Retirement Letter

Dear Penn Manor,

You were one hell of a run, a dive into the deep end, and a drug I have never experienced before. You lead me to loyal friends and collided me with snitches that got their stitches. You put me through social embarrassment while faking a laugh along the way. You were a movie that has reached its long and unexpected needing. You gave me the experience of unforgettable knowledge that I will pass on to someone of my own some day. I will appreciate you from a distance far and unknown without ever looking back. From the depths of my lungs, you will be the last puff of smoke that leaves my body.

Goodbye Penn Manor High School,


My Dear Ethiopia

Since the day I saw you

I have loved you,

Your culture and rich tradition

I bowed to.

You have carried me with your love,

From day one to eleven, my beloved;

“Mother Ethiopia” I called you,

Home of Lucy, and animals like Kangaroo

Day by day you get more beautiful,

Just like your people and view.

I will see you soon,

That I promise you;

But till that day, I will say,

Mother Ethiopia, My Ethiopia I love you.


All About Me

I’m from a place where the best news is that a steer got out of his pen.

I’m from a small home then one day I moved into a “mansion”.

I’m from being raised by loving parents.

I’m from a family who loves to cook and bake, and they’re good at it too.

I’m from the smell of a bakery and fresh cut flowers.

I’m from the clanging of dirty dishes to the annoying sound of the timer going off.

I’m from a small school that no one knows, LeTort.

I’m from going to the mountains and spending time with family.

I’m from where those old photo albums are kept.

I’m from a family where I am the oldest grandchild and great grandchild.

I’m from those old country songs that I still listen to.

I’m from learning the importance of agriculture.

I’m from the place I call home.

Kalee French

I’m From Sun and Rain That Never Has Been Tamed

I’m from a house of seasonal smells; from autumn leaves, to pine cone trees, to summer breeze.

I’m from a little town called Columbia on busy 5th and Union where the sounds of sirens surround us.

I’m from a mom of many years and a step daddy after a few.

I’m from a couple of brothers and just one sister.

I’m from the lands of Ocean City Maryland with the waves that hit us.

I’m from fun games and silly play from back in the day.

I’m from watching music videos to learn to make my own.

I’m from my annoying little brother, always trying to top us.

I’m from writing in my journal because I never really had a fellow.

I’m from variety of tastes because my mom swore she was Rachael Ray.

I’m from looking up at the sky asking for forgiveness on my lies.

I’m from never knowing, but continuing to keep going.

I’m from putting others before me.

I’m from depression that taught me a very big lesson.

I’m from never letting go and saying to myself “ you got this for sho”.

I’m from a little big mouth that always liked to shout.

I’m from a girl that never was understood, but everyone seemed to know me.

I’m from learning to survive by myself because really, I have no one else. 

— N.G 

When I was Little

When I was little I looked at life differently.

When I was little the worst thing you could do was lie to your parents.

When I was little losing a crayon was the end of the world.

When I was little the scariest thing was when the lights went out.

When I was little my parents could do no wrong.

When I was little the only thing I worried about was losing my stuffed animal.

When I was little monsters weren’t human.


I’m not little anymore.


My Life I Think Unless I’m Living Someone Else’s Life Then That’s Ok Too

I’m from video games that confuse me but I like.

I’m from loving shepherds pie.

I’m from loving cheese.

I’m from scary movie marathons.

I’m from wondering when the Walking Dead will be back and if Fear The Walking Dead is any good.

I’m from old zombie movies.

I’m from loving animals.

I’m from Ami, Josh, Sandy, and Sharon.

I’m from a family that works hard.

I’m from a love of all foods.

I’m from random splinters out of nowhere.

I’m from awesome brothers.

I’m from loving doing things I’m not good at

I’m from where it’s ok to mess up.

I’m from getting lost in stores I always go to.

I’m from wondering why we are all here.

I’m from wondering why my friends chose me.

I’m from wondering how everything came to be.

I’m from messing up and not being able to come back from it.

I’m from wanting to be something and being told I can’t.

I’m from wondering about some of the choices I made.

I’m from getting back up when I fall.

I’m from forgiving but never forgetting.

I’m from old friends to new friends.

I’m from not being able to sleep.

I’m from thinking too much but yet not thinking enough.

I’m from being confused about something simple.

I’m from Sunday dinners and Saturday lunch.

I’m from hot foods and a love for a challenge.

I’m from a love for money.

I’m from a family who loves me.

