First Grade Gets Active!

Students in 1G are stretching, balancing, relaxing and learning through movement.  Several times a day it would not be unusual to find 1G students trying out a yoga pose or a Pilates move.  We learned how movement and exercise help our brains actually GROW and make connections.   We  have movement time in between lessons and after recess to calm ourselves down. We even use it during our lessons to help our brains make even better connections. Here is PLANK and PRETZEL.  We will keep you posted with more movement!

Mobile Ag Education Science Lab

This week students were able to enjoy the Mobile Ag Education Science Lab!  We visited this mobile science lab just outside our school for an hour of scientific fun!  Students completed the “Thirsty Stems” experiment using the scientific method.  They wrote a hypothesis, listed their procedures, completed the experiment and wrote conclusions!  Thanks SO much to the PTO for funding this AWESOME experience!

Book Fair Next Week!

Our class will be visiting the book fair on Monday of next week.  You can send in money with your child, or have them use this time as a “window shopping” visit.  Then you can send in money later in the week, and I will let students go down to the fair to purchase their books.

Santa Shoppe Date Correction

The Santa Shoppe is NOT Dec 1 as stated in my newsletter!  It is Saturday, Dec. 8th.  Sorry!  I was using my info from the office.  Thanks, Lisa Suydam, for catching this!  Woot Woot to you for proofreading my newsletter! I have also notified the office!


Due to the missed days of school on Monday, October 29 and Tuesday, October 30, school will now be in session on Monday, November 5 and Friday, February 15.
The end of the second marking period day has also changed. School is now in session all day on January 18, 2013 for all students.
There is  NO SCHOOL for ALL students on Monday, January 21, 2013. Students in Grades 7-12 will be off on Tuesday, January 22, 2013.  ELEMENTARY STUDENTS are in session on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 with an EARLY DISMISSAL AT 1:30 PM.  There is NO AM Kindergarten.