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* In Marburg you will be greeted by your host family.

* You will go to school with your host student to get a taste of a typical German school day.

* You will go on various day trips to explore the surrounding area of Marburg.

* The American students only will go on a tour of Bavaria with Frau Smith.  We will hike in the Alps and stay overnight in a cabin, we will see the sights of Munich, we will visit Frau Smith’s hometown (Bamberg).

This 2-3 week trip is the opportunity of a lifetime.  Most tourists are not able to live in a German family.  This gives you the unique opportunity to see German culture and truly learn the customs of Germany and its people.  Oh, and did I mention that it is a lot cheaper than paying for hotels?  The entire trip only costs approx. $1800.

Here are some pictures of previous trips.

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