Psalm of Sammy

Tell me not, he’s my best friend,

He’s been there all my life,

I will love him until the end.

I”ll never cut him with a knife.

He’s lumpy and old,

And sleeps all day long.

He’s always told,

That he’s not strong.

He hides behind a chair,

And when he’s bothered,

Which is often very rare,

He gets very awkward.

He’s been alive thirteen years,

And when he goes up to heaven,

They’ll be many tears,

And they’ll even be a procession.

Taylor Lefever


A friend is someone we turn to

when we are sad.

A friend is someone who puts a smile on your face

when you are sad.

When you tell them your problems

they don’t walk away,

They help you through it

and at the end of the day, makes your world a better place. 

— Kamila Mirzayeva 

Three Haiku’s

1. Fall, the in-between season

Weather changes, and lavish colors shine throughout

scarves and coffee chatter together


2. Miles of straight wooded walks

Beaches to relax and castles to make

Oh how one loves beaches


3. Friends, good, bad, and ugly

There for you as you for them

elegance in their childlike grace 

— Zach H. 

Where I’m From

I am from the crazy city of New York, to the quiet and calm of Lancaster, PA.

I am from camping with the family any chance we get.

I am from the family being in the newspaper many times and on the news for our house being terrifying with the decorations on Halloween.

I am from almost falling on the floor in the delivery room when I was a baby and the nurse barely catching me.

I am from a large family of my mom, dad, older brother, older sister,two younger sisters and a two year old niece.

I am from me and my dad loving the smell of gunpowder and the intensity of focus it takes when we aim down our rifles at the little targets when we are at the shooting range.

I am from watching the science channel since I was in first grade and gaining a strong love to science and technology today and planning a science based career

I am from getting my books taken away by teachers till the end of class for reading during the class, even literature classes.

I am from helping my family cook every year on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, cooking from early morning, till dinner.

I am from the family who lost our Nan who meant so much to all of us, so all of the adults and I got a tattoo in remembrance of her.

I am from Until I see you again.

A World Full of People

I am from being born on January 25th, 2000.

I am from going to not having a neighborhood to living next to a bunch of new people.

I am from Lancaster, but recently moved to Millersville.

I am from parents who are mixed with Italian and Swedish.

I am from my mom Robin and my dad Kerry.

I am from my grandma who although we are not physically close; we are close by the heart.

I am from a family name that has gone from De’ Clerico to Clerico and then to Hansen.

I am from a family who is obsessed with a reality tv show called Big Brother, that we have gone to the level of calling each other Frootloops.

I am from a mother who makes great tasting mac n’ cheese and mashed potatoes.

I am from a family where we pick and torment each other, but of course it’s out of love.

I am from a witty father that knows I like to be the first, so he always tell me, “You can be first after me.”

I am from a world where my memories stay in my mind.

I am from a local dance studio called Willow Street Dance Steps.

I am from a group of amazing friends that anyone would die to have.

I am from a world that people do judge books by their covers.

I am from a world where not everyone is perfect, but they normally try to be.

I am from a world where I try to make my life the best it could ever be.

I am from a world where I live no regrets.  

— Kayla Hansen


You do have friends

and they are there to help

so don’t shut down

and don’t you frown


There is always someone

who’s got your back

so give them credit

for taking your slack


You have a beautiful smile

and a friend that will stay for a while

so open your mouth

and let it all come out

You say I don’t understand

then let me just take your hand

but I don’t think you understand

because I was you in your shoes

So you know im here

I’ll be there to wipe your tears

but don’t shut me out

because I will always be there without a doubt

~Ilaina Smith

Best Friend

You are unforgettable

an idol to us all

when I was with you I always had a ball


But then one day I got a call

That call changed it all

All I did was cry

You had two hours until you were flying high


I held your hand

Flashing back to our times

Thinking wow time flies

Now I’m saying my Goodbyes Continue reading

Her Name is Anxiety

I’ve lived with a mental disease in my mind for years. When I was a little girl, I didn’t know that she was deep in my mind, sealed away and unknown. But, I grew up. And as I grew up, she started slowly coming into my view. Seeping into my thoughts, into my everyday thinking. I grew scared of her, not knowing what she was making me become. I tried to control her, but she was too strong. She took over my whole mind, I couldn’t even control myself anymore. I couldn’t be myself. She took over everything about me and I was a whole new person. A scared, paranoid little girl. I was so weak, letting everything about her consume everything about me. She was the one who controlled my body, not me. I was a nobody anymore, all you saw was her.

