Spots of time

Whenever I get the slightest bit of an ocean smell it takes me back to all the great things I have done with my family at the beach.  We always go boogie boarding and fishing.  Another thing we have done more is a ropes course and it’s about 5 or 6 stories tall with all these cool things you have to do and it’s really fun to do with your family and friends.  We also love to walk on the pier and fish there and last summer I almost caught a stingray that was 8-9 feet wide, it was amazing. So everytime I get a smell of the ocean it just takes me to all the fun adventurous things we do.  


It is a cold and snowy night

Little kids not going to sleep

Arguing with their parents, putting up a fight

Waking up early, going downstairs to creep

Jumping on their parents bed

Poking them, slapping them on the head

Its time! its time! Come down!

Little kids have big frowns

Mommy and daddy must have slept through

Oh boo hoo

—Sean Borden

I am from Flower Gardens

I am from moving around to different houses and different schools. I am from seven different houses and five different schools.

I am from flower gardens in the back yard to waffles and chicken gravy every week.

I am from going outside everyday with my brothers and playing survival.

I am from playing Tarzan and playing cheetah with my siblings.

I am from a family with four parents and five siblings, two boys and four girls.

I am from “yay! pancakes again!”and “ice-cream for dinner!”

I am from blueberry bushes in the back yard and playing deserted in the woods.

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Frog and Toad

I’m from the creaky old rope swing hanging on that oak in the yard.

Im from “You better be home by the time these street lights come on!”

Im from my chocolate lab Marley, the best dog ever.

Im from the golden goodness of Easy Mac.

Im from the hills of Ireland, the cobblestone streets of Italy, and the tents of Native Americans.

Im from the stories of Frog and Toad everynight.

Im from squeezing fifteen people on my small trampoline.

Im from the miles of mountain biking all over these woods.

Im from the smell of cinnamon bread on weekends.

Im from crowding in my friend’s basement watching scary movies every weekend.

Im from driving around with the top down blasting the latest music in my booster seat.

Im from the salty taste of playdough and the thought that river rocks were food.


Where Autumn’s From

I’m from Hickory, NC to Lancaster, PA.

I’m from Nintendo 64~Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Banjo and Kazooie, and Sonic.

I’m from a huge family,

meeting someone unknown I’m related to every time I go back home.

I’m from John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) to Reckard and Triplett.

I’m from Frank and Arlene Reckard and Ed and Dorothy Triplett.

I’m from banana pudding, push pops, grits, instant oatmeal, ramen noodles, and snow cream.

I’m from southern accents and mispronounced words.

I’m from eyeglasses to contacts.

I’m from, “anything that is worth doing, is worth doing right.”

I’m from the smell of gravy, biscuits, and sausage in the morning.

I’m from dodge ball and floor hockey.

I’m from hurt to strength.

I’m from church every Sunday and youth group every Wednesday.

I’m from being the advice giver to wanting advice.

I’m from my brothers tickling me until I couldn’t laugh anymore.

I’m from jumping off high rocks into a creek.

Where I AM From

I am from parties whose tradition was to whack at pinatas with baseball bats and juggle soccer balls.

I am from a mediocre home with a fresh smell of baked beans and crema in the morning.

I am from a home whose backyard is planted with various rose bushes and a tree with a pleasant smell

I am from a family whose tradition was to eat banes rellenos during Christmas.

My family has the tendency to go to church and extol the almighty one.

I am from a family who told me repeatedly to “suck it up”, “get over it” or  “don’t worry about it”.

I am from a family whose religion is Christianity and to extol God.

I was born in Lancaster, Pa. I am from Lancaster Pa., from the family who is known for the Spanish food, such as crema and pabusa.

I am from from the family who is most notorious for large parties in the yard, from family get togethers.

From a family who is also notorious for rarely getting into trouble.

I am from a family whose uncles have had a copious amount of children

I am from a loving family, from a loving father, from a loving mother.

I am from a family who know not to act querulous.

I am from the colon family.

One Word to Another – a creative writing exercise

Light bulb
Manuel labor
my dog

road apples
my dad
my aunt
Family work

blood banks
dumb movies
hate hockey
rap music
lil wayne
icebox killer
my mom

–Kaitlin Harrington

Where I’m From

I’m from home cooked meals and fleece blankets.

I’m from sports on Sunday afternoon and sticky buns.

I’m from Crayola Crayons and footie pajamas.

I’m from dogs and cats and corduroy overalls.

I’m from Teletubbies in the afternoon and Flyers games.

I’m from instant oatmeal and fresh cut grass.

I’m from “Get On The Line!” and melting ice cream.

I’m from beach vacations and frilly dresses.

I’m from church on Sunday and red wagons.

I’m from tomato soup and grilled cheese.

I’m from white stuffed kitty and puzzles with grandma.

I’m from hard work and sweat.

I’m from Turkey Hill ice cream and ham, green beans, and potatoes.

I’m from pink plastic tricycles and soccer fields.

I’m from a spoiled child to a knowledgeable adult.

This is where I’m from.

–Kylie High

Where I’m From

I am from my vanity with my Revlon eyeliner and contacts

I am from the smell of campfires and burning wood

I am from my empty lonely house

I am from Germany and Sweden

I am from Penn Manor School District

I’m from skimmed knees, jumping fencings, and water sprinklers

I am from the cabin and four wheeler in North Carolina

I am from pow-wows and tie-dyes

I am from Quarryville and 5 elementary schools

I am from gardens and tractor pulls

I am from nightmarish dreams

I am from Gerber baby food

I am from the beach

I am from my camera laying on my bed

I am from Pacsun Bullhead Jeans and big borrowed sweatshirts

I am from new animals and wagging tails

I am from new socks with holes in them

I am from an oversized bulletin board

I am from a overly neat and organized room

I am from late nights with my boyfriend and bestfriend

I am from heart-to-hearts with the people that mean the most to me

–Summer Miller