The Best Medicine to be Invented

The best medicine that could ever be invented would be the cure for diabetes. Everyone always talks about curing cancer, but diabetes is just as deadly as any other thing…but no one really cares about the diabetics anymore, its always about cancer…not that i don’t care about is very deadly..but diabetes needs a cure too. Diabetes can take your life at any moment just as cancer. Diabetes can take a limb, your sight, your sense of that not just as important as a cure for cancer…the best thing I could ever ask for is a medicine that could cure my diabetes…its the worst thing anyone could ever have..i wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy.. Every day is a running battle, everyday you’re running to save your life. Everyday I have to wake up, take an injection and check my blood sugar.. if I didn’t do that everyday of my life my blood sugar would sky rocket, i would end up getting extremely sick, end up in the hospital, being in the hospital for that long could end up leading to a diabetic coma too. I’ve been in the hospital for 2 weeks was 3 years ago.. My blood sugar was almost 900, my ketones very large..i was bedridden for the whole time…acid then leaked into my bloodstream and it is now the reason my calves have an aching feeling all the time, the acid in my bloodstream ate away at some of the muscle in my legs because my blood sugar was so high. I almost fell into a coma and was borderline kidney failure. I am thankful today that I am even still alive. me .. the best medicine would be a cure for diabetes