Spots of time

Whenever I get the slightest bit of an ocean smell it takes me back to all the great things I have done with my family at the beach.  We always go boogie boarding and fishing.  Another thing we have done more is a ropes course and it’s about 5 or 6 stories tall with all these cool things you have to do and it’s really fun to do with your family and friends.  We also love to walk on the pier and fish there and last summer I almost caught a stingray that was 8-9 feet wide, it was amazing. So everytime I get a smell of the ocean it just takes me to all the fun adventurous things we do.  


The worst month

but also the best

the countdown starts

til we’re free from this mess

The birds are chirping

sunlight beams through the windows

The day is just about over

As now the warm breeze blows

Its 2:35

the days about done

Can’t wait to go outside

and have some fun

The bell has rung

voices fill the halls

only 19 more days

until summer falls


Where we can finally be happy

And not feel crappy.

We can stay up all night

And see the stars looking so bright.

We can chill out by the pool

And act like a fool.

Finally, we can relax and let loose

and sip on some lemonade juice.

– O.W

Where I’m From

I am from a small town,

From chlorine and perms.

I am from the small, comfy, safe, and warmth.

I am from the pine trees and snapdragons, the pinecones, and marigolds.

I am from campfires and laughing,

From Lisa, Bryan and Paige.

I am from the dramatic and loving.

From tooth fairies and leprechauns.

I am from going to church every Sunday with the family.

I’m from Pennsylvania, Poland, mashed potatoes and cheesy chicken.

From the stitches my mom would always have, from being a hairdresser, the car accident my dad got into when i was a child and when my sister went missing at the beach.

I am from Wildwood, log flumes, campgrounds and a selfless family.

Best Grad Party Ever

     It’s a spectacular day for my older cousin Mikal, who received a football scholarship to Robert Morris College. We’re cutting into an abnormally shaped cake that could easily feed one hundred fifty people.The weirdly shaped cake had fudge chocolate shavings with a caramelized icing that smoothly melted in my mouths of the gathered supporters. It was going on about 9:30 at night and the party was just getting started as the DJ continued to play songs of R Kelly and Usher. The smooth afternoon continued as both friends and family gathered on the dance floor to groove to the DJ’s music on the clustered indoor venue which stenched of women’s perfume and cologne with the great smelling of foods of downtown Pittsburgh. Night quickly ended; as family members gave their last congratulations to their star struck Mikal, and friends and family left tired and wholesome with the doors closed behind them.

—Nigel Mason

Where I’m From

I am from black olives on my fingers, from footie pajamas and fireplaces.
I am from the soccer field, to the top of the tallest tree in my yard.
I am from my grandma’s house and making cookies, from oatmeal and sleeping in.
I am from watching SpongeBob every morning, from spilling milk on myself at breakfast.
I am from playing house, barbies, and building forts with the kitchen chairs.
I am from “get on the line”, from winning every game in the season.
I am from sticky buns on my face, to screaming on the rides.
I am from shooting, from heading, to passing the ball.
I am from making weird noises, from laughing all night long.
I am from mint chocolate chip ice cream, to petting cows on the dairy.
I am from sweatshirts and sweatpants, from looking nice when I’m in the mood.
I am from woods, from rivers, and from the beach.
I am from exploring unknown places, from being stuck in the attic.
I am from eating too many Doritos, from running half marathons.
I am from 42 mile bike races, from seeing Justin Bieber in concert.
I am from the Taylor Swift fan club, from listening to her songs in the shower.
I am from Penn Legacy, to Penn Manor.
I am from new years eve parties, from partying hard at dance parties.
I am from Maine, New York, Virginia, Boston, and Tennessee.
I am from water parks, to the tallest roller coasters.

–Kirsten Gibson

Where I’m From

I’m from Lancaster County,

I’m from a nice house with my parents, my dog and me.

I’m from the fields where the corn grows tall,

I’m from the motocross track and the dragstrip.

 I’m from the whoopie pies and the apple pies.

I’m from Penn Manor School District.

I’m from the beach.

I’m from holiday parties and hanging out with family.

I’m from Hershey Park and having fun with friends.

I’m from cars and trucks.

I’m from being outside and playing in the mud.

I’m from going out on the boat.

I’m from hunting and fishing with my dad.

I’m from the Mt.Gretna and swimming with friends.

I am from Lancaster County

–JT Sheaffer

Ocean Memories (PW)

As summer quickly approaches

I briefly bounce down to the beach

I smell the sweet salt water

and remember it is within reach

The starfish sitting silently

seem to stop and stare to see

if they too will be taken

as maybe another moments memory

The sand somehow seems so smooth

as it tickles between my toes

I hope whenever I wander there

the memories last a lifetime