Looking Back/Looking Forward

We had a great two weeks in 6th grade. Even though I wish I could see all of the students every day, we are moving along and running smoothly! We made it through the first two weeks and there weren’t too many bumps in the road. It seems like everyone came on their scheduled days and are getting the hang of logging on and completing remote work. I am very happy to be into a full week so we can settle into a new routine.

READING- LOOKING BACK: Reading began by looking at fictions texts. We learned the elements of story and then began to dive in for a closer look at each. We have covered plot structure and conflicts so far. We have been taking time to enjoy reading outside while the weather is nice. LOOKING FORWARD: We will continue to look closely at the remaining elements of story and practice identifying them in our first novel, Ghost, by Jason Reynolds. This is a great book that students will be very excited about.

SCIENCE- LOOKING BACK: Throughout the year we will use the scientific process to answer questions and learn about our different units of study. We reviewed the scientific process by making paper rockets and experimenting with how to make them fly farther. We then started exploring the various aspects of weather, which centers around air and what we can measure about it. Students have reviewed measuring temperature and humidity. The nice weather has provided a good outdoor opportunity for our experiments. LOOKING FORWARD: We will continue to experiment and learn how to measure the remaining properties of air. Students will also give forecasting the weather a try.

WRITING- LOOKING BACK: We have spent some time talking about growth mindset and what that looks like for us as writers. Our goal this year is to grow in both our writing stamina and our ability to communicate in writing. LOOKING FORWARD: We will build writing stamina by writing in our journals about topics that are personally meaningful. We will write for more structured purposes as the year moves on, but building the ability to write for longer periods is important as a base.

I am excited to see our whole class together tomorrow for our first whole group virtual class. It will be fun to see all of your faces at one time and place! Remind your student to log on at 9 for our homeroom check in. The link will go live on the opening screen of our Fafel 6th Grade Central Google Classroom shortly before 9am. Can’t wait!

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