How I Grew Up

I’m from a small town called Manheim with my elementary school two blocks up the street, then a small house on top of a hill in Conestoga.

I’m from being the youngest child and being picked on by an older brother and two older sisters.

I’m from a big pot of homemade chicken corn soup.

I’m from a family with big hearts and attitudes.

I’m from watching my brother work on his cars.

I’m from a family gathering and great food on every holiday.

I’m from going out to eat every Friday after we picked up my dad from work.

I’m from learning electrical as I was growing up from my grandfather’s electrical company.

I’m from living with all girls since my parents split up when I was nine.

I’m from going into my best friend’s house every weekend in Lancaster who I met from our dads being best friends.

Joshua Pridgen

I am From…

I’m from post WW1 immigration from Germany.

I’m from Camp Susquehannock, a sports camp, since I was six.

I’m from getting caught with Jace Cubberly-Tomas, and being told “I told you so” by Brandon Shafer.

I’m from telling many inside jokes at camp.

I’m from telling ghost stories to scare juniors at camp.

I’m from literally fighting over my grandmother’s pumpkin pie.

I’m from BBQs on weekends with my dad.

I’m from crazy illnesses plaguing me when I drive up to my grandparents.

I’m from two months spent making money and playing sports.

I’m from hot summer Sundays spent laying around on a plywood bed.

I’m from a dreadful night spent in a sickening hospital.

I’m from no siblings and now one parent.