Where I’m From

I am from the hourglass, from time

I am from the earth, Mysterious; foreign

I am from the thorn, the weed of the ground

I am from the chaos, the competition of life

From Mary to Joseph from God

I am from the liars, the cheaters

I’m from sayings, “life doesn’t owe you anything”

I’m from a belief to “trust no one”

I am from behind the curtain in the temple

From the corner of the sanctuary

I am from darkness, from the bitterness

From dates and prunes

I’m from the alcoholics and the drug addicts, the swindlers

I’m from the forgotten memory of a time of serenity

I’m from hatred, from the thoughts of suicide that burn in the mind

I’m from the haunted house, I am the thoughts of the ghosts

I’m from the father that left, the mother that abused

I am from the arguments and the lies

I am a dark stormy sea

Desperately trying to drown her crew

I am from the rain, the quells

I am from all things people avoid

But I am still me.


Parte del Alma Mía

Madre, parte del alma mía

La amiga intimísima

La maestra más sabia

Me has enseñado todo lo que yo conozco.


Eres una torre alta y fuerte

Descansas en un fundamento sólido

Tu paciencia y fe son faros

Luces que me advierten.


Abuela, parte del alma mía

La artista más diestra

La cocinera más fantástica

Tu cultura me crió.


Eres un libro de cuentos

Tus talentos sobrepasan que tú comprendes

Cada día me sorprendes

Con la fuente de experiencias que tú tienes.


Queridas mujeres, partes del alma mía

Me hicieron quien yo soy hoy en día

Cuando ambas hayan pasado

Ustedes estarán en mi alma todavía.


Where I’m From

I am from lacrosse,

from my phone and clothes

I am from the woods in my backyard

I am from sunflowers,

the lilac bush

I am from family beach trips and family get togethers,

from my mother and father and my little sister

I am from always making my family laugh at the dinner table

and always joking around with my family

From not sleeping until I was 2 years old

and told not to let the bedbugs bite

I am from god

I am from Millersville, PA,

Tacos and spaghetti

From the time when I lost my first tooth,

to when I first went on a airplane,

and from the time I taught my sister how to walk

I am from from those moments,

that are embedded in my brain

Alexis Hemmerly

New Park, Pennsylvania

I am from New Park, Pennsylvania which you’ve probably never heard of

I’m from the house at the bottom of the hill

I am from a town where everybody knows each other

I am from Gretchen, the lady who makes the coffee at the gas station

I’m from a family so close you would swear we have rubber bands around us

I’m from Peppermint, who was a cat, but more like a friend

I am from vegetable gardening with Poppop to flower gardening with Mommom

I’m from “Play with fire & you wet the bed!” whenever my cousins and I started burning the marshmallows for fun

I am from cornfields that never stopped

I am from being the girl whose Daddy went to jail

After my uncle died, I was from “Never go past the driveway!”

I am from Nascar and making deer jerky on Sundays after church with Poppop

I’m from pictures being taken again and again and again

I’m from my cousin and long time best friend Abby Rae

I’m from camouflage rain boots, boy clothes, and sparkly tiaras

I am from Aunt Tay Tay who had me convinced she wore a perfume labeled Cigarette

I’m from bee stings, bug bites, bruised knees, and scabs

I’m from time traveling to the future everyday in my backyard

I am from New Park, Pennsylvania which you’ve probably never heard of

Cameron Males

There’s Always Adventure

I’m from twirling spaghetti and slurping it up as fast as I can, so I won’t get spaghetti sauce on my mouth.

I’m from a neighborhood named Lakewood Estates which is in the middle of nowhere.

I’m from a sister who is in Philadelphia making it seem like I’m an only child.

I’m from creek hopping and Crayfish snapping at my fingers.

I’m from four cats giving me a cold and a dog barking at every loud noise that comes in the house.  

I’m from a long trip up to Allentown to see my favorite cousins.

I’m from the freshly cut grass that just came from the running lawnmower.

I’m from “Duuddee” every time my dad and I greet from him coming home from work.

I’m from Led Zeppelin and Nathaniel Rateliff blaring from the radio.

