My Life I Think Unless I’m Living Someone Else’s Life Then That’s Ok Too

I’m from video games that confuse me but I like.

I’m from loving shepherds pie.

I’m from loving cheese.

I’m from scary movie marathons.

I’m from wondering when the Walking Dead will be back and if Fear The Walking Dead is any good.

I’m from old zombie movies.

I’m from loving animals.

I’m from Ami, Josh, Sandy, and Sharon.

I’m from a family that works hard.

I’m from a love of all foods.

I’m from random splinters out of nowhere.

I’m from awesome brothers.

I’m from loving doing things I’m not good at

I’m from where it’s ok to mess up.

I’m from getting lost in stores I always go to.

I’m from wondering why we are all here.

I’m from wondering why my friends chose me.

I’m from wondering how everything came to be.

I’m from messing up and not being able to come back from it.

I’m from wanting to be something and being told I can’t.

I’m from wondering about some of the choices I made.

I’m from getting back up when I fall.

I’m from forgiving but never forgetting.

I’m from old friends to new friends.

I’m from not being able to sleep.

I’m from thinking too much but yet not thinking enough.

I’m from being confused about something simple.

I’m from Sunday dinners and Saturday lunch.

I’m from hot foods and a love for a challenge.

I’m from a love for money.

I’m from a family who loves me.

I’m from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

— David Clayton 

Who Am I?

I’m from the cobble stone adorned streets of Marietta, PA.

I’m from the two-hundred year old eye catcher that everyone seems to know.

I’m from Rich and Nancy, two kids in love.

I’m from the family dog, just as big as a miniature pony.  

I’m from “Sorry I lost my head.”

I’m from night cruises in the 67’ Mustang with mom.

I’m from the  roaring sound of two stroke motorcycle motors echoing in the West Virginia hills.

I’m from the tales of my Grandpa’s childhood over Grandma’s fresh breakfast.

I’m from an old fashioned family full of tomboys, carpenters and mechanics.

I’m from the friends I’ve known for as long as I can remember.

I’m from family Christmas mornings, every year.

I’m fishing trips and bike rides with dad.

I’m from a picture perfect family picture, filled with love.  

— Pierce Mellott 

My Life

I’m from Nilsa Rodriguez and Jose Anaya who came from Arroyo, PR.

I’m from the smell of chocolate chip pancakes with syrup in the morning.

I’m from the technology side of my family, where playing video games is my favorite hobby.

I’m from the family of half siblings, where my mother is the mom of my oldest sister and I, and my father is the dad of my two sisters, brother and I.

I’m from the Penn Manor School District, where my schools were Hambright Elementary, Manor Middle, and Penn Manor High School.

I’m from the parents that never went to Puerto Rico before I was born until fifteen years later.

I’m from the parents that became married on March 19, 2014.

I’m from the gaming side of the Playstation Nation.

I’m from Pennsylvania going to Mexico to go to my sister’s wedding on September 1, 2014.

I’m from the family that encourages me to be who I am, and inspires me to be what I look for in the future.

Where I’m From

I am from the crazy city of New York, to the quiet and calm of Lancaster, PA.

I am from camping with the family any chance we get.

I am from the family being in the newspaper many times and on the news for our house being terrifying with the decorations on Halloween.

I am from almost falling on the floor in the delivery room when I was a baby and the nurse barely catching me.

I am from a large family of my mom, dad, older brother, older sister,two younger sisters and a two year old niece.

I am from me and my dad loving the smell of gunpowder and the intensity of focus it takes when we aim down our rifles at the little targets when we are at the shooting range.

I am from watching the science channel since I was in first grade and gaining a strong love to science and technology today and planning a science based career

I am from getting my books taken away by teachers till the end of class for reading during the class, even literature classes.

I am from helping my family cook every year on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, cooking from early morning, till dinner.

I am from the family who lost our Nan who meant so much to all of us, so all of the adults and I got a tattoo in remembrance of her.

