My Children’s 6 Word Memoirs to Me at My Funeral.

He was a spirit lifter father.


He taught me the good deeds.


He never let you down ever.


He was there when needed most.


Through the ups and downs times.


His name was Ty Jacob Erisman.


The best father for four children.


He changed all of our lives greatly.


Goodbye old man who loved us.


We will love and miss you.


Forever and ever and ever eternity.


From the Erisman kids.

~Ty Erisman

She Moved On

She moved on.

But sometimes the sky still looks like his eyes.

She moved on

But she kept every possession that had any connection to him.

She moved on

But when she comes across that flannel that he left behind she’ll put it on so it’s like he’s holding her again.

She moved on

But the fact that the same flannel has almost lost every last trace of him, makes her chest feel heavier for a while.

She moved on

But on lonely nights she’ll sleep in his old t-shirt he gave her when she was his.

She moved on

But there’s moments so often where something happens or is said that reminds her of him and a memory she loved, sometimes wishing she could relive it even just for a moment…


Retirement to Dance in 50 Years

Dear dance,

I remember the moment that you were the one for me.

When my Mother plays the sound of  beats and drums in the little pink DVD player, and her little girl who just took her first steps is dancing like a little soldier.

When Mother switches to the soft sound of music, and her baby starts to switch position to sway along.

She mutters, “Our little girl won’t be playing soccer.”

The moment I looked at my first ballet teacher, I knew it would be a perfect match.

Through the tears.

Threw the blisters.

Through the bruises.

Dance motivated me.

I learned to love the pain that led to accomplishment.

When one choreographer says “NO”, I will go and find one thats says “YES”.

Dance brought joy.

Dance brought love.

Dance brought release of emotions.

I am ever so grateful to the gift that God gave me.

The gift that has helped me to achieve the purpose he had for me.

The gift that brought me to achieve my biggest dreams.

It is time to say goodbye.

It’s been a great life full of 5..6..7..and 8.


My Dear Ethiopia

Since the day I saw you

I have loved you,

Your culture and rich tradition

I bowed to.

You have carried me with your love,

From day one to eleven, my beloved;

“Mother Ethiopia” I called you,

Home of Lucy, and animals like Kangaroo

Day by day you get more beautiful,

Just like your people and view.

I will see you soon,

That I promise you;

But till that day, I will say,

Mother Ethiopia, My Ethiopia I love you.


The Delicate Dancing Shoes

As I wait backstage my heart pounds in fear.

If I mess up, will I loose my job?

Will I lose my pride?

Will I lose every ounce of confidence left in my body?

“Dont mess up”, I try to tell myself.

It’s almost my cue.

The numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8 rolling through my brain.

I hear the last drumbeat and my entrance begins.

On top of my box I go and bourree to my spot.

The millions of eyes staring right at me.

This is the moment I have been waiting for all my life.

Why live in fear?

When you can live your life doing what you love.

~Nicole Alexakos

Love Lost

I feel the blood through my veins

Heart pulsating as I think

Think of him

His heart is calm

He is everything, I am nothing

He is gone, but not from my thoughts

Never thinks of me the way I think of him

My body is numb from my emotions

He is gone.

Moved on, was I not good enough?

Memories can never be forgotten

But new ones can be made.



Love is not isolation from society because “that’s your person.”

Love is not expecting favors.

Love is not giving your all to get nothing in return.

Love is not receiving someone’s all and giving nothing in return.

Love is not endless jealousy and insecurity.

Love is not constant happiness followed by no pain.

Love is not an “I love you” text after disrespect

Love is knowing.

Love is respecting.

Love is appreciating.

Love is silence.

Love is trust.

Love is not knowing what to expect.

Love is a smile at the thought.


Parte del Alma Mía

Madre, parte del alma mía

La amiga intimísima

La maestra más sabia

Me has enseñado todo lo que yo conozco.


Eres una torre alta y fuerte

Descansas en un fundamento sólido

Tu paciencia y fe son faros

Luces que me advierten.


Abuela, parte del alma mía

La artista más diestra

La cocinera más fantástica

Tu cultura me crió.


Eres un libro de cuentos

Tus talentos sobrepasan que tú comprendes

Cada día me sorprendes

Con la fuente de experiencias que tú tienes.


Queridas mujeres, partes del alma mía

Me hicieron quien yo soy hoy en día

Cuando ambas hayan pasado

Ustedes estarán en mi alma todavía.


LGBTQ Rights


Judge me not on who i love

Tell me not that my sexuality is wrong

Sometimes same gender marriage is truelove

For our rights we have protested and fought strong


There are many different names gay, lesbian or bi

Some have relationships without being physical

Asexual is what their sexuality goes by

People who are different and go by different pronouns are not criminal


They can fight most of their lives to be who they want

Changing of name, appearance and birth certificate

When getting their name or gender wrong their correction may be blunt

But when you respect them it sure does feel magnificat


A misunderstanding is that they are one in the same

Gender and sexuality are in fact different

Some people think we are insane in the brain

Even after explaining people will see no different and ask ignorant


Ryan Cassata, Audre Lorde, Dan Savage and more

Thanks to them we all have more of a voice

They are the leaders that help open the door

To slowly help people realize who we are isn’t a choice


Words Are Just Words

What Is love

Love Is hard

She was my love

She loved me so

From there to here

Is where I go

So little she said

So little I knew

I listened to her

She listened to me

Night after night

It was like a dream

I kissed her once

And that was It

I begged for mercy

I said three words

5 minutes later

She still didn’t care

Tried my hardest

Not to mess up

She smiles then looks

To only meet my lips

I thought and thought

Not sure what to do

So I got on one knee

And she said I do

Coty Pike

Tiny Broken Thing

Little baby bird,

fallen from the nest,

with a sad broken wing.

Little baby bird,

left for dead,

such a tiny broken thing.

Little baby bird,

I have felt your hurt,

I have felt that sting.

Little baby bird,

I don’t give up, not easily,

so home is where I’ll bring,

to fix your sad broken wing.

I will not let you lie

In that pain and misery.

Little baby bird,

I will heal and love you


You tiny broken thing.

Felicia Andro

Untitled /1

Eyes like the ocean; dark and deep

Their restless color billowing over me

A smile like the sun, so radiant and bright

Seeing even a smirk is an amazing sight

Touch; gentle the like wind, so calming and carefree

I really wish you knew how much you meant to me

Hair so soft, and flowing along with the breeze

I wish everyone else could see what I see

Voice as loud as thunder, but as calming as the rain

Abusing your powers? Oh boy, what a shame

No longer shall I care about you

It is for my own good

So go on! Get out!

Before you’re gone for good

Dear Ex-Boyfriend

From holding your hands

To kissing your cheeks

I fell deeper.

Every moment.

Every picture.

Every laugh.

From seeing your face

To claiming your heart, I fell deeper.

Every touch.

Every hug.

Every whisper.

From smiling in your presence

To crying in my bed







Your easiest “goodbye”