard to make out from the fog. He walked towards it. He gazed up to the red shape and felt pressure of wind to start blowing around him. “What is this?” Issac asked himself. With not wanting to find out, Issac ran back to his house. He opened the door and pulled the key out of his pocket. He locked the door and ran up the staircase and covered his body with blankets. He stared at his alarm clock. “It’s only been five minutes?” he asked himself, surprisingly. He drifted off into his sleep again. In was silent. His eyes closed closer… and closer… and closer….

Issac woke up startled. It was only a dream, and a strange one at that. He rubbed his eyes and put on his sneakers like he had in his dream. He walked downstairs and grabbed the keys off of the counter. No one was awake. He glanced at the clock in the kitchen. It showed that it was 5:30 a.m. He quickly unlocked the door and left. He shut the door and locked then shoved the key in his pocket. He walked slowly for a few feet until he became bored. He retrieved the keys from his pocket and started to swing them around.

He arrived at the red shape that was in his dream. “What’s going on?” he asked himself.

He approached the red shape and gazed up at it. The wind started to blow. He let his hair blow around furiously. He continued to stare at the red shape. He became calm until he heard something.

A maniacal laugh came from the red shape. Issac jumped and dropped the keys and ran to his house. He pulled at the door handle. It was locked. He reached into his pocket for the key, but his pocket was empty. “Darn it!” Issac said. He quickly ran back to where the red shape was. He searched for the key, but he had no luck. He was locked out of his own house and there was nothing he could do about it.

The red shape surged with electricity. Issac took a few steps back. A strong wind was released from the red shape and threw Issac into the air. He landed roughly on the cement and looked at his leg. A piercing pain ran through his leg as a little bit of blood trickled out. “Ow,” Issac grumbled to himself. He picked himself up from the ground and wiped off his pants. He looked around for the key again. He noticed something shimmer on the ground. It was the key.

He walked over to it and picked up the key then noticed something laying next to the key along with it. He glanced up to it and saw something laying motionless on the cement. It was a body….

Dream World

Do you ever wish you could live in a world you created?  I do all the time.  I just get so angry at this world that all I wanted to do was scream and give up.  I don’t get it this world has two sides, the bad and the good. But mostly the bad is all you ever see; violence, prejudice and anger. The good let’s just say it’s a very rare occasion when you get to see it. I don’t like being angry but certain things make me get so angry I could punch a wall.  Like people being mean and stupid, and all the injustice in the world. I just wanted everything to be good and happy in the world, that’s a very big dream right?

I know nothing is perfect, but really the world is far away from even something okay.  I just want it to get better.  If even little things were fixed like people thinking before they did something that could hurt people. We would be getting that much closer to one of those rare good days.

By Olivia Vassot