Looking Forward….

Hopefully, by this time you have all received the letter that was sent home to notify you of my medical leave. I truly am sad to be away from school for this time, but must take care of some health concerns. I wanted to let you know of a few things to be aware of in the next few weeks.

If you have any concerns while I am out, please email rachel.demonaco@pennmanor.net to reach the teacher who will be covering our class during my absence, Mrs. Rachel Damonaco. She will keep me in the loop when I return of any concerns of which I should be aware.

Some academic items to remember…. 6Fafel will be having their Weather Unit Assessment on Wednesday, October 11th. All of 6th grade will be taking their Unit 1 Assessment in reading on Friday, October 20th, unless otherwise announced by Mrs. Damonaco.

Mrs. Damonaco spent the day in 6Fafel yesterday, which provided a great opportunity for her to understand our classroom. I am expecting a great, smooth few weeks for 6th grade and will be excited to return as soon as I am able. Happy Fall!

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