The Place I Came From

I am from Lancaster, Pennsylvania where everyone from outside the state thinks we are all Amish

I am from the house that told me from right from wrong, like D.D.S.D

I am from a place where it is ok to speak your mind and say whatever you want  

I am from a place where I am always welcome and that place and that is called my house, gram’s house  

I am from the place where it always smells like a cow’s rear end

I am from Pennsylvania where everyone says, “hi how are”  

I am from the place where the best days are the snowy ones so you can sit inside and drink hot coco

I am from the treestand where I learned life lessons about a Life and stories I will cherish for a lifetime

I am from a little town called Millersville

I am from Lancaster, Pennsylvania United States Of America and my name is Sam Cox

Samuel Cox


I’m from the suburbs of Lancaster,PA.

I’m from a small brick house in a peaceful neighborhood.

I’m from wasting more time on YouTube than I should.

I’m from the mountains,staying in a worn out cabin.

I’m from penn manor middle and high school.

I’m from the Death Star just trying to keep the emperor happy.

I’m from gaming for 60% of my day.

I’m from skate shops and stolen skateboards.

I’m from rock and roll, dubstep, and anything but country.

I’m from using an unnecessary app to text.

I’m from too much Mcdonalds and Two Cousins.

I’m from not liking to write stories,essays,or poems.

Zion Keagy


Falling Snow

Snow falling is a pleasure to see

but what looks innocent can be

dangerous just like you and me

then you swerve and meet a tree


The snow still falling numbs the pain

and on the ground you have been lain

the hope of living is the main

just wishing it would not rain


To the hospital you’ll be carried

and to death you will be married

to death’s request you tried to parried

but soon you still will be buried


Little Bit About Me

I am from the farm country.

From Lancaster County.

From a place where there isnt a lot of cars.

From a place where it’s not unusual to see a horse and buggy.

From a place where it’s not unusual to see tractors on the road.

From a farm that I work on everyday after school.

I am from a hard working family.

I am from a six person family.

From a place where my family loves to watch me play baseball.

I am from a place where we go to church on Sunday.

I am from a loving family, and a family that cares about me.


Where I’m From

I’m from the smell of freshly cooked brownies when I get home from school.

I’m from Lancaster, PA and Penn Manor.

I’m from my mom playing her old music at home.

I’m from my dad’s saying, “Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.”

I’m from biking down to the park with my neighbor, Cody.

I’m from keeping my personal belongings in a locked toolbox.

I’m from in elementary school building a block city in kindergarten.

I’m from sledding down a hill and running into a snowmobile.

I’m from waking up on the kitchen floor with paramedics around me and my mom’s tear filled face.

I’m from being giggle brothers with Michael in Mr. Joyce’s class.

I’m from having great days with my best friends at Ambush.

I’m from sitting in English typing an I’m from poem.


Where I Come From By: Samantha Margaret

I come from the ‘Amish town’ Lancaster County.

I come from my first concert being Toby Keith.

I’m from Deb and Mike, Honer and Whitton.

From the neighborhood kids fighting over which game to play.

To listening for my mom to yell for me to come in.

Being the baby of the family, so I got beat up by my ‘broder’ and ‘sissy’.

From country music, to living across from the ‘no trespassing in these woods’.

To every man in my family being in the U.S. Air Force at some point.

From 16 cousins and too many birthdays to remember.

To going mudding in my Pop-pop’s jacked up truck.

From bonfires, cook outs, and camping out.

To having to share a room with my 17 year old sister and her baby girl, before.

Those Wildwood vacations every year, and always having long talks.

To helping my cat deliver six kittens, in my own closet.

To ‘be quiet, dad’s sleeping!’

From fights, make ups, laughter, sadness, happiness, and every other emotion.

From ‘you’re only a baby’, to ‘you and Kyle are gonna get married’.

It’s sweet tea, sheppard’s pie, and a whole lotta love in such a little house.