The First Day

Each clack pulsing against the multi colored tiles mark the beginning of another year. The heels kiss the tile as they navigate their way through the winding halls, searching for their 90 minute rest stop. Each thread tightly hugs the umber brown leather with the intent to mimic the curve of the foot. With anticipation they let off a faint perspiration, the smell of a new car virgin to the charcoal colored asphalt. As the foot fights to escape the grip of the leather, a tug of war to see who will give begins. As the 7 hour war goes on, the threads slightly become weaker. Knowing their importance they muster whatever strength and cling together. Aware of themselves becoming lethargic they form an alliance with Leather to go against the wrathful Foot. They begin to slowly rub against poorly armored Foot, leaving red irritated blisters behind. They’re winning the fight  until, an outside god like force strips Foot away. Not knowing if the threat of Foot will ever come back Leather and the thread rest and prepare for any future battles ahead.