I’m from crossing the woods to meet my best friend Jake at his house.

I’m from the smell of the smoke from the fire burning and staying up until 1am.

I’m from the vast lands of Italy.

I’m from being disgruntled every time the Eagles play.

Caleb Leanza

Where I’m From

I’m from Lake Wallenpaupack, north of a two-thousand foot mountain.

I’m from loving the cold.

I’m from chanting “Paupack Pride” every Friday night, and hearing On Wisconsin played by the school marching band.

I’m from parasailing on the third largest lake in Pennsylvania.

I’m from clearing a path through the snow for your car before going to school.

I’m from driving 20 miles to the closest store.

I’m from being surrounded by forests.

I’m from cool summers and cold winters.

I’m from enjoying peace and quiet.

I’m from laying on the roof, relaxing, enjoying the summer sun.

I’m from sitting, wrapped in a warm blanket, talking to my best friends over XBOX, or Skype during blizzards.

I’m from sitting on my porch, playing guitar for hours on end, often to get a single lick right.

I’m from creating stupid things with my friends, like a bike with skis on it to take down the ski slopes.

I’m from eating the best chicken parmesan that I have ever tasted.

I’m from not caring what people think.

I’m from The Dark Side of the Moon.

I’m from knowing that two of the most important things in life are friends and family.

Michael Gorman


The Place I Came From

I am from Lancaster, Pennsylvania where everyone from outside the state thinks we are all Amish

I am from the house that told me from right from wrong, like D.D.S.D

I am from a place where it is ok to speak your mind and say whatever you want  

I am from a place where I am always welcome and that place and that is called my house, gram’s house  

I am from the place where it always smells like a cow’s rear end

I am from Pennsylvania where everyone says, “hi how are”  

I am from the place where the best days are the snowy ones so you can sit inside and drink hot coco

I am from the treestand where I learned life lessons about a Life and stories I will cherish for a lifetime

I am from a little town called Millersville

I am from Lancaster, Pennsylvania United States Of America and my name is Sam Cox

Samuel Cox

All About Me

I’m from a place where the best news is that a steer got out of his pen.

I’m from a small home then one day I moved into a “mansion”.

I’m from being raised by loving parents.

I’m from a family who loves to cook and bake, and they’re good at it too.

I’m from the smell of a bakery and fresh cut flowers.

I’m from the clanging of dirty dishes to the annoying sound of the timer going off.

I’m from a small school that no one knows, LeTort.

I’m from going to the mountains and spending time with family.

I’m from where those old photo albums are kept.

I’m from a family where I am the oldest grandchild and great grandchild.

I’m from those old country songs that I still listen to.

I’m from learning the importance of agriculture.

I’m from the place I call home.

Kalee French

How I Grew Up

I’m from a small town called Manheim with my elementary school two blocks up the street, then a small house on top of a hill in Conestoga.

I’m from being the youngest child and being picked on by an older brother and two older sisters.

I’m from a big pot of homemade chicken corn soup.

I’m from a family with big hearts and attitudes.

I’m from watching my brother work on his cars.

I’m from a family gathering and great food on every holiday.

I’m from going out to eat every Friday after we picked up my dad from work.

I’m from learning electrical as I was growing up from my grandfather’s electrical company.

I’m from living with all girls since my parents split up when I was nine.

I’m from going into my best friend’s house every weekend in Lancaster who I met from our dads being best friends.

Joshua Pridgen

I’m from…

I’m from the small town of Conestoga, just south of Lancaster, near Millersville.

I’m from delicious chicken pot pie to golden rivels in chicken corn soup.

I’m from Safe Harbor, which resides close to the water tower, and the dam.

I’m from a family of teachers, except for a few.

I’m from competing in football and lacrosse.  

I’m from working hard in the fields, to resting on Saturday mornings.

I’m from one end of Conestoga to the other.  

I’m from pork and sauerkraut on New Years, to roast beef falling apart in the crock pot.

I’m from an only child household, to competing on a team with others.

I’m from “always be on time, early but never late” to “don’t burn bridges.”

