Place Value Oldies But Goodies

Students have been practicing place value through 1,000 for the past two weeks. Last week we got out the oldie but goodies!  These are still two great ways to practice place value.  Below we used a folded sentence strip to write a standard number that then turned into an expanded number!  Also, below is a system of number stackers to build numbers in such a way that students may see the value of each digit!

Book Tasting – DEC 20th!

We will be having our first book tasting this December 20th.  A book tasting is when we take some time to read a small sample of new books.  On December 20th, we will be sampling several authors books.  Students will read just a small bit of each author or a “taste” and record what they like and do not like in a journal.  Then we will relax and enjoy a small cookie and hot cocoa treat – cafe style!

Please consider donating items for this day!

Flashlight Friday

Silent reading is one of our favorite times of the day.  Students love to sit back relax with their favorite books in a quiet setting. In celebration of our silent reading stamina improvement, one Friday we added a bonus feature of lights out and we read by flashlight!

Chapter 3 Review Stations

Instead of a boring old worksheet, students worked in partners once again to practice their math skills learned in the current chapter.  Each basket contained a question much like what would be on a worksheet or test.  Manipulatives were provided for students to use to complete the problem.  After several problems, students checked in their work with the teacher for feedback on their progress. A fun way to practice math and move around!

Pumpkin Investigation

Students participated in an investigation of pumpkins!  Students used their mathematical and scientific skills to weigh and measure pumpkins in various ways.  A small booklet of directions guided students and parents through the investigation.  Students discovered that the more ribs a pumpkin has relates to the larger quantity of seeds the pumpkins holds. Students cut open and counted the seeds in groups of ten.  We recorded each of our measurements on a large poster where we could then compare all of the pumpkins in the investigation!