Her name was Anxiety and she nearly killed me. She knew every single weakness about me and I knew none about her. I never wanted her here with me. She took over all control without permission. I didn’t know what she wanted, she never said. I just wanted her to leave but how could I ask her when I knew I couldn’t live without her? I hated every single fiber of her being but I couldn’t let her go. She was the biggest part of me and I didn’t know if I was ready to live without her. All I’ve learned to know is to live with her, constantly being by my side. Was I even able to leave her?

I tried to leave. We were apart for awhile, a couple months actually. My parents started making me take little white pills to help with her. Everything was going great. I didn’t see her, I didn’t think about her, I didn’t speak about her. And even though she wasn’t mentioned, I could still feel her there in the back of my mind, watching everything I was doing. She was lurking in the background, waiting to see what I was going to do next. And then one day, she just came back.

She hit me like a wrecking ball. My whole world was turned back upside down, like she was giving me all the wrath that I missed of hers while she was gone. The little white pills weren’t working anymore and I didn’t know what to do. She was starting to control my life again and I didn’t want her to. She was impossible to escape. Four different kinds of pills later and I was still begging God that she would go away. My thoughts were hers again and my life wasn’t my own anymore. I couldn’t escape what world she had made her own. She was my own personal leech, feeding off my demise.

I went through months of this, having her always there. My life went slowly in a dwindling spiral, not knowing what I was doing with my life anymore. She took over everything. I didn’t have a control over my life anymore and everyday I just wanted to explode. I was done with having her in my life. She was an uninvited stranger living in my own body, completely taking over every ounce of my being.

And then something changed in my life. Slowly but surely, she started going away. No not completely, but she did change. She stopped being so aggressive, her angry demeanor not as powerful as it was. It was like she was slowly fading out of my body, mind, and soul. She was still there, in the back of my mind, reminding me that she was still there. I wish that she was completely gone, but with months having her almost killing me, this was enough for me. And how I did it? A wonderful thing and a slightly horrible thing: friends and therapy.

My friends were there for me even when they didn’t know what was going on. I talked to them constantly, never once being judged or controlled like how she used to treat me. I could always count on them, knowing that no matter what time of day it was, I could call and they would be there. They were always there, kind of like her. But instead of being there trying to take me over, they were getting me in control instead. They made me remember that it was my body, not hers. My amount of bravery and self esteem peaked to its highest point that it has ever been at before. I was actually myself for once in my life.

And then there was therapy. No it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but it wasn’t the best. The thing that I didn’t like about it was that it was therapy. When people think therapy, they think mental problems and difficulties. I just hated the stereotype. I kept it hidden from a lot of people for the longest time. I wasn’t comfortable with people knowing that I had a problem and had to go seek professional help. It saddened me knowing I couldn’t tell people the real reason why I couldn’t hang out with them or text them. I had to lie and it killed me. But then I finally realized, who the hell cares? Just because I go to therapy, doesn’t mean I’m depressed or have too many problems that it makes me go get help. I went to help myself become a stronger, more in control person. I was proud of my stereotype and I didn’t care who knew it.

And then there was the actual therapy part. To be completely honest, I loved therapy. My therapist would let me talk for our whole session without him saying a word or would give me questions that really made me think about my life. I would really think about my whole life with Anxiety and reevaluate every moment with her that I had. He made me feel better about myself after every session and it would just make me a happier person, knowing that I can actually live with her. I even looked forward to the session throughout the whole day. Who knew that something people judged so much was actually something really nice?

She still lives with me to this day. Always there, in the background. At times, she gets back in control. But I learned how to deal with her to where she goes back away, even if its just for a moment or two. I still hang out with the same friends and I still go to therapy every Thursday. And with everything I’ve been through while I’ve been living with her, I have learned so much about her and myself. Even though I hated everything about her, I’m glad I live with her.

Anxiety taught me that I can overcome her and actually live in my own body. She taught me that even though I can be at my lowest point where she almost killed me, I can be stronger than her. That I can be in charge of myself for once in my life. And even though I know that I still haven’t overcome all of her, I’m happy about it because it’s better than what I used to be. I know that she can possibly come back one day, but I will overcome her again. Anxiety taught me that I can always be stronger than her. No matter what happens in my life, she will not take over my life again.

