Looking Back…Looking Forward…

Reading A & B- Looking Back– Our focus has shifted onto to Non-Fiction texts and we have been discussing strategies authors use to help readers understand non-fiction better. We worked to identify text features and explain how they enhance a text. We then practiced being authors and adding features to our writing. Students are getting lots of practice with text features by creating a brochure for a hotel they invented. Text structures were introduced and compared to text features. Looking Forward- We will continue to identify, discuss, and analyze text structures. There will be a text structure quiz on Monday 11/11. We will then begin applying that knowledge in the story of the Titantic. Students will assume the role of a passenger on this well known ship as we read and discuss the story. *Please continue to encourage your child to be reading for at least 15 minutes each evening. This is their daily reading homework.

Science- Looking Back- We made our own cloud in a bottle, discussed how clouds form and what weather they indicate. Looking Forward- We will have a cloud quiz on Tuesday 11/12 for 6F and Wednesday 11/13 for 6S. Students have a cloud foldable they should be studying. Then we will explore weather forecasting by reading, interpreting, and creating station models. We will finish our earth science unit with a quick look at the solar system.

Writing- Looking Back- I loved reading the letters the students wrote to me and learning more about who they are! Students have also been practicing the strategies for responding to a prompt and creating a 2 column note organizer for the TDA (Text Dependent Analysis) essay. Looking Forward- Students will continue to practice grammar and writing skills through review of our weekly mentor sentences. Elements of informational writing will be introduced and students will create informational websites on a country of their choice. Their website will demonstrate their knowledge of the parts of speech, text features from reading, and informational writing skills and will highlight some cultural aspects of that country.

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