Where I’m From

I’m from Lake Wallenpaupack, north of a two-thousand foot mountain.

I’m from loving the cold.

I’m from chanting “Paupack Pride” every Friday night, and hearing On Wisconsin played by the school marching band.

I’m from parasailing on the third largest lake in Pennsylvania.

I’m from clearing a path through the snow for your car before going to school.

I’m from driving 20 miles to the closest store.

I’m from being surrounded by forests.

I’m from cool summers and cold winters.

I’m from enjoying peace and quiet.

I’m from laying on the roof, relaxing, enjoying the summer sun.

I’m from sitting, wrapped in a warm blanket, talking to my best friends over XBOX, or Skype during blizzards.

I’m from sitting on my porch, playing guitar for hours on end, often to get a single lick right.

I’m from creating stupid things with my friends, like a bike with skis on it to take down the ski slopes.

I’m from eating the best chicken parmesan that I have ever tasted.

I’m from not caring what people think.

I’m from The Dark Side of the Moon.

I’m from knowing that two of the most important things in life are friends and family.

Michael Gorman


To Be Free

I look out and see the snow falling.

I wish I could join it.

Since I can not, I might as well look.

Look, but not touch


It looks happy and free.

Free from the clouds,

holding it back

Free to fly and land wherever it wants.

Its path is unknown,

but it’s destiny is chosen.

Soon it will stop

and make a blanket for the ground.

Soon I will join it.

Soon, but not yet.

Falling Snow

Snow falling is a pleasure to see

but what looks innocent can be

dangerous just like you and me

then you swerve and meet a tree


The snow still falling numbs the pain

and on the ground you have been lain

the hope of living is the main

just wishing it would not rain


To the hospital you’ll be carried

and to death you will be married

to death’s request you tried to parried

but soon you still will be buried