I know that Anxiety will always be with me and for now, I welcome her to be with me. I will conquer her one day, and until that day happens, I will be here, being the stronger person. Anxiety really changed my life for the good and the bad, but I am glad that she is here. I hope other people learn how to control her too and know that they can be strong like me. And I know that I’m not the strongest person in the world, but for what I’ve been through? It’s good enough for me.

-Alexandra Drake

Christmastime 6 Word Memoirs

Giving back to the less fortunate


Listening to your favorite cheery tunes


Reciting your favorite childhood Christmas movies


Indulging on homemade meals and treats


Putting decorations up around the house


Sledding down hills and throwing snowballs


Going black Friday shopping all night!


Spending time with family and friends


Appreciating and respecting what you have


Remembering the reason for the season


Spring Time Dreams

When the snow is finally gone, and the flowers are blooming again: I am looking forward to being able to walk and take pictures, and sit on my deck reading. I will go down to the creek and wade in the water and feel the fish brush against my ankles and swim around without a care in the world. I will stay out late at night with my friends, sitting in our yards watching the stars, and walk up the yellow lines on the road close to midnight. It will the fun of last year, but better. With stronger and new friendships. Until then though, these will only be Spring Time Dreams in my wintery night slumber.


Frog and Toad

I’m from the creaky old rope swing hanging on that oak in the yard.

Im from “You better be home by the time these street lights come on!”

Im from my chocolate lab Marley, the best dog ever.

Im from the golden goodness of Easy Mac.

Im from the hills of Ireland, the cobblestone streets of Italy, and the tents of Native Americans.

Im from the stories of Frog and Toad everynight.

Im from squeezing fifteen people on my small trampoline.

Im from the miles of mountain biking all over these woods.

Im from the smell of cinnamon bread on weekends.

Im from crowding in my friend’s basement watching scary movies every weekend.

Im from driving around with the top down blasting the latest music in my booster seat.

Im from the salty taste of playdough and the thought that river rocks were food.


Southern End

I’m from a place called the Southern End.

Where I’m from anyone can identify the smells of manure spread on the fields surrounding them.

I’m from the few old dirt roads that are still left around, and the sound of horse hoofs galloping while pulling an Amish buggy.

I’m from a family where we don’t quit till the job gets done.

Where I’m from during hunting season you sit in the woods all day, and always bring home a deer.

I’m from where the woods are filled with gun smoke on the first day of rifle season, and you hear the cracking of gun shots everywhere around you.

I’m from a family that shoots bow together.

Where I’m from friends are treated as family, and everyone get respected.

I’m from where the trucks are lifted, and always covered with mud.

I’m from where we load up in a truck and go on drives every weekend.

I’m from the smell of black smoke filling the air from diesel trucks, and burnout marks left on the blacktop.

I’m from where summers nights consists of bonfires, cookouts, friends, and family.

Where I’m from it’s cut off shirts, jeans, and boots, and if we don’t have our boots we’re barefoot feeling the grass tickle the bottom of our feet.

I’m from fourwheeler rides with friends that always end up as a races.

I’m from where there are endless fights on what truck brand or tractor brand is better.

Where I’m from, “we say grace, we say amen and if you ain’t into that we don’t give a damn,” Hank Williams Jr.

Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 4: Xavier

“So… how long have you known, uh…” Brent asked. He and Issac had walked about three blocks and Brent had already forgotten Issac’s friend’s name.

“Xavier?” Issac finished.

Brent nodded. “Yeah, Xavier.”

“Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve only been here for six weeks. Xavier was the only one in our school that would actually talk to me,” Issac said.

“Oh,” Brent said. Brent felt as if Issac was uncomfortable about talking about the topic, so he changed it to video games. “Have you ever played any other video game systems?”

Issac answered. “A little. I play the Xbox with Xavier sometimes. I’ll admit that it’s a good system, but I’m just not that much of a fan.”

Brent nodded. “I can understand that.”

After several minutes of walking and talking, Issac and Brent had arrived at Xavier’s house. Issac walked up to the door with Brent right behind him and knocked on the door. They waited a few seconds and then the door opened.

“Issac?” a voice asked, groggily.

“Hi, Xavier. Uh… I have something to ask you,” Issac asked.

