I’m From Sun and Rain That Never Has Been Tamed

I’m from a house of seasonal smells; from autumn leaves, to pine cone trees, to summer breeze.

I’m from a little town called Columbia on busy 5th and Union where the sounds of sirens surround us.

I’m from a mom of many years and a step daddy after a few.

I’m from a couple of brothers and just one sister.

I’m from the lands of Ocean City Maryland with the waves that hit us.

I’m from fun games and silly play from back in the day.

I’m from watching music videos to learn to make my own.

I’m from my annoying little brother, always trying to top us.

I’m from writing in my journal because I never really had a fellow.

I’m from variety of tastes because my mom swore she was Rachael Ray.

I’m from looking up at the sky asking for forgiveness on my lies.

I’m from never knowing, but continuing to keep going.

I’m from putting others before me.

I’m from depression that taught me a very big lesson.

I’m from never letting go and saying to myself “ you got this for sho”.

I’m from a little big mouth that always liked to shout.

I’m from a girl that never was understood, but everyone seemed to know me.

I’m from learning to survive by myself because really, I have no one else. 

— N.G 

I am From the Brick House

I’m from the brick house at the of the street, and the newly built cedar-shingle in Doe Run Hills.

I’m from pork and sauerkraut at Gma’s and vegetable bihon at Gpa’s.

I’m from the beautiful city of Prague, and a small town in Germany.

I’m from winning 1st place at Ganogathon four years in a row.

I’m from the delicious smell of bacon rousing me from sleep.

I’m from yelling the words to every country song on the radio.

I’m from late night adventures with my best friends.

I’m from watching the sun set from a paddle boat for longer than I can remember.

I’m from kayaking for miles and hiking long trails.

I’m from “cheer up there is always a reason to smile.”

Not Your Average Family


I am from the sweet and innocent town of Millersville.

I am from french toast every Sunday.

I am from the taste of chlorine and the smell of manure.

I am from, “Wait you two are not twins?”

I am from house keeping.

I am from summertime concerts with my mom.

I am from playing tag and dress up.

I am from cavities out the butt due to the delicious tasting candy apples.

I am from, “OMG you cut off her finger?!”

I am from the great lands of Germany and Ireland.

I am from every summer at the beach house.

I am from long walks on the boardwalk.

I am from, “Your baby is so precious.”

I am from late summer nights at the tennis courts.

I am from picture books every time someone new comes over.

I am from, “I can’t I have cheer.”

I am from spaghetti and salad on Christmas day.

I am from, “Yes we are eating out of the trunk.”

I am from never turning down a challenge or a dare.

I am from, “Dinner before 9 o’clock? Never in the Conner house.”


Where I’m From by Alexis Townswend

I’m from the sweet smell of cinnamon buns, Yankee Candles & reusable shopping bags.

I’m from the taste of pasta, meatloaf & fresh cut grass.

I’m from “I love you like a fat kid loves cake” to “Pound Sand”.

I’m from the land of the French.

I’m from my bedroom.

I’m from the middle of nowhere, cow country.

I’m from “Carpe Diem”.

I’m from opening gifts on Christmas Eve.

I’m from sleeping in on Christmas Day.

I’m from delicious Jello Pie.

I’m from Seabrook Island, South Carolina.

I’m from a small, close family.

I’m from Lilly, a dog.

I’m from my Mother, literally.


Southern End

I’m from a place called the Southern End.

Where I’m from anyone can identify the smells of manure spread on the fields surrounding them.

I’m from the few old dirt roads that are still left around, and the sound of horse hoofs galloping while pulling an Amish buggy.

I’m from a family where we don’t quit till the job gets done.

Where I’m from during hunting season you sit in the woods all day, and always bring home a deer.

I’m from where the woods are filled with gun smoke on the first day of rifle season, and you hear the cracking of gun shots everywhere around you.

I’m from a family that shoots bow together.

Where I’m from friends are treated as family, and everyone get respected.

I’m from where the trucks are lifted, and always covered with mud.

I’m from where we load up in a truck and go on drives every weekend.

I’m from the smell of black smoke filling the air from diesel trucks, and burnout marks left on the blacktop.

I’m from where summers nights consists of bonfires, cookouts, friends, and family.

Where I’m from it’s cut off shirts, jeans, and boots, and if we don’t have our boots we’re barefoot feeling the grass tickle the bottom of our feet.

I’m from fourwheeler rides with friends that always end up as a races.

I’m from where there are endless fights on what truck brand or tractor brand is better.

Where I’m from, “we say grace, we say amen and if you ain’t into that we don’t give a damn,” Hank Williams Jr.

Where I’m From by Jeremy Miller

I’m from a house on a dead end street started with a Wendy’s and a Denny’s.

I’m from a whole family that were all born and raised in Lancaster, PA.

I’m from candles always burning and chocolate cake always being cooked.

I’m from a sports life.

