Looking Back, Looking Forward…

Reading A & B- Looking Back– Students did a fantastic job with the Spring Reader’s Theater! Way to go, 6th graders! It was great to have so many parents and grandparents come to watch. Students were excited to have a great audience. Looking Forward-We just began our final novel of the year, A Long Walk to Water. The story is set in Sudan in Africa and presents a view of life that is very different from our American lives. We will examine how a text can be presented through various perspectives. Based on our start, I anticipate great discussions throughout this unit.

Writing-Looking Back- Students reviewed different poetry and wrote examples of these types of poems. Looking Forward- We will look at many more types of traditional and invented poetry and students will read and write various types to complete an anthology of poems that will be bound for them to keep.

Science-Looking Back- We began Physics and students investigated energy, speed, and velocity through various activities. Newton’s Laws of Motion were introduced and students worked through stations to experiment with the laws in real ways. Looking Forward- Students will demonstrate their knowledge of Newton’s Laws in the Laws of Motion project. They will have a short quiz on the laws this week. They should have brought their note packet and foldable home to study. We will finish the unit with Ohm’s Law explaining the relationship between current and voltage. There will be a physics test at the end of the unit as the last big science grade.

**All physics terms and concepts are on Quizlet. Quizlet is a fun and engaging way for your student to review.

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