Looking Back…Looking Forward…

I have enjoyed the first few weeks of school, getting to know your child and establishing our classroom routines. Here is a look into what has been happening and what is coming up!  

Reading – Looking Back…. We began by reviewing the genres of literature so students have these fresh in their minds as they work on their 40 book challenge. They will be encouraged to try a variety of genres in their independent reading. We then reviewed the story elements, which are the main building blocks of fiction writing. We began touching on each of these elements individually. Looking Forward… We will continue to dive deeper into each of the elements of fiction. We will have our first longer quiz on identifying these elements on Monday, 9/25. GimKit is a great way for students to review material. Reading sets are always available for a fun way to review concepts covered in class. *Please encourage your child to read for at least 15 minutes each evening to work toward the reading challenge of 40 books. This is their daily reading homework.

Science-Looking Back… 6F started the year with science, refreshing ourselves on the steps of the scientific process and practicing working through the steps. We then began our unit on weather, identifying the measurable aspects of air and the tools used to measure each. Looking Forward… We will continue to focus on each of the measurable aspects and the tools they use. Check out the science tab to see what areas are covered in the weather unit. GimKit is a great way for students to review science concepts. Science sets are always available for a fun way to review concepts covered in class. 

Writing- Looking Back… We spent the first two weeks setting up our journals and conversation journals before reviewing the steps of the writing process. We began the pre-writing steps for our first writing project, a “How-To” writing piece. Looking Forward…We will continue working through the steps of the writing process, discussing what features are needed to help the reader fully understand and follow our “How To” steps. Students will publish their final copy as a Google Site. Be sure to ask your child what skill they have chosen to write about and teach their classmates.

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