Conflicting Emotions

I groaned and bent over as my emotions fought inside. As they tore out of my chest, I screamed in agony. Three creatures whipped around me, screeching, howling and whispering their names.

A fiery phoenix screeched the loudest, proclaiming, “I am passion, anger, desires! I whip the others with my flaming tongue!”

A demonized shadow creature hissed at me, “I am fear, darkness and hostility, you cannot escape from my clutches.” I flinched away, not wanting to be near the disgusting thing.

A watery fish began to suffocate me, blubbing, “I am sadness, depression, anxiety…” I shoved it away, gasping for breath.

Finally, after all hope seemed to vanish, after I had fallen to my knees, I felt a gentle warm hand rest on my shoulder. I slowly looked up, blinking away tears.

A warm gentle glow emitted from a human like figure, and it spoke in soft voice. “I am hope, love, compassion. Don’t fear, I am stronger than the others. I will always be there for you, in multiple shapes, sizes and forms. Look around, there will always be hope, love and compassion.” I smiled and nodded, as the creatures that had caused me distress,  now become insignificant, entered back in. The golden figure was the last to enter, sealing my chest and warming my heart.

I no longer felt the other three creatures, only hope warmed my heart. 

— Abby Burrows 


Profound and mysterious

Confident and steady

Though a small scratch

Can create an open wound


The dark seems to creep through the crevices

Of the deepest trenches

Consuming and feeding

The infection is spreading


The foulest demons spawn

Where the angels reside

Scratching and screaming, the sickness

It’s calling your name


The infections taken over

Controls you, consumes you

Just keep telling yourself

“It’s only in my head.” 

— Anonymous 


Don’t kill me

but if you did, how would I know?

my heads been elevated upwards into the sky

my eyes have sunk into my sockets

and my mouth has been sewed shut

with a tiny piece of thread made of human remains

i can’t seem to find the right words

the voices in my head don’t speak without consent

silence can speak louder than a hyena with an ongoing laugh

don’t you dare say i’m wrong

nobody is perfect

except the ones who believe a happy soul is not lying

when in reality, their happiness is radiated off someone else’s.

you’re so oblivious so a person with no brain could understand

that oblivion is not inevitable

and stars have no faults

don’t blame all your mistakes

on someone with a heart of gold

while yours stays silver

my heart will continue to swell as long as that gun is held to your head

telling me “i’ll do it”

but i left before that bullet did.

because my eyes weren’t on your finger

they were on you. 

— S.L 

Broken Utopia

Angels fall and darkness descends,

The earth is plagued by the arms of men.

Children crying, families departed.

Love is torn apart, left broken hearted.

Aching cries and soft noises,

Ignored, drowned out by loud, angry voices.

A touch of disdain, a sprinkle of despite,

A world filled with pain, remorse, and fright.

It takes one with courage, bold and brave,

Fearless and knowing, welcoming the grave.

They are the ones who keep on the fight.

Showing the world that there is little light.

These are the ones who are unknown and nameless.

They may be called guardians, who are selfless and faceless.

When blood has been scented, seen and drawn,

They all rise up, at the age of dawn.

Hunting and scouting, healing despairs,

Peasants are sobbing, saying their prayers.

All is lost or so it may seem.

When all is awaken, twas like a dream,

They have all seemed to have made their mark,

Chasing out others, still left in the dark.

There is one place in this world that is protected.

No diseases, no pain, a sanctum left unaffected.

Are you ready to see it, this strange sweet land?

Here let me guide you, just take my dear hand. 

