Looking Back/Looking Forward

Reading- Looking Back…. Students enjoyed the book, Nothing But the Truth and analyzed different characters’ point of view.  We had great discussions about the various perspectives of an event and how a situation can be conveyed differently by different characters. We then began a unit on the power of language.  We reviewed figurative language and are now looking at word choice and shades of meanings of synonyms. There are fun, cooperative activities where students dive deeper into word meanings. Looking Forward… Students will take the Unit 5 Assessment on Friday, 4/19.  We will complete reader’s theaters during PSSA weeks before beginning our final book, “A Long Walk to Water”.  *Please continue to encourage your child to be reading for at least 15 minutes each evening. This is their daily reading homework.

Science-Looking Back… Students are in the middle of our Physics unit, exploring real world examples of speed, velocity, and laws of motion. Looking Forward… After Physics, we will move into our final unit, which is Biology. Encourage your child to review class notes regularly.  Science concepts often require some memorization and regular review will benefit your child.

Writing- Looking Back- Students finished their tourist websites and we enjoyed a wonderful celebration of the cultures around the world, with students sharing great food, interesting customs, music, and dance. We then moved on to a review of grammar.Looking Forward- Students will begin a poetry unit. Students typically have mixed emotions about poetry. I hope through exposure to many types of poetry, students will find a new appreciation for this genre.

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