Response To “Touchscreen”

      I liked when we watched the poem “Touchscreen” by Marshall Jones. He states in the poem that “You have three thousand friends on Facebook, but can only count five friends in your social life.” He also states in his poem how society is at the point where we communicate mostly through electronics. He believes that society needs to have more face to face interaction with each other rather than interacting over electronics.

                                                                                                             Tristin Musser

Feelings and Soda

“Just be yourself”

They say

“Just do what you feel is right, it’ll be easy.”

What if you don’t know how to feel?

You have no feelings anymore.

Society tells you how to feel,

your peers say “Don’t do that!”

My mom tells me to just do me.

“You’ll be fine”, “It will get better”, etc.

All these feelings in one head,

bottled up in one bottle.

Shaken around by all the different people and opinions,

Starting to fizz a little and not knowing what to do

Leave it alone for awhile, it will start settling down,

but if you open it up,

it will explode, the soda will be everywhere.

Just like the feelings in my head, they’re just everywhere.



Society is a Bitch

We all start the same

These small beings non being greater than the other

Born into different lives

Some luxurious others never knowing what its like to sleep on a bed

Yet being new to the world we know not of this

Getting older we make friends not caring nor knowing of social standings

Gradually through life, without even knowing, we get placed in social groups

We’re not just those little kids, we’re categorized beings

“Popular” ”Nerds” “Nobodies”

We start forgetting that people are still people

That no matter what you like or what your interests are

You’re still someone

We think that just because someones interests are different than ours

That we’re greater or lesser than that person

We forget that we were once young and none of those things mattered

And don’t ask ourselves why they matter now

Or how we let ourselves become these people

Why can’t everyone be equal and treated the same

Instead we let society pick who we are


Macie Cummings