I’m from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

— David Clayton 

A New Love

Hair unkempt

eyes that wept

the lonely tears

of long lost fears

Days old shirt

scars that hurt

bring night as day

and a new way

Walking here

stifling fear

confidence lost

at a great cost

They are done

no more fun

a heart now cracked

happiness lacked

Wars were fought

help was sought

after two had

fallen too bad

She will stray

far away

from friend and friend

until its end

Lovely Doe

had a Foe

but dashing buck

just had no luck

Baby Fawn

was a pawn

in their quarrel

among the sorrel

but they kept

far except

a friendship nears

after long years

–MacKenzie Lewis 

Where I’m From

I am from the crazy city of New York, to the quiet and calm of Lancaster, PA.

I am from camping with the family any chance we get.

I am from the family being in the newspaper many times and on the news for our house being terrifying with the decorations on Halloween.

I am from almost falling on the floor in the delivery room when I was a baby and the nurse barely catching me.

I am from a large family of my mom, dad, older brother, older sister,two younger sisters and a two year old niece.

I am from me and my dad loving the smell of gunpowder and the intensity of focus it takes when we aim down our rifles at the little targets when we are at the shooting range.

I am from watching the science channel since I was in first grade and gaining a strong love to science and technology today and planning a science based career

I am from getting my books taken away by teachers till the end of class for reading during the class, even literature classes.

I am from helping my family cook every year on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, cooking from early morning, till dinner.

I am from the family who lost our Nan who meant so much to all of us, so all of the adults and I got a tattoo in remembrance of her.

I am from Until I see you again.

The Life of Peter!

I’m from Lancaster, PA.

I’m from our past Capital in the USA.

I’m from Hanh and Thuong Nguyen.

I’m from a house from Manor Middle School.

I’m from Ha Ngoni and Ho Chi Minh City.

I’m from the Twizzler smell where my parents work at.

I’m from my aunt always saying “see you later alligator”.

I’m from the smell of my mom’s food.

I’m from near Charlestown Park.

I’m from two different houses.

I’m from my favorite color blue.

I’m from the strongest woman ever, my mom.

I’m from, GOD 

— Peter Nguyen

Around the World in 15 Years

I am from the world:  Maryland, Hawaii, Germany, Virginia, and ending in Pennsylvania.

I am from getting really good at boogieboarding.

I am from driving to France in the morning to get breakfast.

I am from not knowing the difference between a grocery store and the commissary.  

I am from moving away from my friends every two years.

I am from having to deal with my dad being deployed.

I am from my grandfather’s quirky sayings.

I am from livi love attacks.

I am from growing up in a gymnastics academy.

I am from having chalk as my sixth major food group.

I am from being so used to Martin’s tourettes that I don’t hear them anymore.

I am from breaking what people think of me because of my brother.

I am from learning from other people’s mistake.

I am from German immersion for five years.

I am from loving fashion since I was young.

I am from collecting old cameras.

I am from really odd fears that have no background.

I am from loving music and theatre my whole life.

I am from developing really bad stage fright.

I am from memorizing lyrics faster than vocab words.

I am from humming myself to sleep when I was a baby.

I am from dealing with hypermobility.

I am from loving relatable books.

I am from binge watching Netflix.

I am from loving great movies.

I am from having mentors and people to look up to my whole life.

I am from Ed and Ellen Hurston.

— Olivia Hurston 

The Whereabouts I’m From

I’m from the township called Conestoga.

I’m from the birthplace of the Conestoga Wagon.

I’m from the place where silver was mined, from Silvermines.

I’m from the road called Sandhill.

I’m from the land of the weekend bonfires and late night catfishing.

I’m from the place where big bucks run.

I’m from the place where the hunting is fun.

I’m from the place where car shows rock.

I’m from the town where everyone is like family.

I’m from the little town of Conestoga.

Treating Others The Way You Want To Be Treated

I’m from basic developments that plop up in between cornfields.

I’m from backyard creeks with hidden forts and treehouses, filled with childhood secrets.

I’m from neighbors that became lifelong friends.

I’m from a know it all mother who worries too much and a laid back father who believes in whatever happens, happens.

I’m from a perfect older brother who can do no wrong.

I’m from weekends spent at the grandma’s house with troublemaking cousins.

I’m from a closet filled with boxes stuffed with snapshots of my childhood.

I’m from a kitchen counter speckled with Chinese takeout and pizza boxes.

I’m from running errands with mom and fix-up projects with dad.

I’m from treating others the way you wanted to be treated and don’t judge a book by its cover.