I am from Until I see you again.

The Life of Peter!

I’m from Lancaster, PA.

I’m from our past Capital in the USA.

I’m from Hanh and Thuong Nguyen.

I’m from a house from Manor Middle School.

I’m from Ha Ngoni and Ho Chi Minh City.

I’m from the Twizzler smell where my parents work at.

I’m from my aunt always saying “see you later alligator”.

I’m from the smell of my mom’s food.

I’m from near Charlestown Park.

I’m from two different houses.

I’m from my favorite color blue.

I’m from the strongest woman ever, my mom.

I’m from, GOD 

— Peter Nguyen

Around the World in 15 Years

I am from the world:  Maryland, Hawaii, Germany, Virginia, and ending in Pennsylvania.

I am from getting really good at boogieboarding.

I am from driving to France in the morning to get breakfast.

I am from not knowing the difference between a grocery store and the commissary.  

I am from moving away from my friends every two years.

I am from having to deal with my dad being deployed.

I am from my grandfather’s quirky sayings.

I am from livi love attacks.

I am from growing up in a gymnastics academy.

I am from having chalk as my sixth major food group.

I am from being so used to Martin’s tourettes that I don’t hear them anymore.

I am from breaking what people think of me because of my brother.

I am from learning from other people’s mistake.

I am from German immersion for five years.

I am from loving fashion since I was young.

I am from collecting old cameras.

I am from really odd fears that have no background.

I am from loving music and theatre my whole life.

I am from developing really bad stage fright.

I am from memorizing lyrics faster than vocab words.

I am from humming myself to sleep when I was a baby.

I am from dealing with hypermobility.

I am from loving relatable books.

I am from binge watching Netflix.

I am from loving great movies.

I am from having mentors and people to look up to my whole life.

I am from Ed and Ellen Hurston.

— Olivia Hurston 

A World Full of People

I am from being born on January 25th, 2000.

I am from going to not having a neighborhood to living next to a bunch of new people.

I am from Lancaster, but recently moved to Millersville.

I am from parents who are mixed with Italian and Swedish.

I am from my mom Robin and my dad Kerry.

I am from my grandma who although we are not physically close; we are close by the heart.

I am from a family name that has gone from De’ Clerico to Clerico and then to Hansen.

I am from a family who is obsessed with a reality tv show called Big Brother, that we have gone to the level of calling each other Frootloops.

I am from a mother who makes great tasting mac n’ cheese and mashed potatoes.

I am from a family where we pick and torment each other, but of course it’s out of love.

I am from a witty father that knows I like to be the first, so he always tell me, “You can be first after me.”

I am from a world where my memories stay in my mind.

I am from a local dance studio called Willow Street Dance Steps.

I am from a group of amazing friends that anyone would die to have.

I am from a world that people do judge books by their covers.

I am from a world where not everyone is perfect, but they normally try to be.

I am from a world where I try to make my life the best it could ever be.

I am from a world where I live no regrets.  

— Kayla Hansen

The Crazy Place that I’m From

I’m from lightning bolts by Pikachu.

I’m from the world of Wartune.

I’m from Tataouine!

I’m from owning an “army” and fighting a war with swords.

I’m from the smell of freshly cut hay.

I’m from high speeds on big black beasts!

I’m from adorable and soft fluff balls.

I’m from sweat, pain, and endurance.

I’m from speed and experience.

I’m from push ups and up downs.

I’m from metals and trophies.

I’m from country music.

I’m from The Script.

I’m from seeing the future and past.

I’m from seeing all in my mind.

I’m from seeing things as millions of cells that build one person.

I’m from Matthew Cox and Krista Cox.

I’m from trusting no one.

I’m from the lost.

I’m from the hidden.

I’m from the ocean.

I’m from strong and fast swimming.

I’m from fish and sharks.

I’m from shark week.

I’m from the blood from sharks eating living creatures.

