Looking Back…Looking Forward…

Reading A & B- Looking Back– We finished our unit on non-fiction text features and structures with a look at the Titanic. Students were excited to know that their assigned passengers were all survivors.  We began preparing for a holiday reader’s theater by discussing characterization and reading through our scripts. Looking Forward- Students enjoyed reading through their script and choosing characters to portray.  We will continue to practice fluency and expression, create scenery to show the setting, and present the readers’ theaters for an audience. We hope you can join us in the afternoon on Tuesday, December 17th. More firm details will be sent home.   *Please continue to encourage your child to be reading for at least 15 minutes each evening. This is their daily reading homework.

Science- Looking Back- We created station models to show weather data for various cities in the US. We began exploring the solar system and learned facts about each planet as we investigated an interactive site by NASA.    Looking Forward- We will have a solar system quiz on Thursday 12/12 for 6S and Wednesday 12/13 for 6F.  Students have a planet booklet they should be studying. Chemistry is our next unit of study. Check the science tab to see the topics we will cover. 

Writing- Looking Back-Before beginning to research for the informational website students would be working on, we conducted some research on a very in-depth site that gave lots of information about the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.  The students were very intrigued by this very interesting creature and gathered a lot of information…UNTIL they realized it was all fake! “Why would a teacher do that?” you may ask… It was a great lesson in choosing reliable websites for online research and learning to fact check before believing everything you read!  Check it out… https://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus/ Looking Forward- Students are doing research on a country for informational writing which will be presented in the form of an informational website. Their website will demonstrate their knowledge of the writing, grammar, and reading skills we’ve been working on, as well as highlight some cultural aspects of that country. 

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