Our Time is at a Stand Still

Please, tell me, what meaning do I hold,

having abandoned the purpose I once served?

I’m broken, neglected by the world you oh, so adore,

Yet you laugh, blind to my obvious terror.


Being as twisted as I am, I hold my breath,

Now I’m hidden, and nothing can reveal me. Not even the truth.

I’m fragile, but indestructible,

and psychotic, yet unable to loose my sanity.


In this dull, stubborn world, I gradually become transparent, unable to be seen.

So, don’t waste your time looking for me, advert your eyes.

I just don’t want to hurt you, in a world out of someone’s imagination.

Be content with just my memory; as vivid as I was.


Forever spreading, solitude warps my image.

Memories of times we laughed together come to mind,

And I can’t move, I cannot move!

Protect your innocence!

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Retirement from Pennsylvania

One day

I’ll be far away

This place is not where I want to be

This place is holding me back, can’t you see

The people

The places

The opportunities

Not what I want

Not what I need

Any other place is a better lead

I’m the one who needs happiness

And I can’t find it here

So many people are near

They don’t help

It’s this place

I need my own space

It is not here 

— Amy Haberstroh 


Somewhere magical

where dreams come true

happiness always

a smile or two


somewhere peaceful

quiet and always fun

relaxing and a vacation

warmth from the sun


somewhere unknown

where nobody goes

aimlessly searching and finding

the beautiful day flows


somewhere unstressful

create every possibility

choose your own path

to the best of your ability 

— Meghan Onderdonk 

When I was Little

When I was little I looked at life differently.

When I was little the worst thing you could do was lie to your parents.

When I was little losing a crayon was the end of the world.

When I was little the scariest thing was when the lights went out.

When I was little my parents could do no wrong.

When I was little the only thing I worried about was losing my stuffed animal.

When I was little monsters weren’t human.


I’m not little anymore.


Can You Hear Me?

I’ve still got a long way to go,

before I can return.

I long to go back and finish the things

I’ve left behind, unfinished.

I was to be on a journey

to secure my ongoing dream.

Yet I falter over simple stones

while treading the pass of looming boulders.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the present days.

I’m just yearning for the sky I once loved.

I don’t pull a sad face as if I’ve fallen victim,

as if I want the pity.

I laugh at the fear,

Can you hear me?

Tears aren’t the answer to my problems.

My cheeks refrain from glistening.

I stand, waiting in the labyrinth of emotions,

unable to see the exit.

I want to live in peace,

Just like how I dreamed it.

Why do I keep running,

from that thing called reality?

I’m screaming,

voice breaking,

up towards the weeping clouds,

Strewn over the soaked grass of the field

I shut my eyes, volume increasing,

Can you hear me? 

— Christopher 

Understanding Time


It’s amazing how fast time can fly

You watch numbers on a clock

Events come and go, my oh my

The noise of the tick tock tick tock


The placement of the hands are what you see

As the mesmerizing hands make their way around

Seconds, minutes, hours thinking where you should be

Realizing you are somehow used to the sound


The clock once read a time at night

Until as it seems 5 seconds later came the sun

Shining through seeming ever so bright

No understanding of what is to come

-Meghan Onderdonk

To Be Free

I look out and see the snow falling.

I wish I could join it.

Since I can not, I might as well look.

Look, but not touch


It looks happy and free.

Free from the clouds,

holding it back

Free to fly and land wherever it wants.

Its path is unknown,

but it’s destiny is chosen.

Soon it will stop

and make a blanket for the ground.

Soon I will join it.

Soon, but not yet.


In times of change keep your mind open

It is hard to experiment with a narrow mind

but ones views will change over time

Do not let the walls be built around your head

Or listen to what ones said

For then the walls may become thicker

Thicker than you can crack.


Time is ticking, time is turning,

Just like embers, burning to a crisp,

Your life will end, descending like the mist.

Into the depths, your body will loom,

as your soul turns to full bloom.

Lighter than a feather, your spirit will rise,

as the ashes of the fire, rain down to compromise.

the deed that has been done, the fin of your time.

Unleashed from the body, the spirit shall spread,

in first phases of the new, as the dawning is to the dead.

You’re free from the ground, and you now can truly be,

like a humans thought, with their mind at sea.


When I Was Little

When I was little my dad let me sit on his lap when he mowed.

When I was little I threw my fish behind my dresser. (I never got it out from behind there.)

When I was little I fell through the pool when it had the tarp on and I could have drowned.

When I was little my mom told me that I climbed the fridge. She referred to me as a terror on legs.

When I was little I would go down the main road on my own.

When I was little we would throw our carved pumpkins across the road down to the railroad tracks.

When I was little I would dress to match my sister on purpose. (She hated me for it.)

When I was little I would dream about my build-a-bear rudolph shooting my dad.

When I was little I would be downstairs in the pantry before my dad went to work in the mornings.

When I was little I slept with my parents in their bed.

When I was little everything was different…

By: Jakie Houser

Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 11: The Eyeball

“Did that figure just take the eagle’s eyeball?” Jason asked.

Everybody stood in shock. Brent nodded. “I think it did…” Brent said. “But… why would anyone need an eyeball, especially from an eagle?”ll

Jason answered. “I don’t know… but we’re about to find out.”

“Jason… I don’t think this is a smart idea,” Issac said.

“Oh, but attacking a Raydien is?” Jason asked, already knowing the answer. Continue reading

Words of Wisdom

So much time has passed since our first days of school. It’s freaky to think that in one year, one very short year, we all will be preparing for the rest of our lives. Whether it’s college, the military, or straight to the workforce, you are all but on your own. Let that sink in for a moment… you will no longer be able to rely on your parents, no longer have the all the freedoms that you once had as a kid…. scary isn’t it? But, we are not the first, and certainly will not be the last. The feeling of loneliness will pass, and we all will make it through this apparent hard time.

Tick Tock

Tick tock, tick tock. Pacing around my room thinking of what to write. Life was very fragile, like the beam of a flashlight. First your life is surrounded by darkness and in the blink of an eye it becomes something beautiful. No one really knows how I got an A on my essay, but  school’s another story. Writing comes easily to me like flipping a page in a book. When my pencil hits the page I’m fighting fire breathing dragons, or swinging on vines through the jungle with Tarzan. It takes me to a whole nother world like grabbing Peter Pan’s hand and flying off you Neverland. When i look at the clock 2 hours had past. Tick tock, tick tock.

A Rainbow Of Time

By: Toby Holsinger

A RED scratch on my leg from my clumsiness; it bleeds.

Dim ORANGE lights cast a glow as we dance.

A YELLOW hair tie holds everything together.

A walk across the GREEN grass ends nothing.

A BLUE tie, a black dress.

Raindrops of INDIGO bounce off the pavement.

A VIOLET sky and a heart full of confusion.