— Anakin J. Cox

Where I’m From

I’m from the smell of a summer day and a hazy night,

I’m from an old park and a charming forest,

I’m from a best friend I call my brother and a beautiful lady I call my mother,

I’m from a hot desert carrying not just cacti and scorpions

but holding unforgettable memories,

I’m from a mind brain washed with respect and kindness,

I’m from proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel,

I’m from a guitar that holds countless memories with each strum,

I’m from deprivation to benefit and indulgence.

Tara Jean Is Not My Lover

I’m from the acres and acres of mountain at Aunt Renee’s house in the small postal location of Trout Run, Pennsylvania.

I’m from back and forth in PA and NC, because my mom could never decide.

I’m from mostly my Nanna’s house in Lancaster County.

I’m from the pool where Tiffany scarred me by pretending to drown, and making me save her.

I’m from broasted chicken that my Pap brought home extremely often.

I’m from gallon jugs on the basement steps, and grocery bags in the bathroom closet.

I’m from my cousin Elliot spinning me around at the riverlot every year.

I’m from fighting over blue raspberry ice pops in the summer with Tiffany.

I’m from my aunt whose name I’ve stolen stealing me from my mother for months at a time. Continue reading

Where The Baby Brother Is From

I’m from the smell of manure when traveling and at home.

I’m from the smell of homemade food being cooked in the kitchen.

I’m from being yelled at in the morning to get up.

I’m from playing outside with my brother to rock and country music.

I’m from two brothers and one leaving when I was five.

I’m from having at least one dog and one cat.

I’m from the world of anime and media entertainment.

I’m from the farm county of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I’m from from wrestling with my eldest brother.

I’m from a life of pain and misery and having a small glimmer of light in my life.


I’m From Peach Bottom

I’m from a southern place called Peach Bottom, near 472 and Wakefield

I’m from biscuits and gravy every Sunday

I’m from the backyard of Robert Fulton Fire Company

I’m from a middle child of three

From an older brother who tortured me

I’m from a pasture with animals

From crashing cars at 3 years old

I’m from little towns Little Britain,and Kirkwood

From ancestors of Ireland and Scotland

I’m from pen pals to grandparents

I’m from “you gotta keep your head up Lou”

I’m from a cousin to an aunt to my 2nd mom

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I’m From Myself

I’m from East Pete, then Lititz, and now Lancaster.

I’m from having eight different siblings whether they’re step-siblings or not.

I’m from having a niece and nephew, with another baby on the way.

I’m from having dry paint all over my hands.

I’m from late summer night Mocha Frappe runs, to early winter nights.

I’m from “Don’t make me give you squeakers!” — but you’re no longer here.

I’m from Sunday morning breakfast dates with my mom.

I’m from Alexxis, my best friend, trying to forcefully mother me.

I’m from “Wake up, Doodlebug. It’s six.”

I’m from every single All Time Low song blasting through my phone.

I’m from every single Jamie McGuire book imprinted in my mind.

I’m from a “Great Perhaps.”


From Kid to Teenager

I am from the quiet neighborhood of where I live in Lancaster County.

I am from the elementary school of Hambright Elementary.

I am from the house where I grew up.

I am from the imagination which I made so fun.

I am from the land of the toys that put a smile on my face.


I am from the park where I loved to play.

I am from Manor Middle School.

I am from the rocket that was my first launch.

I am from the team who made it to the national rocket finals.

I am from the team that finished 30th in the United States.

I am from the phone which was a present to me in the 8th grade.


I am from being the youngest in the family.

I am from the board games that I loved to play.

I am from the technology world which I grew up in.

I am from the video games that keep me busy when I’m bored.

I am from the Church which I grew up around.

I am from Penn Manor High School where I will graduate in the year of 2017.


I am from kid to teenager.

I am Christopher Knight.

From Buck to Buddy

I’m from riding combine at Groffs to swervin’ Mervins, just down the road.

I’m from the Buck to the river bridge to York.

