Picking up items from school….

Please click this link to view information about picking up your child’s belongings from school. The link will give specific instructions to help make the pickup go smoothly.

*PLEASE NOTE: The pickup spot for 6th grade is at the back gym doors in the side pickup lot. Typically if you pick up your child, you go to the front door of the side pickup lot. You will go to the side parking lot, but follow around to the back of the lot to the gym doors. 6th graders belongings will be brought to you at this location.

Remember that all 6th graders will receive a T-shirt, which has been paid for by the PTO, so even if your child says they have nothing at school that they want, there is a 6th grade T-shirt waiting for them. The PTO also purchased a Martic yearbook for each 6th grader, but unfortunately, these have not been delivered yet. We will keep you posted on yearbooks.

Lastly, if your child has a school calculator, class book, or library books at home, please bring them with you when you come to pick up student belongings.

I will be there …Smiling at you, behind my mask and can’t wait to see you!!! Thank you!

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