Christmas Time

My favorite time of the year has always been christmas time,

The pointed white snowflakes,

The christmas lights glistening everywhere,

The tearing of tape and paper when wrapping gifts,

My most favorite is the hot cocoa and the marshmallows,

The crackling wood fire,

The ornaments from ancestors that get put on every tree,

Sometimes a “crack” when one of them falls from the top,

Little feet pitter pattering across wooden floors on christmas morning,



Gifts unexpected from this “Santa” character,

Some people even travel during the winter season to go see far away relatives,

Paris, Canada, Ireland, Germany, even just within their own country,

Boarding the plane,

The announcer in the airport,

The hustle and bustle,

Wheels from baggage rolling and rolling across the linoleum floor,

People from all over the world in one airport,

The loud engine revving up,

Ready for take off,

“So long home, see you again soon”,

Take off hits,

Eardrums pop,

Quietness at last,

Hours until you reach the ground again,

Way up in the sky,

Clouds and birds pass you by,

Looking down,

Building and cars look like ants,

Landing in your destination,

Christmas has just begun,

Tis the season to be jolly,

New faces,

New people,

Old family traditions,

Christmas is the time to be happy.