¡Bienvenidos a la página de español de Penn Manor High School!

At Penn Manor, there are five levels of Spanish available.  In order to graduate with honors from PMHS, you must take at least 3 levels of the same language at the high school level.

What will you learn in Spanish class?

In Level I, you will learn some basic, everyday vocabulary. These words include numbers, days and months, colors, classroom objects, parts of the body, sports terms, family members, emotions, and food.

You will also learn how to form verbs in the present tense in order to put together simple sentences.

In Level II, you will learn additional vocabulary, including weather, traveling, daily routines, restaurants, more clothing, and pastimes and hobbies.

In Level I, you learned the present tense. Now you’ll expand your ability to communicate about past and future events as well.

In Level III, vocabulary topics include hospital and medical vocabulary, the city and the country, cooking, cars, holidays and celebrations, and professions.

By now, you’re pretty good at speaking Spanish! Level III dives into topics such as additional tenses, determining which tense to use, and indicative vs. subjuntive mood. You’ll also learn commands.

Honors Level IV includes literature and extensive cultural study, including art, architecture, geography, food, and music. You will also get lots of additional practice with listening, speaking and writing.

On the grammar end, you will learn more commands, continue with the subjunctive mood, study the perfect tenses, and use the passive voice.

AP Spanish focuses on preparing the skills that will be tested on the AP Spanish Language & Culture Exam: presentational speaking, informal speaking, formal and informal writing, and listening and reading comprehension. The course is divided into 6 units, which follow the themes of the AP exam: Families & Communities; Science & Technology; Public & Private Identities; Beauty & Aesthetics; Global Challenges; and Contemporary Life. Each unit includes literary and cultural components as well as practice with a variety of language skills. AP Spanish is a full-year course.