I’m from several cats to none.

I’m from playing till dark, to now working till dark.

Caleb Walton


I’m from the suburbs of Lancaster,PA.

I’m from a small brick house in a peaceful neighborhood.

I’m from wasting more time on YouTube than I should.

I’m from the mountains,staying in a worn out cabin.

I’m from penn manor middle and high school.

I’m from the Death Star just trying to keep the emperor happy.

I’m from gaming for 60% of my day.

I’m from skate shops and stolen skateboards.

I’m from rock and roll, dubstep, and anything but country.

I’m from using an unnecessary app to text.

I’m from too much Mcdonalds and Two Cousins.

I’m from not liking to write stories,essays,or poems.

Zion Keagy


My House

I’m from Coffee Street where every day the house smells like coffee.

I’m from a house where coffee with creamer is not considered coffee.
I’m from a 5 minute walk to my grandparent’s house that smells like cinnamon hearts.

I’m from a family that supports all my sporting events and encourages me to try something new.

I’m from a wake up kiss from my dog.

I’m from a place where traveling is always a must.

I’m from a house that wakes up way too early on the weekends.

I’m from a blue eye and brown hair house.

I’m from “ride safe and don’t crash” when I ride atv.

I’m from a have fun kinda house.   

Toby Singer

These Days Always Lit

I’m from a place that smells of pine and sap.

I’m from a place that is called Columbia.

I’m from a small patch of woods behind my home.

I’m from a old trail in the back yard.

I’m from some sketchy ramps in the front.

I’m from making my brother go first on those sketchy ramps.

I’m from the halls of OLA and the mats of P.M.

I’m from the countryside but listen to rap.

I’m from not worrying to not caring.

I’m from eventful days and bike rides.

I’m from “I just can’t right now.”

I’m from the bad home cooking and the burnt chicken.

Thomas Keener

I’m From Happiness And Love

I’m from cinnamon and sugar running up the stairs.

I’m from tears on a bean bag chair and a lot of Scooby Snacks.

I’m from delicious brown corn and lumpy, white mashed potatoes.

I’m from looking at the planets and stars so there’d be no more crying.

I’m from strict love and kindness from the best grandmother in the world.

I’m from “40” year old Aunt Sandy who we visit almost every year.

I’m from a parent who isn’t much of a father , who supports us whenever he pleases.

I’m from unnecessary sadness and flags and flowers.  

I’m from a hamster named Saturday and a lost dog named Diamond.

I’m from a grumpy old neighbor with a little white pooch.  

I’m from the big, orange moon shining up in the sky.

I’m from four girls and four boys all in one home.

I’m from the neighbors house who is practically family.

I’m from broken bones and stitches and jumping off the roof.

I’m from babies and toddlers whose names I don’t remember.

I’m from cookies and milk and a semi-creepy guy whose name is Saint Nick.  

I’m from watching The Little Mermaid every single day.

I’m from scrumptious banana bread every other week.  

I’m from getting up and sitting at the “boys table” even though that was “wrong”.

I’m from friends that eventually turn into family.

I’m from gorgeous people who are unaware of their beauty.

I’m from queen savages who are just a little mean but I love them dearly.  

I’m from way to many group chats and lots of surprises.

I’m from sweet guys and girls who truly underestimate themselves.  

I’m from love and happiness no matter where I go.

Mary Michael


I’m from Sicily more specifically from Via Corlene Road in Palermo, Sicily.

I’m from prima colazione which constituted of bread with olive oil, vinger, and butter which now makes me sick.

I’m from a place with beautiful mountain ranges, and a sea that is both calm are fierce. A place where the cities are beautiful, but the populace is less so.

I’m from the wheat the Sicilian farmers pick with their bear hands that become bread.

I’m from the sea air hitting your face, seagulls flying around, and the boats coming, and leaving the harbor.

I’m from “If you hurt your family…may you die alone like a dog”. Where hurting your family is seen as the worst offence.

I’m from where that old man wears that weird hat, and we must obey by his religion, and what he preaches.

I’m from a family of self made men, and women who denied social norms. A family where when you say something it gets done one way, or the other.

