Bienvenue aux cours de français à Penn Manor!

Penn Manor students may take five levels of French. It is recommended that college-bound students take at least three years of a language. French IV and V count as honors classes.

Pictures from the French exchange

Voyageons au Québec! French students at all levels may travel to Québec!

These are some of the topics that are studied in each level:

French I: greetings, introductions, alphabet, numbers, salutations, name, age, family members, foods, beverages, time, weather, adjectives, nationalities, clothing, simple past tense, shopping

French II: professions, phonecalls, personality, weekend plans, pets, meals, table settings, cafés, writing letters, object pronouns, entertainment

French III: body parts, sports, exercise, continuing action in the past, clothing/accessories, comparisons, caring for one’s appearance, daily routines, modern French art, hobbies, the environment, camping

French IV: shopping in specialty stores, the French Revolution, medical vocabulary, numerous verb tense, the subjunctive mood, Le Petit Prince, French music

French V: compound verb tenses, city life, French and Québécois literature, reciprocal verbs, fables, university/professional plans, French in Africa

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