Hi Friends! Missing you all!

What a crazy time we are living through! I hope you are all well. It was great to talk to so many of you. For those that I did not get to speak to, I hope you got my message, are doing well, and hopefully, we can talk soon.

As I mentioned, I wanted to find some ways for us to stay connected, see what everyone has been up to, and to maybe have some fun.

I have created a new Google Classroom to use during our school closure to stay connected and post some fun challenges. If you go into any of my classrooms (writing, science, or reading), you will find a new class code for you to use to join the class called, “While We’re Waiting”.

You will find 2 fun challenges(optional, of course but hopefully, fun) This will also be a place where you can post pictures or videos of what you have been doing. If you built something cool like a fort in the woods or in your house, a Lego creation, or anything else that you would like to share, this will be the space. Some also told me exciting or fun things that were happening such as puppies being born or a transformed bedroom. Snap a picture and share. Sharing options are open so you can post to the stream. I am looking forward to seeing what shows up!

Can’t wait to start connecting! Stay safe and hopefully, we’ll be together again soon!

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