Where I’m From

I’m from the smell of freshly cooked brownies when I get home from school.

I’m from Lancaster, PA and Penn Manor.

I’m from my mom playing her old music at home.

I’m from my dad’s saying, “Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.”

I’m from biking down to the park with my neighbor, Cody.

I’m from keeping my personal belongings in a locked toolbox.

I’m from in elementary school building a block city in kindergarten.

I’m from sledding down a hill and running into a snowmobile.

I’m from waking up on the kitchen floor with paramedics around me and my mom’s tear filled face.

I’m from being giggle brothers with Michael in Mr. Joyce’s class.

I’m from having great days with my best friends at Ambush.

I’m from sitting in English typing an I’m from poem.