Take the Time to Breathe

I hope you take the time to get away every once in awhile

Because happiness can come from the slightest smile

I hope you take the time to lose yourself in a book

Or in the woods behind your home even just to look

I hope you take the time to ride your bike in the sunset

Looking at the beauty of nature and that is it

I hope you take the time to sit on your front steps and count cars passing by

Or lay on your roof and gaze up at the twinkling night sky

I hope you take the time to cruise along backroads with the windows down

Listening to nothing but the rushing wind sounds

I hope you take the time to be alone

Enjoy the time with yourself and turn off your phone



The walls have seen more than the humans that have owned them. Things that people love to talk about, and things that happen behind closed doors. They saw your first birthday where everyone was smiling while you were shoving cake in your mouth because all you knew then was that it was sweet. They saw when you sprained your ankle and had to be on crutches for a little while so your mom brought you food and drinks so you didn’t have to get up. They saw you and your best friend jumping on the bed singing your favorite songs together. They saw  your brothers sneak into your room and take your things and they saw you find out and tell. They saw you bring your new boyfriend over for the first time to meet your parents (who were not thrilled but they smiled anyway). They saw your first breakup. The tears, the crying, the heartbreak. You thought it was the end of the world but they knew that there would be more. However, they knew that they would still be there to comfort you. They’ve seen the tears, despair, smiles, laughs. They’ve seen your joy and your sadness. The walls have seen it all.

Olivia Beck


Happiness is coming home from a long day and spending the rest with family.

Happiness is singing at the top of your lungs in the car heading somewhere.

Happiness is seeing people you love after a long separation.

Happiness is a kitten purring on your lap refusing to get up.

Happiness is the enormous smile across your face when you accomplish something.

Happiness is having everything organized and feeling on top of the world.

Happiness is dancing in the kitchen on a Sunday morning before church.

Happiness is cooking dinner with mom and laughing when something goes wrong.

Happiness is friends who understand you and accept it.

Happiness is playing a sport and feeling complete passion for it.

Happiness is trying things for the first time at that lucky age of sixteen.

Happiness is crying tears of joy congratulating and feeling proud of a friend.

Happiness is getting an A on the test that seemed impossible to study for.

Happiness is licking an ice cream cone on a beautiful summer afternoon.

Happiness is watching your favorite tv show and cuddling up with a dozen pillows.

Happiness is making others happy and fulfilling it even when there is limits.

-Meghan Onderdonk

Christmas Time

My favorite time of the year has always been christmas time,

The pointed white snowflakes,

The christmas lights glistening everywhere,

The tearing of tape and paper when wrapping gifts,

My most favorite is the hot cocoa and the marshmallows,

The crackling wood fire,

The ornaments from ancestors that get put on every tree,

Sometimes a “crack” when one of them falls from the top,

Little feet pitter pattering across wooden floors on christmas morning,



Gifts unexpected from this “Santa” character,

Some people even travel during the winter season to go see far away relatives,

Paris, Canada, Ireland, Germany, even just within their own country,

Boarding the plane,

The announcer in the airport,

The hustle and bustle,

Wheels from baggage rolling and rolling across the linoleum floor,

People from all over the world in one airport,

The loud engine revving up,

Ready for take off,

“So long home, see you again soon”,

Take off hits,

Eardrums pop,

Quietness at last,

Hours until you reach the ground again,

Way up in the sky,

Clouds and birds pass you by,

Looking down,

Building and cars look like ants,

Landing in your destination,

Christmas has just begun,

Tis the season to be jolly,

New faces,

New people,

Old family traditions,

Christmas is the time to be happy.


True Happiness

To attain true happiness
And forget what they think
Destroy what makes you care
Cut any emotional link
Let the opinions fade
Become completely numb
When it comes to feeling
Become completely dumb
Ignore all the people
That ever get close
Because coldness never comes
In too high of a dose
A heart of stone
And skin of steel
So that you
May never feel


Puppy Love

Puppy Love
Sometime I think, it’s not as bad as it may seem. But I always find myself lost in yet, another dream.
Closing my eyes, I can see you walking across my heart.
But once reality hits, I know it isn’t you, it‘s the beginning to a brand new start.
Why does my heart seem to beat faster with every word you say?
I just want to hold you, and feel us together. You’re the only one on this earth I can call my forever<3
That smile of yours captures my heart every time.
Oh what I wouldn’t do to keep you mine, you mean more to me as each day goes on in this world.
I couldn’t imagine my life without such an amazing guy.
Every kiss I can remember, sweeps my feet up off the ground.
And the sound of your voice has me spinning around.
I almost can’t handle the way you make me feel.
This unbelievable happiness, just seems so unreal.
I never thought one person could drive me so insane.
Or that missing someone could cause me so much pain. On the worst days,
I can think of you and those dimples you love becomes enlightened with my smile.
And forget about the distance, disregard every mile. Until I’m closer to you, until I’m closer to us.
Blocking out every doubt, because I know that I must.
My impatience is stirring, my heart is beginning to explode.
All I really want, is the end of this forbidden road. 
So I adore you more than the skies are blue, I only wish this world belonged to just me and you.
                                                                                        By: Savannah Santiago 🙂