How to properly eat an apple slice

Step 1:Place apple slice in your mouth horizontally…not vertically.

Step 2:Close mouth to bite down on apple…only eat the apple, not the skin.

Step 3:Keep opening and closing mouth to chew apple.

Step 4:Swallow.

Step 5:Place apple skin under your top lip but on top of your teeth.

Step 6:Keep apple skin there until you feel it is necessary to remove it.

Cavin Miller

How To Eat A Pop-Tart

Pull apart your silver reflective Pop-Tart casing

Silently attend to the noise of the wrapper

Elongate your two fingers after beginning to pull the case, to ajar an area of passageway 


Gently remove the Pop-Tart to prevent damage to the delicate treat

Open your chops and insert the Pop-Tart into your bodily cavern

Devour the Pop-Tart with utmost care and concern

Caleb Walton

How to Sit Down

Analysis to make sure there’s a chair underneath you

Real slow so you don’t pull any muscles

Make sure that the chair is comfy

Curve your knees

Hope you can bend all the way down to your chair until seated

Angle yourself so you’re facing the way you want

Identify where you are at so you can do next step

Relax and go to sleep

Caleb Leanza

Acronyms for Dummies

How to go to bed: T.G.I.F

T – Turn off bedroom lights

G – Get comfy

I – Insert body under covers

F – Fall asleep


How to make toast: G.I.W.A.S.E

G – Grab two slices of your favorite kind of bread

I – Insert bread into toaster

W – Wait

A – Apply plate

S – Spread butter, jam, etc. on top  

E – Enjoy!


How to read a book: P.R.O.P

P – Pick up book

R – Read the words

O – Observe details

P – Put down said book