Music Is

Music is the sound of birds chirping on an early spring morning.

Music is the creak of a door opening in an old house.

Music is the laughter coming from little children playing around the neighborhood.

Music is the wind ruffling the leaves of the trees.

Music is the scratching of a pencil on paper.

Music is the hum of crickets on a late summer night.

Music is the tapping of fingers on a keyboard.

Music is the buzzing of a bee.

Music is the crackle of a campfire.

Music is the sizzle of bacon being cooked up in a skillet.

Music is the steady “tick-tock” of a clock hanging on the wall.

Music is the rumble of thunder during a storm.

Music is the obnoxious beeping of an alarm clock way too early in the morning.

Music is the chugging of a train making it’s way to who-knows-where

Music is beautiful, inspiring, fun, and creative.

Music is whatever you want it to be.

Whether we realize it or not, music is always present. It can be found in even the simplest of things, and our world would be dramatically different without it.

~Hannah Shenk 

And It’s All Okay

“Life is what you make it.”


”Tunes keep’ a playing in mind.”


“My heart weeps for those drifted.”


“Keep smiling, think nothing of it.”


“My insecurities will eat me alive.”


“Day dreaming about dreams, still dreaming.”


“Please understand, music saves my soul.”


“Love, love, love is the answer.”  


“I think about running, or hiding.”


“Changes are scary, so is life.”


“Don’t worry, it will be beautiful.”


“Deeply fantasizing about warm pumpkin pies.”
“Can’t remember what it felt like.” 

— Lacy Ferguson

You Want To Be Like Me?

Although I’m not sure who would want to be,

Such a reserved and masked actress like me,

I’ll list some tips to help you change,

If that is what you wish.

Use smiles and laughs to hide your ways,

Watch an anime marathon that lasts for days.

Just don’t forget the juice and snacks,

The decision will haunt you endlessly.

Press some keys, pull some strings,

Tune your voice, sing some things,

Write a song for a sister’s birthday,

And don’t present it early.

Observe all, find a purpose,

Prove, to yourself, that you’re not worthless.

Just for the words, read a poem,

And keep its meaning in mind.

Find a girl, tell her you love her,

Keep, in your wallet, her school picture.

Treat her like she is the only one,

Because, after all, she is.

Make a promise and don’t break it,

Build up your story bit by bit.

If you really want to be like me,

Do yourself a favor…

And Be You. 

— Christopher 

Fall Out Boy

Just one yesterday

We were alone together

The mighty fell

For centuries


Sugar we’re going down

The phoenix has risen

From death valley

Young volcanoes explode


Love will tear us apart

My heart is the worst kind of weapon

This is the calm before the storm

My songs know what you did in the dark

—Ally Moyer

Speaking of Music…

Music tells a story about weather and its seasons

A list of stupid guys and some religions to believe in

The color of our skin and the shoes on our feet

  The slow songs, the low songs, the ones with no beat

 So why do we judge, why do we care

Music is a friend, music’s always there

No one’s version is the wrong one or the one to dis

    Watch who you mock cause the good songs you’ll  miss

        Music is for good times, music is for bad

       Sometimes music leads us to what we never had

      We listen to the singers, we listen to the bands

     Let the music notes start gliding from the palms of your hands

     From the car rides and long walks and days all alone,

   To the eventful situations and the dancing in our bones  

Who knows how it started or when it will stop, because music is part of life whether you believe it or not.

—Jessie Woodworth



Strands of pearls around my neck

Hair crimped without a strand out of place

My dress shinning in the night

The jazz booming loud

The city lights shinning bright

People dancing everywhere

I wish I could go there to the 1920’s

                                      By Olivia Vassot

Where I’m From

I am from extreme diversity.
A thinker in a crowd of doers.
I am from a rundown city and a land of fields.
I am from extroverts with a temper.
Dreary skies and the smell of metal.
I am from a multitude of pets and arriving late.
Indian powwows and walks through the woods.
I am from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.
I am from a house of brawn, but I’m a brain.
Six hour car rides and Fall bonfires.
I am from writers and drawers.
I am from the top of a mountain and from the docks.
From the river and the old oil drills.
From the spring and the creek.
I am from the middle of nowhere.


This Song Inside My Soul.

There’s a song inside my soul
Singing everyday
My heart’s beating to the sound of every word you speak
From the moment I wake
Until I drift away in my dreams
A melody remains
Singing inside of me

My dreams have never shined so bright
My life has never felt so right
As when I lay here in your arms in the morning light

I’m not religious in any way
That doesn’t change what I need to say
You’re a miracle
You’re a miracle to me
You are an angel walking on this earth

My dreams have never shined so bright
My life has never felt so right
As I lay here in your arms in the morning light
My dreams have never shined so bright
My life has never felt so right

10th Grade 6 Word Memoirs

It’s my way or the highway.

Sports are great, please don’t hate!

Many hard times, got through ’em.

drawing, photography, friends, soccer: my life.

Lead pencils should not be sharpened.

Hidden behind mystery, who’s a teen?

Homeschooled, third grade, highschool is insane.

Preparing for sister, out came nothing.

Busy life; but I’m still happy.

Bowling needs focus: think purple pins.

This is a very bad memoir.

If only homework was video games.

Cover me up in all PINK!

I’m me, put me in Glee.

You left, but I can’t hide.

Family is life. Life is short!

I really hate writing these memoirs.

Don’t forget to turn off tv.

Quiet with strangers, crazy with friends.

Don’t judge – I love being different

Pennsylvania is boring, leaving for Cali.

Stop trying to run my life.

Sing and dance like nobody’s watching!

Turn up music: turn off world.

Loves fantasy, art, and animals too.

Over thinking often and disappointed easily.

never let them bring me down

Life game lemons. I prefer orangeade.

Rock and Roll ain’t noise pollution.

Born. Living. Did not die yet.

No quitting, just try your best.