I’m from the tractor pull to Solanco fair.

I’m from the Amish country to Douligans to fix the truck.

I’m from Butler County quiet to Lancaster scenic.

I’m from a wave of the hand for even the strangers to chatter at the shop.

I’m from bucking bales at Dan’s to tomatoes in the hollow.

I’m from roast beef Sunday to turkey on Thursday, always with potatoes.

I’m from dairy farms to Risser Grain, all season long.

I’m from big rig racing on I-95 to high power tractors in Drumore

I’m from the German and the Swiss for the whole family.

I’m from playing with Buddy to hiking in the woods.

I’m from the smell of Holstein manure to fresh cut alfalfa.

I’m from the putt-putt in the morning to diesels at night.

I’m from plowing the garden to canning beans.

I’m from Jay, Joe and David, always arguing, but still friends.

-Wesley Herr

The Whereabouts I’m From

I’m from the township called Conestoga.

I’m from the birthplace of the Conestoga Wagon.

I’m from the place where silver was mined, from Silvermines.

I’m from the road called Sandhill.

I’m from the land of the weekend bonfires and late night catfishing.

I’m from the place where big bucks run.

I’m from the place where the hunting is fun.

I’m from the place where car shows rock.

I’m from the town where everyone is like family.

I’m from the little town of Conestoga.

My Childhood in a Poem

I’m from loud New York City to laid back Lancaster County

I’m from having dress up and tea parties with my little brother who I made do anything with me

I’m from warm vanilla candles burning throughout the house and fuzzy blankets wrapped around me like a cocoon

I’m from crazy bicycle rides and burning scrapes on my knees with white gauze wraps

I’m from groups of friends being just boys and playing football in the backyard

I’m from creating dances with my friends and performing a show in front of everyone

I’m from being daddy’s little girl and mommy’s little helper

I’m from two happily married parents who always taught me what it’s like to be crazy in love with someone

I’m from the fresh smell of bait in the tackle box and the salty sea air

I’m from the last years when technology was never introduced and I actually had a childhood


Treating Others The Way You Want To Be Treated

I’m from basic developments that plop up in between cornfields.

I’m from backyard creeks with hidden forts and treehouses, filled with childhood secrets.

I’m from neighbors that became lifelong friends.

I’m from a know it all mother who worries too much and a laid back father who believes in whatever happens, happens.

I’m from a perfect older brother who can do no wrong.

I’m from weekends spent at the grandma’s house with troublemaking cousins.

I’m from a closet filled with boxes stuffed with snapshots of my childhood.

I’m from a kitchen counter speckled with Chinese takeout and pizza boxes.

I’m from running errands with mom and fix-up projects with dad.

I’m from treating others the way you wanted to be treated and don’t judge a book by its cover.

The Summer Child

I’m from reading out under the stars

I’m from the smell of her peppermint oil and floppy hats

I’m from the place where twinkle lights shine and the sweet smell of pineapples lingers

I’m from the hot days on the beach; where the salt water sprays

I’m from big houses that hold the most wild parties

I’m from mosquito bites and scrapes the trees gave me

I’m from adventure and scary stories

I’m from longboarding down to the beach from the summer house; finding my way back to the salty waters

I’m from shopping till I drop; endless shopping trips.

I’m from those hot summer bonfires and volleyball on the beach

I’m from swimming in the ocean, and tangles in my hair

I’m from late nights at the boardwalk and wasting all the cash at the fun park

I’m from roller coasters and ice cream cones

I’m from window shopping and writing my name in the sand

I’m from footprints in the sand, and bright beautiful sunsets.

– Haley


I’m From Broken Arrow Ranch

I’m from Broken Arrow Ranch.

I’m from cow, chicken, pig, and turkey manure smells being a regular.

I’m from going to Buck Motorsports every Saturday night, watching the demolition derby.

I’m from the land of the Amish where every neighbor has at least one son named Jakey.

