A Lock and Half a Key

My thoughts are strangled with chains,

I wish they could escape and run wild,

I only have half a key,

My secrets can only roam around a counselor,

Or around people I feels uncomfortable with,

I only talk openly to one person about my problems,

And she was ripped out of her hands,

My older sister is the influence parents hide their children from,

Yes, She’s made mistakes that haunt her,

But She’s my go to,

She is the distributor of advice,

The best person I know,

And she’s locked away too.

Meaningful Quotes

“There’s only two ways you can live. Live beautifully. Or live for somebody beautifully”- unknown

 This is one of my favorite quotes, I love the message behind it, although in a way I don’t fully agree with it. To me the message behind it is to live your life the way you want to, and to not let anyone change your path in life. But on the other hand it says that while living for yourself is proffered, your life can still be “beautiful” living it for someone else. I just think that is a beautiful message. In another way it’s saying that life is always beautiful no matter how you choose to go about it, for someone else or for yourself. Although it is a well said message, that’s were I don’t fully agree with it. To me you should never live you life for someone else. It is your life, and you do only get one. Even though I don’t agree with this quote fully, it will still remain one of my favorites.

Riley Flaherty

Dear Penn Manor

Dear Penn Manor,

Thank you for teaching me so many things. Thank you for educating me, and teaching me how to be a better person. Thank you for introducing me to new people and friends. I have made some of my best friends at Penn Manor. I have also had some great teachers throughout the years who have taught me good life lessons. I have made many friends playing the sport I love here. Thank you for having a great softball program where I can see my friends every spring. The softball program here has become a big family, and I am forever grateful for that. Thank you for a great childhood with so many memories.
                                                                                 Sydney Duplissey

School Lyric

School should be a place of learning

Not a place of yearning

When I walk in, there should be a welcome of happy faces

Not a view of soldiers with briefcases

I shouldn’t be forced to teach some fish head

Or be threatened by protestors that wear t-shirts that are red

I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover

But when they have faces like that it’s hard not to hover

I think I may have feelings for him

And if they find out I’ll have a torn off limb

If only everyone were accepting

I wouldn’t have this problem with people intercepting

I have this strange feeling for this beast that nobody likes

But in the end I don’t care about all the hype

Hayley Way

Response To “Touchscreen”

      I liked when we watched the poem “Touchscreen” by Marshall Jones. He states in the poem that “You have three thousand friends on Facebook, but can only count five friends in your social life.” He also states in his poem how society is at the point where we communicate mostly through electronics. He believes that society needs to have more face to face interaction with each other rather than interacting over electronics.

                                                                                                             Tristin Musser

Retirement from Pennsylvania

One day

I’ll be far away

This place is not where I want to be

This place is holding me back, can’t you see

The people

The places

The opportunities

Not what I want

Not what I need

Any other place is a better lead

I’m the one who needs happiness

And I can’t find it here

So many people are near

They don’t help

It’s this place

I need my own space

It is not here 

— Amy Haberstroh 


Calm down and look around.

Let it all sink in.

Everyday is a new opportunity,

and you are your worse critic.

Take risk,

make every second count.

20 years from now that boy that broke your heart won’t matter,

so stop worrying about others

start worrying about yourself.

Fall in love with yourself and everything around you

make peace with yourself while you’re at it.

Take time for yourself

and accept that you’re here for a reason,

now take a deep breath.

Live your life spontaneously,

forgive and forget

and move on. 

— Caitlin Renshaw 


Somewhere magical

where dreams come true

happiness always

a smile or two


somewhere peaceful

quiet and always fun

relaxing and a vacation

warmth from the sun


somewhere unknown

where nobody goes

aimlessly searching and finding

the beautiful day flows


somewhere unstressful

create every possibility

choose your own path

to the best of your ability 

— Meghan Onderdonk 

Atticus’s Closing Speech

“I’m no idealist to believe firmly in the integrity of our courts and in the jury system- that is no ideal for me, it is a living, working reality”

I choose this line because everyone had their own input on the works of the court. Atticus’s word choice was quite worthy of my own thoughts. I’ve never been able to satisfy my thoughts on the court system. Atticus does say it is a living, which of course, is totally truthful. Many people understand the way the court system works but do not agree, which is exactly what Atticus is saying here.


