Looking Back/ Looking Forward…

Reading A & B- Looking Back– We started the year reviewing genre and then looking more closely at the elements of fiction. We focused in on each of the elements. Looking Forward- We will finish going through the elements and then apply that knowledge to specific texts. We will begin our first novel, Ghost, which I expect the students to really enjoy. *Please encourage your child to be reading for at least 15 minutes each evening. This is their daily reading homework.

Science- Looking Back- We began the year discussing weather and the things we measure about weather. We discussed the 5 measurable aspects of air and learned the tools used to measure each. Looking Forward- We will look more closely at each of these 5 areas and practice using the tools to measure some of them. * Students will have a quiz on these 5 measures of air and the tools used to gather data at the end of this week. They have a note page that they should be studying. Quizlet is also a great, fun way to review. All science units are available in Quizlet.

Writing- Looking Back- Students have been completing seed activities to build an idea base and writing in their journals each day to build their writing stamina. We have started looking at sentences as mentors for our writing. Looking Forward- Students will review the writing process and continue to write for longer time periods to build writing stamina. We will work with a weekly mentor sentence to model great writing and learn grammar. Students will take a short break to write fall poetry.

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