I’m from Sicily more specifically from Via Corlene Road in Palermo, Sicily.

I’m from prima colazione which constituted of bread with olive oil, vinger, and butter which now makes me sick.

I’m from a place with beautiful mountain ranges, and a sea that is both calm are fierce. A place where the cities are beautiful, but the populace is less so.

I’m from the wheat the Sicilian farmers pick with their bear hands that become bread.

I’m from the sea air hitting your face, seagulls flying around, and the boats coming, and leaving the harbor.

I’m from “If you hurt your family…may you die alone like a dog”. Where hurting your family is seen as the worst offence.

I’m from where that old man wears that weird hat, and we must obey by his religion, and what he preaches.

I’m from a family of self made men, and women who denied social norms. A family where when you say something it gets done one way, or the other.

I’m from a family that is divide on religion some believe in Catholicism, and others Atheism.

I’m from a family where we had to make decisions based on reason, and not emotion.

I am from a family in a far off land name Sicily, and in that far off land I’m a Vespucci.    

Alejandro Morales


I am from a farm that lies behind a cornfield on the corner of a quiet street down the road from Manor Middle School.

I am from Penn Manor High School.

I am from candles burning throughout the house that reminds me of family and board games.

I am from Julieta cooking her traditional Romanian food every night for dinner.

I am from morning and night soccer practices that make my legs sore.

I am from moving to Romania with my family and moving back to America in the same year.

I am from  a Christian family and am one myself.  

I am from Julieta, an amazing hard-working woman who moved to America at age 24 from Europe.

I am from family get togethers that involve great food and conversations.

I am from a sister who taught me how to be kind and understanding.

I am from Kevin and his lessons about believing in myself.

I am from daily inspirational quotes from Julie.

I am from late nights spent with my dog Lucy watching TV.

I am from bowls of ice cream topped with whipped cream.

I am from visiting family and friends in New Jersey.

I am from going on shopping trips with friends that involve me spending all my money.

I am from a youth group that is like my second family.

I am from ‘Have a great day!” and “I love you!’

I am from working hard and determination.

I am from the United States of America.

I am from an athletic mind and body.

I am from laughing at the randomest things.

Sophia Hess

School Lane to Stone Hill

I’m from a small house on South School Lane near Hamilton Park and Buchanan Elementary.

I’m from moving at age eleven to Stone Hill Road down the street from Pine View Dairy and Jason’s Woods.

I’m from Thursday night’s spent at Best Friend Grammy’s and eating breakfast with my great grandparents on Friday morning.

I’m from homemade applesauce, warm fasnachts, and every holiday crowding around the table for dinner.

I’m from Riggs a lazy English Bulldog and Jake a playful Old English Sheepdog.

I’m from seven hour car rides to the Outer Banks for annual summer vacations.

I’m from fishing for minnows and crayfish in creeks with Pappy.

I’m from hot dogs, baked beans, and buttered noodles, an everyday lunch at my Grammy Hamaker’s.

I’m from two hard working parents Sam and Jess who always taught me to “Be a leader”.

I’m from growing up listening to Pearl Jam, Weezer, Cake, Jimmy Buffett, and Destiny’s Child.

I’m from searching through ten recipe boxes to find Grammy’s homemade chicken pot pie.

I’m from a little sister Madison watching and mimicking my every move.

I’m from Coach Daddy for 8 years always telling me to work hard all the time.

I’m from “how do you not like it if you’ve never tried it”.

I”m from going to my Grammy Bachman’s house for every Halloween.

I’m from family and friends are the most important people in your life.

Emma Hamaker

Dear Penn Manor

Dear Penn Manor,

       Through all of the assembly’s,

       and learning how to read,

       to having my first real relationship

       you were there.

       You helped me when I needed help.

       You gave me hockey.

       I can never repay you for what you have done for me.

       But now I have to go out to the world,

       and make something of myself like you taught me.

       This is not goodbye forever.

       I will come back.

       You just need to know how much you taught me,

       and helped me,

       and watched me grow.

       Kayla Saylor

Leaving Penn Manor

Dear Penn Manor,

         It has been a long haul, but now it is time for me to call it quits. You gave me lots of good memories and I thank you for that. I wish I could keep going, but my age says otherwise. Maybe we can meet up again in the end for one last time.                                                                                                                      With Love,                                                                                                                                    Andrew Eshleman

Aging of Fear

A little kid

The dark

Monsters under the bed

Scary noises outside the bedroom window

Creatures in the closet


A teenager

High school

Beginning to drive

Who you will sit with at lunch

Losing your supposed friends

What kind of person you will be categorised as

Not graduating on time


Love life


An adult

Job lose

Financial problems


Retirement homes


Failure throughout life

Loss of family members