Today many students clipped off the chart!  Where do their clips go?  On to the teacher!!  What if they clip higher??  They clip up to the principal!

Way to go 2nd grade!!



Move to Learn!

Today we practiced counting by 10s, 5s and 2s while passing a balloon around our circle.  As each student touched the ball the group called out the numbers in unison.  What a fun and memorable way to practice and learn!

DSC_0534 DSC_0535 DSC_0536 DSC_0537 DSC_0538



Our class earned a whole class reward!  I caught them being AWESOME many times over the past two weeks.  Each time we chose from the bingo numbers and . . . we did it!!!!  Students have chosen to have a pajama day tomorrow and eat lunch in the classroom while watching a short movie.  Congratulations!

WOW! Look at this . . .

Our class is happy to report that we are currently trying out stability balls!   Studies have found that many students are better able to sit still and stay on task, and research shows that student have improved posture after switching from a chair to a ball. Research has shown that students feel more comfortable sitting on stability chairs.

We currently have 3 stability chairs donated to our classroom by The Alexander Family.  THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH!

Right now we are taking turns using the stability balls.  Each morning 3 students are chosen from the name cards.  Then 3 new names are drawn for the afternoon hours.  Once every student has a chance, then we restart the name cards.  So every 4 days or so, your child will have a turn to sit on the stability ball.

Here is a link provided to me by the Alexander family for more information.  I have found this article to be very interesting!

Happy reading!  And, again, thanks so much to the Alexander family.


Clip Up!

Our class is using a new Good Behavior System.  Students all start at “Ready to Learn” each day. Through the day they can “clip up” or “clip down” based on how well they follow directions, try their best, or  show respect and kindness.   It’s great because students who work hard are being noticed and even if they have a bad morning they can still “clip up” later on when they make better choices.

Students can even “clip up” so high they clip off the chart . . . onto the teacher!  If that happens, they earn a jewel to be stuck onto their clip. After 5 jewels, their clip is placed in the “Hall of Fame” and they receive a new clip. They also get to choose a prize from our prize box.