I’m from a family that is divide on religion some believe in Catholicism, and others Atheism.

I’m from a family where we had to make decisions based on reason, and not emotion.

I am from a family in a far off land name Sicily, and in that far off land I’m a Vespucci.    

Alejandro Morales

Life at Home

I’m from the smell of manure from the fields of Lancaster County.

I’m from of my mom’s vanilla perfume as she is getting ready for work.

I’m from the countryside of Lancaster where I’ve lived my whole life.

I’m from creswell park where I’ve learned to love the game of soccer.

I’m from the cinnamon taste of my mom’s friendship bread.

I’m from the delicious taste of pizzelles of my Aunt Dee   

I’m from a brother who pushes me past my limits to make me successful.

I’m from a twin sister who nags me 24/7 and love her for it.

I’m from “think before you do” with every choice I make.

I’m from “do it right or don’t do it at all.”

I’m from the memories that are both good and bad.

I’m from the pictures captured from every soccer club I’ve been on.

Zachary Bailey



I am from a farm that lies behind a cornfield on the corner of a quiet street down the road from Manor Middle School.

I am from Penn Manor High School.

I am from candles burning throughout the house that reminds me of family and board games.

I am from Julieta cooking her traditional Romanian food every night for dinner.

I am from morning and night soccer practices that make my legs sore.

I am from moving to Romania with my family and moving back to America in the same year.

I am from  a Christian family and am one myself.  

I am from Julieta, an amazing hard-working woman who moved to America at age 24 from Europe.

I am from family get togethers that involve great food and conversations.

I am from a sister who taught me how to be kind and understanding.

I am from Kevin and his lessons about believing in myself.

I am from daily inspirational quotes from Julie.

I am from late nights spent with my dog Lucy watching TV.

I am from bowls of ice cream topped with whipped cream.

I am from visiting family and friends in New Jersey.

I am from going on shopping trips with friends that involve me spending all my money.

I am from a youth group that is like my second family.

I am from ‘Have a great day!” and “I love you!’

I am from working hard and determination.

I am from the United States of America.

I am from an athletic mind and body.

I am from laughing at the randomest things.

Sophia Hess

School Lane to Stone Hill

I’m from a small house on South School Lane near Hamilton Park and Buchanan Elementary.

I’m from moving at age eleven to Stone Hill Road down the street from Pine View Dairy and Jason’s Woods.

I’m from Thursday night’s spent at Best Friend Grammy’s and eating breakfast with my great grandparents on Friday morning.

I’m from homemade applesauce, warm fasnachts, and every holiday crowding around the table for dinner.

I’m from Riggs a lazy English Bulldog and Jake a playful Old English Sheepdog.

I’m from seven hour car rides to the Outer Banks for annual summer vacations.

I’m from fishing for minnows and crayfish in creeks with Pappy.

I’m from hot dogs, baked beans, and buttered noodles, an everyday lunch at my Grammy Hamaker’s.

I’m from two hard working parents Sam and Jess who always taught me to “Be a leader”.

I’m from growing up listening to Pearl Jam, Weezer, Cake, Jimmy Buffett, and Destiny’s Child.

I’m from searching through ten recipe boxes to find Grammy’s homemade chicken pot pie.

I’m from a little sister Madison watching and mimicking my every move.

I’m from Coach Daddy for 8 years always telling me to work hard all the time.

I’m from “how do you not like it if you’ve never tried it”.

I”m from going to my Grammy Bachman’s house for every Halloween.

I’m from family and friends are the most important people in your life.

