Six Word Memoirs about School

Any class is better than math.

Where did the big cookies go?

Um… what did I just eat?

Just let me go to sleep.

Walking the halls is a mess.

At least I’m not a Freshman.

Thank god I’m almost outta here.

At PM, but not a farmer.

Nothing can beat when it’s 2:45.

No, I don’t want to read.

Yea… homework really should be banned.

I can’t believe it’s only Monday.

Early dismissals are always a gift.

In service days are as well.

Jeffery Himes is a school legend.

I only want a good GPA.

Why do we start at 7:40?

Some teachers can be really cool.

Unfortunately, not every teacher is cool.

I could be doing something better.

Stuck in here for 7 hours.

I mean… school isn’t that bad.


Oh Canada…

Oh Canada, oh Canada,

Why are there so many trees?

Like seriously,

How can it be?

It really confuses me!


Oh Canada, oh Canada,

I love you don’t you see?

From burning leaves

To maple trees,

All because you believe!


Oh Canada, oh Canada!

Spare me from your snow!

So close to know,

Sarah Palin’s ago,

To name you all America 2!

–by Steven A. Monserrate