The Summer Child

I’m from reading out under the stars

I’m from the smell of her peppermint oil and floppy hats

I’m from the place where twinkle lights shine and the sweet smell of pineapples lingers

I’m from the hot days on the beach; where the salt water sprays

I’m from big houses that hold the most wild parties

I’m from mosquito bites and scrapes the trees gave me

I’m from adventure and scary stories

I’m from longboarding down to the beach from the summer house; finding my way back to the salty waters

I’m from shopping till I drop; endless shopping trips.

I’m from those hot summer bonfires and volleyball on the beach

I’m from swimming in the ocean, and tangles in my hair

I’m from late nights at the boardwalk and wasting all the cash at the fun park

I’m from roller coasters and ice cream cones

I’m from window shopping and writing my name in the sand

I’m from footprints in the sand, and bright beautiful sunsets.

– Haley


I’m From Broken Arrow Ranch

I’m from Broken Arrow Ranch.

I’m from cow, chicken, pig, and turkey manure smells being a regular.

I’m from going to Buck Motorsports every Saturday night, watching the demolition derby.

I’m from the land of the Amish where every neighbor has at least one son named Jakey.

I’m from Gladys and Richard the people who have changed

I’m from having cattle named Simmy, Vicky, Fuzzy, Buck, Buckweed, Speckles, Cletus, Bandit, Franklin, Bambi, Sparkey, Mr.T  and Red.

I’m from being in charge of the cattle while dad was out plowing snow for the township.

I’m from carhartt, mossy oak, real tree and browning.

I’m from staying out in the woods hunting till you really can’t see and being up earlier than the birds chirping.

I’m from building forts and hammocks in the woods and having my cousins from other states come sledding.

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I am from Mount Scopus, Pisgat Ze’ev,  Ramat Eshkol, the holiest city on Earth, Jerusalem.

I am from the driest desert and the greenest mountains.

I am from culture, diversity, languages.

I am from Hebrew  songs, gatherings.

I am from bomb shelters and air raid sirens.

I am from fear and constant awareness.

I am from buses, taxis, light rails, beautiful skyscrapers.

I am from the third floor of a dusty stone apartment.

I am from a stuffed toy dog larger than myself.

I am from quality food, matza and the freshest bread.

I am from Lilach.

I am from Israel.

– S.S


That’s When You Know You Love Her

She’s dancing in the kitchen singing her favorite old country song in only his flannel shirt.

She’s cooking him supper, cause she knows when he comes home he’ll be covered in dirt.

He opens the front door as she’s dancing around like their ain’t nobody watching her moves.

He picks her up and sets on her on the counter, gives her the biggest kiss, and says “I know you make me the happiest, girl you got nothing to prove.”

Suppers on the table and it gonna be ready.

This is a sure sign now she know’s they’re going steady.

That night she is in a cuddly mood.

He comes over to the couch turns on Netflix, holds her in his arms, and gets her food.

She hasn’t moved a bit.

She’s just gonna lay there watching him until he finally falls asleep and then he’ll throw a fit.

I Am From

Where i’m from, the birds wake you up with chirping.

Where i’m from, you wake up to a nice made breakfast.

Where i’m from, you will see stink bugs everywhere.

Where i’m from, you have to work hard for the things you want.

Where i’m from, the smell of farms is all around you.

Where i’m from, is a place with insanely slow speed limits and many fast drivers.

Where i’m from, you grow up watching Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo.

Where i’m from, is the most perfect place for a kid to grow up and become a man.

My Life

I am from the mid fall, from the cool evenings and perfect mornings.
I am from the peaceful woods, colorful, quiet, and smells like sap from the pine trees.
I am from my tree stand, my escape from all world’s stress the mellow climb and the comfy seat.
I am from our annual fishing tournament, the ice cold sand to walk to the boat in the morning.
I am from hard work, working for what you want, earning your own stuff.
I am from coffee will stunt your growth and candy will rot your teeth.
I am from the outdoors, hunting and fishing are my favorite things to do, I love being outside.
I am from the country, 75 acres of hilly, wooded area, our cabin, fun place to go.
I am from my dad, he taught me about everything I love to do today.
I am from being good at school, I try my best, do what needs to be done, and try to get great grades.




It is a cold and snowy night

Little kids not going to sleep

Arguing with their parents, putting up a fight

Waking up early, going downstairs to creep

Jumping on their parents bed

Poking them, slapping them on the head

Its time! its time! Come down!

Little kids have big frowns

Mommy and daddy must have slept through

Oh boo hoo

—Sean Borden