Looking Back…Looking Forward…

Reading A & B- Looking Back– We have been learning to identify the main idea of a passage and find the central controlling idea of longer texts in our spy themed unit. Students have enjoyed working in the dark and uncovering codes as they search for main ideas and supporting details. Looking Forward- Students will continue to work as spies to identify the central idea of a text and write summaries of both fiction and non-fiction texts. They will work on difficult spy texts to put mixed up spy files back together to earn entrance into our culminating spy lab activity! Our unit assessment will be the week of February 10th. *Please continue to encourage your child to be reading for at least 15 minutes each evening to work toward the reading challenge of 40 books. This is their daily reading homework.

Science- Looking Back- We began our chemistry unit by reviewing the scientific process. We practiced the process by experimenting with paper airplanes. Students learned the difference between physical and chemical changes and experimented  at hands on stations observing the differences. Looking Forward- Students will continue to work through the scientific process to experiment how to make a chemical reaction bigger.  *Students will have another check up quiz next week(2/3-2/4) on physical and chemical changes. We will then move on to identify mixtures and pure substances.   *Remember quizlet is a great way to study for science. 

Writing- Looking Back-After completing research on a country of their choice, students created a google site website to present their information. The presentations look great and students were excited to share them with their classmates. Ask your child to show you what they created. There was a lot of great cultural information shared and students learned interesting new information about a lot of countries around the world.  Looking Forward- To celebrate their work and all that they learned, we will be having a cultural celebration. You should have received information in your child’s Friday folder. We will then take a short break to write winter and February themed poetry before heading into another longer writing project on argumentative writing.  Your child will be encouraged to choose a topic that is important to them and our world in some way. Talk with your child about some topics that may interest them. 

Check out this short video of your spies at work!

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