I’m from eating, sleeping, and breathing baseball.

I’m from Seahawks to Pirates to Penguins.

I’m from Led Zeppelin to LL Cool J.

I’m from always spending time with my brother, my grandpop, and my cousin.

I’m from “That one’s married.”

I’m from keeping my memories in my phone, but mostly in my head.

I’m from my very first taste of a crab leg to my very first chocolate peanut butter cake.

I’m from watching the same Charlie Brown movies every single year.

I’m from putting ornaments on the tree then having warm cinnamon buns afterwards.

I’m from “Live your life, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.”


Where Haley’s From

I’m from a small town in Pennsylvania.
I’m from moving to Louisiana then moving back.
I’m from a single parent home.
I’m from going to the pool three times a week during summer and loving it,
rarely watching tv to getting excited whenever Hannah Montana came on,
listening to Fergie, Rihanna, Jesse McCartney, Hannah Montana, and Justin Bieber as a kid.
I’m from getting ice cream from Dairy Queen in the summer,
always being outside more than I am in,
the fresh smelling cut grass,
trying dog treats just to see what dogs eat, then liking them.
I’m from the little laughs and giggles me and my best friend have shared since we were eight,
eating honey buns and getting sick from finishing the whole box in one night.
I’m from my favorite smelling Halle Berry perfume,
trying to make my little closet into a working area,
always having sleepovers,
watching movies and ordering pizza Friday nights,
and the cold, long football games.
I’m from a place where people have tried to tear me down but I didn’t fall,
finding its better to stay true to yourself and be your own person,
discovering who my true friends are,
listening to music at least once a day,
remembering all the good times and forgetting the bad ones.
And I’m from living life without worrying about anybody’s opinion.
-Haley Philips

I’m From….

I’m from an athletic soccer playing familly. I’m from a table full of Vietnamese food and Mom homemade chicken corn soup. I’m from a family of three sisters. I’m from a head full of childhood memories. I’m from a group of brown eyes. I’m from race of Vietnamese and German. I’m from a dad full of marine stories. I’m from Thuan and Stephanie. I’m from an outside smell of farmland and Grandmas house full of asian cooking smells. I’m from a neighborhood called Colonial Manor. I’m from a Penn Manor soccer team. I’m from a favorite Vietnamese dish called Pho. I’m from soccer practice that I pass out afterwards. I’m from a dad that came all the way from Vietnam i’m from a family that I love and parents that will always support me.

–Jared Pham

Where That Guy is From

I am from Skyline Drive,

fields of corn and fields of tobacco.

baseball diamonds,

and homemade spaghetti

From Lancaster, PA,

and my awesome bedroom.

I am from the May family

My brother, mother, sister, and father

that gives me great lessons to go by.

They give me guidance and unwanted help.

I am from “never give up” and “always give respect!”

From the book of etiquette and Dr. Seuss.

From the salty goodness of Doritos and the meaty taste of cheeseburgers.

From the great taste of KFC chicken,

and the apple and caramel snacks my mom used to make.

I am from the imagination of my family,

and that is where I’m from.

–That Guy

Where I’m From

I’m from home cooked meals and fleece blankets.

I’m from sports on Sunday afternoon and sticky buns.

I’m from Crayola Crayons and footie pajamas.

I’m from dogs and cats and corduroy overalls.

I’m from Teletubbies in the afternoon and Flyers games.

I’m from instant oatmeal and fresh cut grass.

I’m from “Get On The Line!” and melting ice cream.

I’m from beach vacations and frilly dresses.

I’m from church on Sunday and red wagons.

I’m from tomato soup and grilled cheese.

I’m from white stuffed kitty and puzzles with grandma.

I’m from hard work and sweat.

I’m from Turkey Hill ice cream and ham, green beans, and potatoes.

I’m from pink plastic tricycles and soccer fields.

I’m from a spoiled child to a knowledgeable adult.

This is where I’m from.

–Kylie High

Where I’m From

I’m from Lancaster County,

I’m from a nice house with my parents, my dog and me.

I’m from the fields where the corn grows tall,

I’m from the motocross track and the dragstrip.

 I’m from the whoopie pies and the apple pies.

I’m from Penn Manor School District.

I’m from the beach.

I’m from holiday parties and hanging out with family.

I’m from Hershey Park and having fun with friends.

I’m from cars and trucks.

I’m from being outside and playing in the mud.

I’m from going out on the boat.

I’m from hunting and fishing with my dad.

I’m from the Mt.Gretna and swimming with friends.

I am from Lancaster County

–JT Sheaffer

This is not about anyone, its more about my love for food.

If the world was a better place we be together if the world was sweet as you we would hold each other, if the world was a soft as you it would be a nicer place, but now my delicious sweet hershey’s smore I’ve lost you forever, to another, for an 8 year old has stolen you from me. But do not fret, for I have moved on to cookies but our 6 seconds together well be with me always.

—Alex Sanchez