“Sure, but… who’s this?” Xavier said, pointing to Brent.

“I’m Brent,” Brent said, introducing himself.

“… my cousin,” Issac added.

Xavier said, “uh-huh. So, what did you want to ask me?”

“Right. Um… it might sound really weird, but my PlayStation came to life,” Issac said.

“Really?” Xavier asked. “So, what do you want me to do?”

Brent spoke, “we want you to help us destroy Issac’s PlayStation.”

Xavier thought to himself for a moment. “Alright, destroying a PlayStation… I’m in. Sure, it sounds weird, but asking me if I want to destroy a PlayStation… I won’t reject it. I hate PlayStation. I’m more of an Xbox guy myself.”

Issac gave Brent a look and whispered to him, “I told you.”

Brent spoke to Xavier, “do you know where any nearby video game stores are around here?”

“Yeah, there’s a GameStop a block away from here,” Xavier said, pointing behind Brent and Issac.

“Why are you asking about that?” Issac asked Brent.

“Where else would a video game system go to find some help?” Brent said.

“He has a point,” Xavier said. “Let’s go!”

“Do you want to go now? I mean, we don’t have to…” Brent said. He turned to Issac. “What time is it?”

Issac gazed down at his wristwatch. “4:00 p.m. Xavier… will your parents mind if Brent and I stay for dinner?”

“Of course not. Come on in,” Xavier said, inviting Brent and Issac into his house.

Brent turned to Issac. “shouldn’t you call your parents?”

Issac was already on his phone. “I’m already on it,” he said. Issac dialed his parents’ home number and asked if he and Brent could stay at Xavier’s place to have dinner. After a few minutes, Issac turned off his phone. “Let’s eat.”

Brent and Issac entered Xavier’s home and find their way to the dining room. They sat themselves down and waited for the dinner to be served. Xavier walked into the dining room a few moments later and sat himself down next to Brent. “So, Xavier, what are we having?” Brent asked Xavier.

“My mom is making pork chops with barbecue sauce on top,” Xavier explained. “Oh, and, don’t worry about my mom making more. She always cooks extra pork chops just in case one of us in still in a hungry mood.”

Issac nodded. “So, we’re all leaving after dinner, right?”

Xavier answered. “Yes.”

Five minutes passed until Xavier, Brent, and Issac all smelled the pork chops’ aroma fill the dining room. “Mmm, they smell really good,” Issac said.

“Well, thank you, Issac,” a feminine voice said. Xavier’s mom entered the dining room with a tray holding ten pork chops. Xavier’s dad was on her heels walking into the dining room. Xavier’s mom placed the tray onto the table and took off her oven mitts. She turned to Brent and said, “hello, I’m Sally, Xavier’s mother.”

Xavier’s dad approached Brent and held out his hand. “I’m Robert, Xavier’s father.”

Brent shook his hand and looked at Sally quizzically.

“You boys can dig in if you want,” Sally said, motioning towards the tray of pork chops.

“Thanks,” Issac said, picking up a pork chop. He cut through the meat and took a bite. Issac’s expression changed. “Brent, you’ve got to try this. It’s really good.”

Brent immediately grabbed a pork chop and cut off a small piece and ate it. “Wow, that’s really good!” he said.

The boys and Xavier’s parents all ate the pork chops within forty-five minutes. Xavier then asked his parents about him going to GameStop with Brent and Issac. “Mom… dad… can I go to GameStop with Brent and Issac?”

“What for?” Robert asked Issac.

“Oh, I just wanted to buy him a game for his Xbox. Just because his birthday is in two days and I’m going to be really busy with my… cousin during the weekend,” Issac explained.

“Well… I think that’s very nice of you Issac,” Sally said.

“Very well,” Robert said. “It is your birthday soon anyway.”

“Thanks,” Xavier said. He got up and hugged his parents and left with Brent and Issac.

Brent spoke to Xavier. “Just for a heads up, I don’t know exactly know what to expect. Last time I’ve dealt with this kind of issue, my friends and I ended up battling a minion.”

“Expect the unexpected. That’s what I always say,” Xavier said.

They walked a few blocks and stood at the door of GameStop. Brent walked up to the door and grabbed the handle. The boys walked into darkness. There was only silence until a voice spoke one single word.


Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 2: Temporary Guest

Issac stepped back. He wondered if he should see if this person was okay. He cautiously stepped towards the body. “Um… hello? Are you alright?” Issac asked the body.

The body was not responding. Issac started to walk away. “W-w-wait. Who… are… you?” the body mumbled.

Issac turned around. “Excuse me?” he asked.

The body repeated, “who are you?”

Issac responded, “My name’s Issac.” He hesitated before continuing. “What’s yours?” The body struggled to stand up. Issac hurried over to help. “Can you stand okay?”

The body nodded. “Yeah.” The body put his hand against his head. “By the way… I’m Brent. Nice to meet you.”

“Hi, Brent,” Issac greeted. He gazed towards the red shape. “By any chance, do you know what this is?” he asked Brent, pointing towards the red shape.

Brent nodded. “Yeah, I do. Sadly. It’s a vortex. It brought me here… I think.”

Issac became concerned. “You don’t remember?”

“Not really. I just know who I am. And my friends… Kris, Brooke, and… what’s his name?” Brent said, pondering the forgotten name of his third friend.

“Well, you look pretty banged up. Let me take you to my place. I’m sure my parents won’t mind having you until you remember where you came from,” Issac said.

“Are you sure? I don’t won’t to be a bother…” Brent said, unsurely.

“Of course!” Issac said. “Come on.” He draped one of Brent’s arms over one of his shoulders. “It’s not far. It’s only a few yards away.” Issac and Brent eventually arrived to Issac’s house. Issac pulled out the key and unlocked the door. He helped Brent into the living room and layed him on the couch. He walked over to the kitchen and closed the front door. Issac glanced upwards to the clock. “It’s 6:00 a.m. now. My parents are probably up now. I’ll tell them what happened.”

Issac climbed the staircase and returned to the living room in a few minutes with what Brent guessed were Issac’s parents. “Brent, these are my parents,” Issac said, motioning his parents.

“Hi,” Brent said, politely.

“Hello. I’m Melissa… Issac’s mother,” Melissa said. She shook Brent’s hand.

Issac’s father stepped forward. “Hi. I’m Randy… Issac’s father.” He shook Brent’s hand as well.

Melissa noticed Brent’s right arm. “Oh, my! You’re bleeding. I’ll get you a wet paper towel to clean that up.”

Brent tried to object but figured it was rude considering that he was their guest.

Melissa returned moments later and handed Brent a wet paper towel. “Here you go, Brent,” she said.

“Thank you,” Brent said. He lightly dabbed the paper towel on the blood that was running down his arm. Every now and then he grimaced from the pain of the paper towel and his blood making contact.

“Brent…” Randy was speaking now. “Just know that you’re welcome to stay as long as you want. If you need anything, we’ll get it for you. It’s no problem.”

Brent nodded his thanks. Issac’s parents smiled and returned upstairs. Issac sat down next to Brent on the couch. “Hey, would you like to play video games?”

Something clicked in Brent’s mind. Video games… He thought hard to himself. He had remembered something. An Xbox flashed through his mind. “You don’t have an Xbox, do you?” he asked.

Issac shook his head. “No, I have a PlayStation. Why?” Issac asked, curiously.

“Oh… I just don’t like playing Xbox, that’s all,” Brent lied.

“Oh, okay. Let’s go. The PlayStation is in my room,” Issac said, getting off of the couch. Brent got up carefully from the couch and walked over to the kitchen and threw the wet paper towel, now colored lightly with blood, into the trash can.

“Lead the way,” Brent said. He followed Issac up the stairs and enterd his bedroom.

“Um… what would you like to play?” Issac asked.

Brent shrugged. “Play whatever you like.”

Issac looked at two games and moments later placed one back in a box filled with various games. “I hope you’re good. My friend has never beaten me yet.”

Brent thought to himself again. Friend. He wished he could remember what his one friend’s name was. He set the thought aside and grabbed a controller from a table sitting beside Issac’s bed.

“So, Brent… about the, uh, vortex… what’s the story behind that?” Issac asked.

Brent turned to Issac and said, “it’s a long story.” He then thought of something that he never thought would happen that involved him and Issac. He decided not to tell Issac just yet. He figured he would tell him when the time was right.

Why are you here? by Creative Writing Club 2013-2014

My head is filled with so many things so why not

put them on paper?

My brain is a pretty chaotic place.