Emma Hamaker

A Care-free Childhood

I’m from a big, yellow doll house hidden on a mountain top, in a forest seclusion, with a view of a Neverland look-a-like in Conestoga

I’m from playing pretend Cops and Robbers in my backyard

I’m from refused naps and watching movies containing princesses to monsters

I’m from Mother Nature teaching me the way the world works as I swing

I’m from being mermaids with friends in my pool

I’m from sneaking into my sister’s room and letting curiosity guide me

I’m from forbidden moonlight walks in my enchanted woods

I’m from needing my Bugs Bunny nunny everywhere I went

I’m from lunch everyday at 11:48 am, on the dot

I’m from constant snacking with a remaining petite body

I’m from rough housing to random jokes with my brothers

I’m from two sisters and three brothers

I’m from falsely accused “She did its” even though he clearly started it

I’m from the slight competition of an all artistic family

I’m from the scent of sand castled laundry detergent

I’m from the smell of summer consisting of Hubba Bubba Watermelon flavored gum

I’m from moonwalking in the grass, and putting on mini shows in the living room

I’m from watching my sister play her Gamecube way past my bedtime

I’m from TV quote contests to modeling my brother’s Gaga creations

I’m from my own imagination

Kayla Connelly


I’m from Conestoga located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I’m from watching the Miami Dolphins play every Sunday.

I’m From going to Florida every two years.

I’m from falling down my basement stairs on my tricycle when i was first learning how to ride.

I’m from watching my sister play sports.

I’m from playing sports year round.

I’m from a dog Daisy, Tinker and a cat Peanut.

I’m from hanging out with friends.

I’m from two great parents.

                                             I’m from eating Bubba burgers.

I’m from going to my grandparent’s house for holidays.

I’m from throwing football with my dad whenever I can.

I’m from eating food like a pig.

I’m from always hating the Patriots and Tom Brady.

Zachary Banta

The Little Things….

I am from a quiet development near Manor Middle.

I am from a family of seven.

I’m from “You were a miracle baby”.

I am from brown eyes and blonde hair.

I am from a bunch of crocs and flip flops.

I am from the sweet smell of chicken pot pie.

I am from “Look mom there’s my school”.

I am from singing the national anthem

at the Barnstormers game.

I’m from “Let’s go visit the nursing home”.

I am from soccer as a kid.

I’m from field hockey as a teenager.

I am from Serteen community hours.

I am from Instagram memories.

I’m from the baby of the family.

I am from working hard for what you have.

I’m from good old U.S.A.

Briana Harsh

Growing Up In a CIty

I am from horns and sirens in city streets.

I am from Tyreed and Ty-rude stealing my toys,

And from the police at the neighbors

I am from walking past the jail on the way to the park,

From playing in an old basement.

I am from playing with plastic food in an old fridge.

I am from dancing around to the show high five,

From screaming HI UBYDUBBY!

I am from being called Peepers,

And Rutabaga.

I am from playing in my grandmother’s barn.

I am from the smell of gas.

I am from moving out of the city to Penn Manor.

From The Bottom

I am from a broken home.

From where it was just my two brothers, my mom, and I.

I am from times where we wouldn’t see our mom two through three days at a time.

From watching her work double shift after double shift after double shift.


I am from run down apartments.

From where basketball courts have either bent rims or ripped nets.

I am from where most people didn’t go to school.

From where I had to take two public buses to get to school.


I am from where people always say it will get better but it only worsens.

From a big city but it seemed like everybody knew everybody.

I am from where the good dies young.

From where it’s common for the parent to bury their child due to violence.
I am from the bottom but that does not determine where I’m headed!

I Am From Being Me

I am from the tire swing tied to the old tree.

I am from “Sarai, Stop! You’re not a dog!!”

I am from peeing off roofs with my cousin.

I am from grabbing a scorching hot curling iron with my bare 5 year old hand.

I am from playing Candy Land and Guess Who on rainy days.

I am from VeggieTale songs in the car.

I am from the buttered noodles and Salisbury steak on the table.

I am from licking ketchup off the floor.

I am from “ Be yourself, they’ll love you. “

I am from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

I am from Crankin’ Dat Soulja Boy in the kitchen.

I am from going on the computer just to use Paint.

I am from watching Robot Chicken on Adult Swim after my parents went to sleep.

I am from the nightmares before, on, and after Halloween.

I am from watching The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl.

I am from riding a bike with no brakes and crashing into a car.

I am from learning to accept myself.

I am from being who I am.

I am from my friends and family who helped me find myself.

I am from the name Sarai. 

— Sarai Figueroa