I’m From Sun and Rain That Never Has Been Tamed

I’m from a house of seasonal smells; from autumn leaves, to pine cone trees, to summer breeze.

I’m from a little town called Columbia on busy 5th and Union where the sounds of sirens surround us.

I’m from a mom of many years and a step daddy after a few.

I’m from a couple of brothers and just one sister.

I’m from the lands of Ocean City Maryland with the waves that hit us.

I’m from fun games and silly play from back in the day.

I’m from watching music videos to learn to make my own.

I’m from my annoying little brother, always trying to top us.

I’m from writing in my journal because I never really had a fellow.

I’m from variety of tastes because my mom swore she was Rachael Ray.

I’m from looking up at the sky asking for forgiveness on my lies.

I’m from never knowing, but continuing to keep going.

I’m from putting others before me.

I’m from depression that taught me a very big lesson.

I’m from never letting go and saying to myself “ you got this for sho”.

I’m from a little big mouth that always liked to shout.

I’m from a girl that never was understood, but everyone seemed to know me.

I’m from learning to survive by myself because really, I have no one else. 

— N.G 

Fall is Great

It’s not too hot, not too cold

Hot Chocolate in hand, very nice to hold

Leaves on the ground, a beautiful sight

Sunset of blues and reds romantically ending a night

Pumpkins are placed, on many doorsteps

Sweaters and vests, a fall outfit for preps

When winter comes around I’m very sad

The super brisk weather makes me mad.

I’ll miss you when you go

I’m not ready for snow. 

— Alexis Alleman


Three Haiku’s

1. Fall, the in-between season

Weather changes, and lavish colors shine throughout

scarves and coffee chatter together


2. Miles of straight wooded walks

Beaches to relax and castles to make

Oh how one loves beaches


3. Friends, good, bad, and ugly

There for you as you for them

elegance in their childlike grace 

— Zach H. 


Quiet, dark, lifeless, winds are harsh

Forcing me to take shelter

A heavy coat

So full of warmth

Maybe the protection of a house

Sipping hot chocolate by a sizzling fire

Wrapped tightly in a quilt

Snug as a bug in a rug

I’m content, it’s soothing

It settles outdoors

I face it

Stepping out

A tiny snowflake melts on my tongue

I forget everything else Continue reading

My Idea of the Seasons


The rain brings in flowers.

Sunshine makes people happy.

The weather is lovely.



Hot, sticky, weather.

Joyful sounds of freedom.

Radiant clear skies.



Holidays soon.

Different colors on the ground.




White silhouettes.

Winter Wonderland fun.

Missing summertime.



Where we can finally be happy

And not feel crappy.

We can stay up all night

And see the stars looking so bright.

We can chill out by the pool

And act like a fool.

Finally, we can relax and let loose

and sip on some lemonade juice.

– O.W

Spring Time Dreams

When the snow is finally gone, and the flowers are blooming again: I am looking forward to being able to walk and take pictures, and sit on my deck reading. I will go down to the creek and wade in the water and feel the fish brush against my ankles and swim around without a care in the world. I will stay out late at night with my friends, sitting in our yards watching the stars, and walk up the yellow lines on the road close to midnight. It will the fun of last year, but better. With stronger and new friendships. Until then though, these will only be Spring Time Dreams in my wintery night slumber.


When Spring Arrives…

I am looking forward to spring because I love warm weather and flowers. I like seeing things grow and little plants become flowers. I love seeing the sun and staring at the clouds. I like hearing and seeing birds and feel the sun on my face. I even like seeing all the rain we get during spring. I love to play outside while its raining and get all wet, it’s warm and the rain is cool.


Spring has sprung upon us,

The snow now melted and crushed.

leaving no more traces behind,

I have been lost and caught up in my mind.

In the spring preparations,

For the great Spring celebration.

Dust, clean, cook,

I will get finished by hook or by crook.

Spring has been blessed upon us by mother nature,

We judge the course of spring by the shadow of a creature.

Ground hog,

The spring frog.

All silly ways to judge the course of spring,

The seasons all go round in a ring.

And  now we are in the great season of Spring.



Green is the color of shouting NFL fans.
Green is the color of soft grass that you lie on.
Green is the grasshopper cricketing in the night.
Green is the color of eyes of a 13-year-young girl.
Green is the skittles she pops into her mouth.
Green covers the bedroom walls and ceiling.
Green is the recycling bin sitting, waiting to be filled.
Green is the color fading to brown in the fall.
Green is the color of the marker making posters for a fundraiser.
Green is the sundress dancing in the middle.
Green is the big monster scaring the little boy.
Green is the color of envy.
Green is the birthstone of the newborn baby.
Green is the seaweed at the bottom of the ocean.
Green is the lizard in the pet store.
Green is the garden snake frightening the old man.
Green is the frog hopping away.
Green is the Christmas tree being dressed up.
Green is Kermit the frog dancing on TV.
–by Cheyenne Souders