When I was Little

When I was little I looked at life differently.

When I was little the worst thing you could do was lie to your parents.

When I was little losing a crayon was the end of the world.

When I was little the scariest thing was when the lights went out.

When I was little my parents could do no wrong.

When I was little the only thing I worried about was losing my stuffed animal.

When I was little monsters weren’t human.


I’m not little anymore.


Can You Hear Me?

I’ve still got a long way to go,

before I can return.

I long to go back and finish the things

I’ve left behind, unfinished.

I was to be on a journey

to secure my ongoing dream.

Yet I falter over simple stones

while treading the pass of looming boulders.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the present days.

I’m just yearning for the sky I once loved.

I don’t pull a sad face as if I’ve fallen victim,

as if I want the pity.

I laugh at the fear,

Can you hear me?

Tears aren’t the answer to my problems.

My cheeks refrain from glistening.

I stand, waiting in the labyrinth of emotions,

unable to see the exit.

I want to live in peace,

Just like how I dreamed it.

Why do I keep running,

from that thing called reality?

I’m screaming,

voice breaking,

up towards the weeping clouds,

Strewn over the soaked grass of the field

I shut my eyes, volume increasing,

Can you hear me? 

— Christopher 


You Thought It Was Just A One Time Thing

You Thought It Would Make You Fit In

You Never Thought It Would Affect Anyone Else

But You Were Wrong.

You Say You’re Sorry

But You Do It Again.

You Say You’re Going To Stop

But You Do It Again.

I Try To Understand And Forgive You

But You Do It Again.

The One Woman Who Continually Tries To Understand and Give You Her Forgiveness Time After Time, Starts To Lose Hope

But You Do It Again.

When Will You Learn?

When Will You Grow up?

When Will You Realize How Much Damage You’ve Done And Continue To Do?

When Will This Stop?

When Will Things Be normal?

Will We Even Remember What Normal Is?

Just When The Light Starts To Be seen

You do it again.

My Own Little World

I am from the loud barks of Chester that awaken me from my deep slumber.

I am from dancing around to the beat of bachata, merengue, and salsa music so loud that the whole neighborhood can hear it.

I am from all the memories roaming in my head from when I was 2 for the first time in Seaworld until this coming day.

I am from the salty, crispy, and crunchy to the savory, juicy, and sweet masses of food piled so high that it last for days.

I am from the cold freezing gust of wind in Pennsylvania to the hot humid heat waves of Puerto Rico.

I am from the insanity that is my family; yet the tight bond that they all share radiates tenderness and care for each other even through hard times.

I am from the sound of soft rain from the house on top of the hill with a view of the whole small yet crowded pueblo.

I am from the world of words that expands my knowledge; like they say knowledge is key. Though words aren’t only meant to be read for knowledge but also for pleasure in my case.

I am from my room of darkness, never coming out of my secret cave for any means whatsoever but to stay hidden in my own little world full of peace and complete quiet.

I am from my confider that helps me not suffocate with all my problems, my guider and wise adviser, a survivor through tough times; my grandma


Where I Come From

I’m from the smell of wood stove in the winter.

I’m from fence row adventures and park visits.

I’m from my dad’s famous line “ go play in traffic”.

I’m from the story that bacon comes from minerals on a fourth grade test.

I’m from the cabin in Perry county thanks to Nan and Pap.

I’m from my Aunt Nikki daring me to give random things to strangers at the mall, which I did.

I’m from cleaning off the TV dishes in the snow and jumping off the roof.

I’m from getting picked on by the older siblings.

I’m from baking cookies with Nan while Pap ate them all.

I’m from a crazy hectic family I wouldn’t trade for the world.