Writing brings me: focus,




In club I don’t have to think,

the writing just comes to me.

This is like my safe place to write


Writing for a newspaper isn’t for me.

I enjoy writing poems

Writing has always made me

happy…I can never finish stories though.

I’m not the best speller in the world…

I had virtually no sleep

working on writing and

waiting for club to start again.

I write all the time. I keep a journal.


I enjoy you as a teacher.


I haven’t been able to write much lately but

it’s my passion and I know

it is what I’m meant to do with my life.


I feel like I’m better at writing than talking.

Because sometimes voices aren’t enough.

I can hold my emotions up,

and tear them apart.


My mom realized how into writing I was (last year)

and she wanted to read my writing.

My favorite thing in the world is words

and books

and artworks

and writing.

I love to use my creative mind.


What kind of question is that?

That’s witch talk,


JK I know you’re not.


I want to be published,

Mrs. Hallet found my blog

and said I was meant for this class.

I have been working on a book for a year

and a half.

I’m in a band and I’m working on a book.

I need help keeping and finishing a story.


I want to inspire people I want to


It calms me down

when I get mad/sad.


This is a good environment

for writing,

to get inspiration,

to give inspiration.

I write to inspire others to overcome fear


I don’t think I could go a day without writing.


I would like to hear about how other people are feeling,

how they are.

I want to read others’ creations.


I prefer to be called

Princess Shyan,

but okay.

It’s a place I can be funny and weird.


I’m here because my friend told me to join

and it’s fun

but its crowded in here

so I think I’ll leave


You’re a great teacher.


I’m in this club to let you see

the inside essence of me.


You are the second person who has seen

the real me.

Memories of Emily

Lucy remembered the smell of Lysol, the soothing voices and smiles on teachers’ faces. The skid marks on the floor, and her mom whispering behind her. Most of all she remembered Emily’s frail little body with a mask on her face. Lucy looked a lot like Emily, she had a mask on as well. But all Lucy could see were Emily’s tired eyes. Lucy knew something was wrong. After Lucy’s operation, her second grade teacher Miss Austin let her and Emily come after school to be tutored. The reason Emily and Lucy had masks on was because their 6 year old bodies could not be around germs. Lucy was getting better after her operation, but Emily was not. Emily had Cancer.


So they were tutored after school when all the students were gone. That’s why Lucy smelled Lysol, because Miss Austin cleaned the classroom so there were no germs. Lucy remembered walking upstairs with her mask on because germs were everywhere. When Lucy and Emily got to Miss Austin’s classroom, the first thing they did was wash their hands. After that they were allowed to take their masks off. Lucy remembered the plastic blue couch Miss Austin had in her room.  Miss Austin cleaned it for the girls so they could sit down. At the same time this was going on, Lucy could still hear her mom and Emily’s mom whispering in the hallway about all the doctors and hospitals both of their daughters had to go to. Lucy saw their faces filled with sadness when tutoring was over. Lucy knew for sure now that something was terribly wrong with Emily. Lucy wondered why was she getting better when Emily was getting worse.


Lucy remembers that day like it was yesterday. Whenever Lucy pictures Emily, she sees her in her mask with only her small blue eyes showing. Emily was Lucy’s first and last true friend.


By Olivia Vassot

Where I’m From by Michael


I’m from the outskirts of Millersville, on a small street.

I’m from the smell of apple pie in the evenings

I’m from watching Donovan McNabb throw awesome passes in the Fall.

I’m from weekend excursions around the neighborhood with friends.

I’m from saying ‘criss cross applesauce’ in elementary school.

I’m from crossing the street, and waking up in the hospital.

I’m from quoting Spongebob with Nathan from elementary school to high school.

I’m from giant bins of LEGO bricks.

I’m from reading Magic Tree House books in elementary school.

I’m from playing Halo 3 until 3 in the morning with friends over Summer.

I’m from an older sisters tormenting wrath.

I’m from two amazing parents.


There will be no music today,

No smiling, no laughter,

Just sorrow,

In the memories,

And the what ifs,

The could have beens,

If he wasn’t gone,

If he hadn’t been torn away,

From the world too soon


There will be no singing today,

Only crying, wails,

Weeping in sorrow,

How can this be?

What God does this?

