Retirement Letter

Dear other people’s opinions,

                        I do not wish to continue my relationship with you.

                        Your are abusive.

                        For so long I have tried to fit into a mold to please you,

                        But not anymore.


                         I do not care about you anymore.

                         You sucked away my happiness when I thought about you.

                         You caused my stress and anxiety.

                          But not anymore.

                          I’ve learned that I’m different.

                          I don’t fit into your stereotypes.

                          But that’s okay.

                          Because I’m going to do what I want.

                          When you’re not in my life,

                          I feel happy.

                          Stress and anxiety slip away.

                          I am truly happy now.

                          So good-bye and good riddance.

                          You’re not in my life anymore.

                          And you’re not going to make your way back in.

                          I guarantee it.

                                                                    Liz Lyter

School Lyric

School should be a place of learning

Not a place of yearning

When I walk in, there should be a welcome of happy faces

Not a view of soldiers with briefcases

I shouldn’t be forced to teach some fish head

Or be threatened by protestors that wear t-shirts that are red

I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover

But when they have faces like that it’s hard not to hover

I think I may have feelings for him

And if they find out I’ll have a torn off limb

If only everyone were accepting

I wouldn’t have this problem with people intercepting

I have this strange feeling for this beast that nobody likes

But in the end I don’t care about all the hype

Hayley Way

The Walls

they are

the love that

wraps you in

the smile on your face.

they give you

the feeling of

knowing you’re in

your place

the definite knowing

the details are showing

you know you’re safe.

you’re you

shines through

the place knows who you are

no matter who comes in

or who comes out

it pays no mind

to your drunken nights

your late wishes

the anger that smashes your dishes

your weak-heart-cries

your hobbies that stay

and don’t stay

it doesn’t judge you

for that spur of the moment

new paint

or those free sidewalk couches.

it sees you without your makeup

your fancy clothes

your calculated choices

or your anything fake.

it only sees your




first layer.

and it loves you all

the same.

it loves your

bare feet

your morning breath

your knotty hair

your tears.

your tee shirts

your holey sweats

your plastic plates

your fears.

your late night wines

your dear john movies

your shower singing

your coffee-induced grooves.

your baby blankets

your best friends

your fitted sheet “folding”

your obsession with online buying of shoes.

it even loves your conversations

with yourself

because really

its like conversations

with them.

they listen

they smell

they feel

they observe

they know

and not only you.

but don’t worry.

the walls don’t talk.

By: Elise Klingaman

True Farming

Many people believe that farmers are just hicks, rednecks, and FFA and 4-H kids.  They think that we all have cows and that we just grow corn.  Not once do they think about what the world would be like if there was no farming.   Without farmers there would be no food.  I know it is a shock.  Your food doesn’t start at Kellogg’s or Jimmy Dean.  It starts on the farm.  It is tended and nurtured to grow right from the ground if it is a crop.  If it is the animal the farmers raise it from the time that it was born.  We don’t abuse or hurt them, we just care for them.  We work from the first rays of light until it is completely dark.  We don’t just sit on a tractor and back up the roads.  We work with our hands and do a lot of physical work.  We work to put the food on your table.  So dont sit there with your mouth full and tell me farming is worthless and that we are all the same.  We are all different but we all have similarities.  Believe it or not we are similar to you too.  We aren’t our own species.  We are human just like you and we make a difference in the world.

Advice to the World

Don’t judge people upon their appearances or their actions. Who are you to determine what is normal and what is just. People that may be strange or abnormal could be a personable and sociable person. And to people who do bad or uncivilized actions, purposeful or not, should not be tied down and shunned for what they have done. Overlook and forgive their follies and comfort them. In the end it will create more peace than war. Now this is for the exception of people who are truly evil. Ones who deliberately hurt, kill, or otherwise be a hinderance to humanity should be avoided, forgiven but avoided. You do not want the influence of evil or darkness affecting you in the end, or otherwise influencing you to follow or mimic their actions and becoming wicked yourself.