Johnny Appleseed Day

Second graders learned about John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed.  After reading a story about his life, we completed a main idea and details cut and paste activity about him.  While students were working on their main idea and details review, we took turns preparing an apple crisp treat, which we then shared with our gym teacher, Mrs. Fisher.

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Minute to Win It – Brain Breaks

Our class has had a few fun Brain Breaks over the past few weeks.  These serve as great ways to take a quick break from our rigorous schedule and also help us to get to know each other a little better, work on our School Wide “House” program and, well, just have some good old fun and laughter!

Here we did a “Minute to Win It” Challenge where we had to get as many cereal loops onto out pipe cleaner as possible using only one hand!

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