I’m from Gladys and Richard the people who have changed

I’m from having cattle named Simmy, Vicky, Fuzzy, Buck, Buckweed, Speckles, Cletus, Bandit, Franklin, Bambi, Sparkey, Mr.T  and Red.

I’m from being in charge of the cattle while dad was out plowing snow for the township.

I’m from carhartt, mossy oak, real tree and browning.

I’m from staying out in the woods hunting till you really can’t see and being up earlier than the birds chirping.

I’m from building forts and hammocks in the woods and having my cousins from other states come sledding.

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From Crossgates

I’m from a neighborhood called Winding Creek on Garity Road in Crossgates near the Crossgate Pub along the side of the golf course.

I’m from Mark, Wendy, Bud, Patricia, Molly, Steve, Erin, and Ryan

I’m from steamy savory chicken noodle soup cooking on the burners.

I’m from a small town in Germany, and a country called Latvia.

I’m from a not so normal high school where we say “It’s a great day to be a Comet!”

I’m from 80s music like Madonna, Guns N’ Roses, and Bon Jovi

I’m from memories kept in iPhones, photo albums, and picture walls.

I’m from “It’s sunny so get your butt outside.”

I’m from Nanny Wainer’s sweet smelling chocolate cream pie, and mouth watering peanut butter fudge.

I’m from the last seconds lasting on New Year’s Eve.

Kelsey Bricker


I am from Mount Scopus, Pisgat Ze’ev,  Ramat Eshkol, the holiest city on Earth, Jerusalem.

I am from the driest desert and the greenest mountains.

I am from culture, diversity, languages.

I am from Hebrew  songs, gatherings.

I am from bomb shelters and air raid sirens.

I am from fear and constant awareness.

I am from buses, taxis, light rails, beautiful skyscrapers.

I am from the third floor of a dusty stone apartment.

I am from a stuffed toy dog larger than myself.

I am from quality food, matza and the freshest bread.

I am from Lilach.

I am from Israel.

– S.S


Beautiful Memories

I’m from a lovable family, somewhere in Lancaster, not being the oldest sibling nor the youngest.

I’m from Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh to Hannah Montana and Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

I’m from the “Sunshine State” where activities involved swimming with the dolphins to zip-lining  over the alligators.

I’m from the hot, sunny day, where we would eat till we puke and laugh till the sunset is down.

I’m from the smell of deliciousness at my grandma’s house as I would devour the deliciousness in seconds.

I’m from the cold, wet water, speedingmy way through as I try to beat the other opponents

I’m from a white van, swimming practice, gymnastics practice, horseback riding lessons, and music lessons.

I’m from a huge pet place where it is in the double digits, going from four dogs to two guinea pigs and more.

I’m from the hottest day of the year, where it was that time where we cried, laughed and had the  time of our lives.

I’m from a warm lovable home, a home filled with great people who make me who I am today.


My Own Little World

I am from the loud barks of Chester that awaken me from my deep slumber.

I am from dancing around to the beat of bachata, merengue, and salsa music so loud that the whole neighborhood can hear it.

I am from all the memories roaming in my head from when I was 2 for the first time in Seaworld until this coming day.

I am from the salty, crispy, and crunchy to the savory, juicy, and sweet masses of food piled so high that it last for days.

I am from the cold freezing gust of wind in Pennsylvania to the hot humid heat waves of Puerto Rico.

I am from the insanity that is my family; yet the tight bond that they all share radiates tenderness and care for each other even through hard times.

I am from the sound of soft rain from the house on top of the hill with a view of the whole small yet crowded pueblo.

I am from the world of words that expands my knowledge; like they say knowledge is key. Though words aren’t only meant to be read for knowledge but also for pleasure in my case.

I am from my room of darkness, never coming out of my secret cave for any means whatsoever but to stay hidden in my own little world full of peace and complete quiet.

I am from my confider that helps me not suffocate with all my problems, my guider and wise adviser, a survivor through tough times; my grandma