Rips away life,

So soon,

So unexpectedly,

Without letting us know at all,

And we all feel it,

The deep pit of sadness,

The somber mood,

Encompassing us all,

As viewers of the aftermath,

The pain, the tears,

Why is this?


There will be no playing today,

The shock is too much,

The pain seems unending,

Like a stab in the back,

Nobody saw it coming,

And now we know,

Nobody is immune,

To death, to life,

We are all human,

And we’re supposed to learn,

From our mistakes,

And I hope we will,

Learn that life is more important,

Than all the simple pleasures,

They aren’t worth it,

Because life can end whenever,

We need to live,

We need to learn from tragedy,

From the sorrow, crying,

Acknowledge it,

Know that it did happen,

That somebody is dead,

Whether you knew him or not,

It happened


There will be no happiness today,

Perhaps somewhere else,

But not here,

Because this sorrow hangs,

Over us all,

Enveloping us,

Making us remember and think,

About what we could have said,

Could have done,

Before he left us,

About who he was,

No matter how long ago,

Who we knew him as,

What we liked about him,

They’re all memories now,

And they can’t be changed to anything else,

As much as we wish it to be


There will be tears today,

Sobbing and weeping, crying,

Trying to understand all of this,

When you knew him so well,

Or even not all,

You can feel the pain,

Of others affected by all of this,

You don’t see things like this coming,

You tell yourself it’s a joke,

But it isn’t sometimes,

It’s all too real,

It’s not a lie,

It’s true,

Death is real,

And it affects us all,

Whether we be the victim,

The friend, the family,

Or just a bystander,

Who wished they said ‘hi’,

Just once,

Because they never really knew him


There will be pain today,

Like a lightning bolt hitting us,

The boat has been rocked,

Overturned, struck down,

We are shaking,

Unable to comprehend,

Why now? and just why?

Deep breaths, accompany,

Sadness as we sit,

Together in thought,

Prayer, mourning, remembrance,

Of someone who left us too soon,

And we’ll pray and pray and pray,

For everyone affected,

Because nobody likes to see others suffering,

Sad, knowing what this pain is,

Feeling it in their blood, bones,

Wishing it wasn’t so,

The friends and family,

Mourning, lost, without hope,

It seems,

Of what has become reality


There will be confusion,

Because we don’t understand why,

Death had to affect us,

The good and the bad,

The ones in pain and the painless,

Hoping that God finds a way,

To right the wrong that’s been committed,

To assure us this was part of His plan,

Not an evil committed to us,

We are broken,

Torn, lost,


This sadness in our hearts,

I can only hope will be lifted,

But not forgotten,

And learned from,

By everyone here.

–Rachel Olcott

where Zeb is from

I’m from Pequea, Lancaster County in the middle of nowhere.

I’m from the Pfeiffer house, overkill, but quaint like a baby elephant.

I’m from Gee’s heavenly salad, the greatest food creation ever made.

I’m from watching college gameday every Saturday, and blonde hair blue eyes, from Rick and Ang, and Pap and Gee.

I’m from the Jed teasers and the steak eaters.

I’m from “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all”

and “follow your dreams ”.

I’m from Christian faith, going to church every sunday then brunch afterwards.

I’m from Lancaster General, but ancestors from Germany, from smoked brisket and sausage.

I’m from the huge pine trees in my front yard.

I’m from the giant deck off the backside of my house,the long summer nights sitting and listening to stories.

I’m from a loving family, but still has a lot of feuds.

I’m from finally getting a pool, but never having anytime to swim in it.

I’m from cuddling up by the warm fire watching movies all winter.

I’m from the go getters and goal setters.

I’m from the huge container of photos packed away in the family office representing the endless memories.



Maybe, we were meant to be best friends.
Maybe we were meant to hold hands,
fake a smile together,
be unconditional until death
just like we always planned.
But maybe, the pieces won’t quite function,
because their edges are asperous,
and confusing to our ignorant eyes.
They fade apart,
but were once in perfect junction.
Maybe they won’t end up exactly where we thought.
Maybe thats why we always fought.
Maybe for once you’d think about someone else,
and stop turning everything into something to argue about.
Maybe,if your mind wasn’t always clouded with doubt.
Maybe if you believed in me,
maybe you could open your heart, you’d see.
But you won’t,
so I’m faking this smile all on my own.
Holding onto myself,
who I am
as tightly and willingly as I held your hand.