— Lizzie Lefever 

A New Love

Hair unkempt

eyes that wept

the lonely tears

of long lost fears

Days old shirt

scars that hurt

bring night as day

and a new way

Walking here

stifling fear

confidence lost

at a great cost

They are done

no more fun

a heart now cracked

happiness lacked

Wars were fought

help was sought

after two had

fallen too bad

She will stray

far away

from friend and friend

until its end

Lovely Doe

had a Foe

but dashing buck

just had no luck

Baby Fawn

was a pawn

in their quarrel

among the sorrel

but they kept

far except

a friendship nears

after long years

–MacKenzie Lewis 

A Fight for Friendship

Hidden in towering weeds

her chocolate eyes only feeds

the unveiling of something new

that only occurred to a few


Vanilla against the earthy mud

a blossom of a flowering bud

farm fresh fields forever found

in her heart to everyone bound


Energy sprouts from her

in large bushels of creamy fur

the moon, stars and sun

are her only eyes on fun


Three had come and passed

two large hearts had massed

lively spirit and all

only seems to fall


Not in her but me

heartache it seems to be

for years are falling

and death is calling


She puts up a fight

hyper despite

cancerous shadows emerge

and health wants to surge

My friend, family, love

harmless as a dove

stands on her fours

with her fighting roars

— MacKenzie Lewis

Writing by -Steven A. Monserrate


The castle of what I do defend,

Contains things that I will never lend.

It pains me to sing,

The truth, who would ever want to truly be king?

I ruled it all,

Yet my castle would fall.

It came tumbling down in an instant disaster,

Chaos and misery is the master.

Follow in my steps and you will be evanesced,

Be warned through my knowingness.

I am dead and very far gone,

But you have only woken up on my beautiful and fading dawn.

Fenris Storm (aka Steven A. Monserrate)



I’m here, New Orleans, jazz capitol of the world.

The saxes blarin’

The trumpets shouting,

The familiar sounds of the drums twisted around,

Making a smooth steady beat that is sent to the wall and rebound.

There’s not a singer,

Thenceforth no focus, no king.

We all wear suits and ties,

Classy music, and we’re classy guys.

Cool cats relax here,

Letting time pass like a flaming sear.

Guns are left outside,

It’s not the place where the mob resides.

Tommy guns are near sure,

But we’re in New Orleans, the Jazz culture’s core.

Let the music take you away,

Jazz of the 1920’s lives on today.

-Fenris Storm (aka Steven A. Monserrate)




Sleep was inviting, comforting even.

In my dreams I do not weep,

In my dreams I can only think of the deep,

In my dreams I hear a steady, musical beat,

In my dreams I run tirelessly on my feet,

In my dreams I feel the sun’s heat,

In my dreams I find new people to meet,

In my dreams I walk among fields of wheat,

Such beauty, I could only weep.

-Fenris Storm (aka Steven A. Monserrate)



My name is unknown, my mission is unclear. I am a sniper.

You won’t see me if I don’t see you.

Don’t worry, you won’t feel anything painful if I do.

But you’ll know that I’m watching eyes tracking my prey.

Don’t cause trouble, it would only make my day.

In the rain, shine, night or day,

Those who mess with me have a price to pay.

I don’t want war,

Peace is fine by me,

Just realize and take heed, it’s going to be you that I see.

I watch from a distance, completely unseen,

In plain sight or behind a tree, so you’ll probably call me a fiend.

Just know that I’m the best at what I do,

And once again, just so you know, I’ve got my eyes on you.

-Steven A. Monserrate



Deep Sea Secrets

Chambers of the deep,

So incredibly dark and steep.

It’s hard to see anything in this dark ocean tide,

There’s no place we can hide.

It’s cold in here, that much we can know,

Almost as if we’re slowly drowning in the snow.

Fish, sharks, creatures in the water,

They are the sea’s prized daughters.

It’s a whole new world, so much to discover,

A hidden asylum where it hides its lover.

We see it on the surface, when it’s angry or when it’s sad,

We can feel it as it kisses the sand.

But it is we on land,

Who have yet to understand,

The hidden heart, completely untouched by my hands.

This is the secret that the ocean holds dear,

The hidden love that we see as surrounded by fear.

-Steven A. Monserrate


Temporary Heaven

A revolving door.

Spin yourself into my world.

The steady clatter of the vents sounding.

The dim red light, a tour guide.

A faucet streaming water,

waiting to free the paper of chemicals.

A tub of chemicals, in a row.

An enlarger, ready to take a negative..

and make it positive.

Light sensitive paper, pierced by light..

An image dormant, but ready to emerge.

A dunk in the developer, before it becomes alive.

Growing, changing, moving.

An image becomes distinct,

the process stills.

A quick dip in the stopbath,

and a bath in the fixer.

Into the cold water, to rinse any chemicals.

Back to the door, a single spin and you’re out.

Into the noise.

Into the light.

Its a temporary heaven, the darkroom.

But one spin, and your back.